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How to Know When You’re Simultaneously Winning and Losing at Web Marketing
Question: I’m winning at web marketing. My site does great with search engine rankings and I’m getting a decent amount of traffic, but I can’t seem to get anyone to convert. What gives?

Date: 2015-12-15

Why you should merge your traditional and digital marketing work
In small companies, this is not an issue that ever comes up–traditional marketing, digital marketing, and possibly cleaning the break room are all merged–that’s Victor’s job. But at big companies, the kind that I work with, folks continue to wrestle with whether the old-style marketing organizations ought to be merged with the new cool digital folks.

Date: 2015-11-24

Necessary Skills For Modern Marketers
Recently I gave a goals, vision, mission presentation internally at our agency and an important part of it centered around the marketing skills needed individually and collectively to reach our goals.

Date: 2015-10-21

Complete Our Brand Survey, Receive a Starbucks Gift Card
We are conducting a brief brand survey of marketing professionals like you, to better understand brand perceptions in the marketing work management marketplace. The survey contains 12 short questions and will take you less than 5 minutes to complete. Your responses are completely anonymous and will only be analyzed in aggregate.

Date: 2015-10-20

The most important part of online video happens before you turn the camera on.
Regardless if you are new to online business video production or a pro, if you use a professional video production services company or create video content in-house, the most important part of business video production is everything that happens before the actual production.

Date: 2015-09-22

Open the Floodgates: The Case for Investing MORE in Web Marketing
This may come across as a completely self-serving comment, but I have found that most businesses under-invest in web marketing. And I’m not just talking about local companies that struggle to come up with any marketing budget at all. My agency, Pole Position Marketing, has worked with businesses of all sizes, and we have found that even large companies that have money to throw around under-invest just as much as the small guys.

Date: 2015-08-25

How To Make Your Facebook Marketing More Cost Effective?
When you promote a Facebook post, do you do so to people who have already liked your Page or to people who have yet to do so? Some mix of the two? You might be interested to know that unless your ultimate goal is just to get more Facebook fans, you're probably better off promoting to people who have already liked your Page.
Date: 2015-08-11

Instagram Will Make Advertising Available Through An Ads API
In June, Instagram announced it would make advertising available through an Ads API and Facebook ad buying interfaces in the ensuing months, in an effort to open up ads to businesses of all sizes. It said it would open API access to a select group of Facebook Marketing Partners and agencies first, and would expand it globally throughout the year.
Date: 2015-08-04

Marketers Should Be Interested In Instagram Incorporating Search
In 2013, boasting a little under 100 million users, Instagram finally decided to pay some attention to its web presence. The social network updated its barebones website to finally offer the ability to browse your feed. Before that, Instagram on the web only allowed you to look at user profiles and like photos. Since then, it’s been adding more and more features to the web.
Date: 2015-07-28

Making Links a Priority within Online Marketing
Without links, the internet simply would not function the way it does today. If you're marketing your business online, you must account for links. Not only are links enormously important, but link acquisition itself actually fits in quite naturally with other digital marketing strategies.
Date: 2015-07-07

Convert More Leads Into Customers [Play Webinar]
Join Infusionsoft Co-Founder and marketing expert Scott Martineau for his webinar on Lifecycle Marketing—our proven framework for increasing lead conversion.
Date: 2015-06-18

Learn How To Measure Mobile Ad Viewability
The Media Rating Council (MRC) just issued its interim guidance for the digital marketing and advertising industry on how to proceed with measuring and transacting around mobile viewability. This applies to the "Opportunity to See" an ad in a mobile web browser or a mobile app.
Date: 2015-05-12

Four Tips For Creating Content That's Different From The Pack
Content isn't King, it's the Kingdom Taking inventory of the content we've produced over the past 10+ years, I realized I've written 1.4 million words myself on this blog as well as a book and numerous articles for industry publications.
Date: 2015-04-20

[Download Now] 8 Essential Marketing Reports
In today's economy, CEOs and CFOs only want to hear about growing revenue and profits. Check out Marketo's new eBook, The Essential 8: Top Reports That Every Marketer Needs to start answering their questions and effectively tracking your marketing programs ROI.
Date: 2015-04-02

How To Determine the Right Metrics In Your Online Marketing (Video)
If you put an ad in the paper and didn't get any phone calls from it, would you consider that a success?
Date: 2015-03-31

Utilize Content Marketing For Stronger SEO Standing
Content is the reason search began in the first place. In the days before Google, directories, lists and forums were the way to discover new content on the fast-growing world wide web.
Date: 2015-03-03

See where a business certificate can take you
University of Phoenix knows how important continuing education is to enhancing your marketability. Our marketing and management certificates — in both for-credit and noncredit options — can help you gain the skills and knowledge employers are looking for, whether you're pursuing a career in business and management or updating the skills you have in the field.
Date: 2015-02-12

Use These New Tools and Techniques To Focus Your B2B Marketing Strategies
Some B2B marketers know exactly what accounts are in their target market. What a luxury! These marketers can eliminate the old "spray and pray," and focus all their attention and investment in a finite universe of prospects and current customers. It's almost like mass customized selling, with maximum coverage and minimal waste. Best of all, a number of new tools and tactics are now available to do the marketing job efficiently.
Date: 2015-02-03

Best Practices for Growing Your Mobile App [eBook]
With more than 2.5 million mobile apps competing for users, finding the right users for your app can be a huge challenge. The good news is that with the right technology and tactics, you can overcome this and other challenges, and build successful, sustainable mobile app businesses. We've compiled 10 best practices to help guide you through the process.
Date: 2015-01-22

Ring in 2015 with a business certificate
University of Phoenix knows how important continuing education is to enhancing your marketability. Our marketing and management certificates — in both for-credit and noncredit options — can help you gain the skills and knowledge employers are looking for, whether you're pursuing a career in business and management or updating the skills you have in the field.
Date: 2015-01-15

The One CES 2015 Trend Marketers Should Care About
If there is one thing that is dramatically clear from this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it is that the future is definitely not about mobile. Or smart televisions. Or super slim digital cameras.
Date: 2015-01-06

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