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Learning To Market Responsibly

Don't you just hate writers, or at least the ones that write up articles identifying a problem then pitching you information to help you solve your problems for $49.95?

Missing out on the Holiday Sales Rush?

Sign up with Mamma Classifieds and be sure to put your ad in front of people who are searching for your products. With 64% of people planning to shop online this year and 27% of shoppers shifting more than 15% of their total holiday shopping budget online, you want to be sure you have your Pay-Per-Click campaign running on

Learn How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Do you know that according to WebSideStory, an analytics firm, in 2003 medium to large Web sites got an average of 13.6% of traffic from search engines? Do you realize the power in that one simple statement?

Internet Marketing Motto: Be Useful

E-marketing is about substance over show, logic over emotion, and text over graphics. Good web marketers follow the Google motto: be useful.

Managing Marketing Processes Made Easy

QuickBase from Intuit helps you get rid of the e-mail and spreadsheet nightmare. It gives you a central place on the Web to organize, track and manage marketing processes. It’s Web-based, so coordinating and collaborating with others is simple. You manage your information and make it work for you – without running to IT for help!

How To Pitch Into The Long Tail News Curve

In a report (PDF) published last month, Morgan Stanley analysts Mary Meeker and Brian Pitz discussed the impact of the long tail of content on the news cycle. They compared this to a similar phenomenon that occurs on eBay.

Reach Vs. Frequency

Reach and frequency are terms generally used when planning advertising campaigns. However, the concept of reach and frequency applies to any promotional activity you undertake: direct mail, direct selling, and even networking.

3 Steps To Effectively Increase Your Marketing Response

It's well known that internet marketers are in the business of marketing. To become successful in business, it's crucial to actively promote your business to gain new customers. Let's face it... No promotion, no new customers. It's a simple as that.

Low-Cost Marketing With Postcards

Here's a simple way you can generate lots of sales leads ...or traffic to your web site. Use postcards. They're highly effective and very low-cost. Plus, postcards provide the following 6 unique advantages over most other types of advertising.

Getting Noticed By The Search Engines

You've got a web site; and you want to attract lots of people to visit it so you can grow your business. But you're only getting a handful of visitors currently. What is the first thing to do to help people find your site?

Maximizing AdSense Revenues Via Up-Selling

If you go into any Blockbuster Video store, you quickly notice the company's use of a classic marketing technique - up-selling correlated products.

The Truth About The Pay Per Click Search Engines

Pay Per Click(PPC) search engines are one of the fastest ways to drive large predictable amounts of extremely targeted visitors to your website. There is a huge difference between getting normal top 5 rankings in the major search engines and getting a top 5 ranking in the pay per click listings.

The Power Of Buzz

How did Hotmail gain over 12 million subscribers in 18 months? How did the very low budget movie "The Blair Witch Project" become such an incredibly successful phenomenon? The answer lies in the power of "buzz."

Getting Off The Advertising And Sales Rollercoaster

Seeing the results of advertising your business can be like watching a roller coaster.

The day you run your ad you see a flurry of activity; your phone starts ringing, your web site traffic increases and/ or potential clients visit your store. Your hopes soar. salës go up. Two or three days pass and the response goes down. You look at the bill for the advertising and your jaw drops. Your hopes descend.

Where To Focus Your Marketing: New Prospects Or Existing Clients

Imagine that you ran an ad, mailed a brochure, or sent an email ad to a new list of people who fit your target market profile and everyone who saw it responded right away and made a purchase.

08.23.04 Joins The LookSmart Family

A recently launched search engine called has joined the ranks of LookSmart. The partnership calls for LookSmart to provide directory listings and bid-for-placement distribution network in its search results.

7 Ways To Evaluate Your Marketing Plan

Business owners often find it difficult to know whether their marketing tactics are working. This can be especially tricky when you use a combination of marketing activities simultaneously, or if using personal-contact tactics such as networking.

Are Your Emails Getting Through?

If sending email to a mailing list is part of your marketing or business building strategy, you want to make sure your messages are reaching your audience. Are your readers getting your emails?

How To Find Lists Of Prospects

"We are just starting a cold calling process and I was wondering if you had any ideas on what publications we could use to track down businesses based on industry, turnover, staff numbers etc."

Marketing Metrics White Paper: Increasing Leads, Awareness and Profits

You know you should be keeping marketing metrics to maximize return. Without hard numbers to evaluate your programs, you're relying on anecdotal evidence to tell you what's working. And when it's time to set budgets, it's difficult to justify expenditures without proving effectiveness.

Truth In Advertising

During the last couple of years we have seen a big change in how marketers promote their products. We believe that truth in advertising will get you much farther than hype, dishonesty or misleading ads/subject lines. If you use these tactics most, if not all, the people will shun you and refuse to sign up under you for any program or service you promote. This is FACT.

Alarming Marketing Trend
One key discipline of successful direct marketing has been to test marketing communications tactics to continually improve results. There is now an alarming trend according to a recent survey that we conducted among business-to-business marketers who are readers of Sales Lead Report.

Traffix To Acquire SendTraffic
Direct marketing company Traffix is set to acquire the rights to, a search engine marketing firm. SendTraffic provides full service search engine marketing solutions to over 100 clients. SendTraffic also maintains "Certified Ambassador" status with Overture, and is a member of the Google Research Board.

Easy Flash demos without Flash
Record any on-screen activity to instantly create Flash demos of your product or web site

How To Avoid The Marketing Blues With Yours Offers
Atlas DMT, a digital marketing technology provider, announced today the addition of LookSmart and Mirago to their line-up of supported search engines for their Atlas OnePoint paid search management tools. The company also unveiled its currency conversion tools for its web analytics and conversion tracking service, called the Atlas OnePoint ProfitBuilder

Atlas DMT Adds More Search Engines To Atlas OnePoint
Atlas DMT, a digital marketing technology provider, announced today the addition of LookSmart and Mirago to their line-up of supported search engines for their Atlas OnePoint paid search management tools. The company also unveiled its currency conversion tools for its web analytics and conversion tracking service, called the Atlas OnePoint ProfitBuilder

Secrets Of Building And Maintaining Marketing Momentum
Some people seem to steadily increase their income while others just make enough to pay the bills. What's the difference between the people who make millions and the people who struggle all their lives to get ahead?

AD:TECH - B2B Marketing Ideas From Siebel And Oracle
Marketing tech is a tough business. Oracle and Seibel think they have it down pretty well.

Bill Carper is the Sr. Director, Global Campaigns And Direct Marketing for the Oracle corporation. As he was on a panel with a representative from Siebel he opened his remarks with the quip, "those who came to see a blood match between Siebel and Oracle are going to be disappointed."

Ad:Tech Overview - Marketing To "The Social Web"
I flew into sunny San Francisco this morning and first thing I scoped out the Ad:Tech venue - the ultra-swank Palace Hotel (marble escalators - enormous sunlit atrium with jazz band for Sunday brunch). I tried to get a sneak peek at the vendor's section too, but their guard dog informed me that only vendors are allowed today

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate
Everybody talks about the importance of testing your sales copy or a page layout. After all, proper testing can help you modify your page in a way that will drastically increase your conversion rate.

Why Split-Run Testing Does Not Work...for Those Who Are Doing It Wrong
There is a wealth of information out there about the benefits of split-run testing or how to conduct such tests, and a huge selection of software solutions that help to implement it.

Overcoming Objections To Price
Like most service professionals and small business owners chances are you struggle with objections to pricing on a daily basis. You lose business because prospects get stuck on price. Your pricing will never satisfy everyone but the following ideas will help you eliminate pricing objections from the majority of your buyers.

Will VoIP Be A Mass Market Product?
A common thinking among "Marketing people " is that for every product that enters the market there must be a path, a target, a need ( real or created) that decides how the product must enter the consumer's life, which part of the population is more likely to go for it, which niche it is going to fill and, most important "...certain things being stated, something other than what is stated follows of necessity from their being so." and that is the final issue: the price.

Is Your Marketing Kitchen Really Cookin'?
In discussions with clients and business associates, and during my work as a tutor with university students, I am often surprised at the lack of understanding of how ubiquitous the marketing function is within an organisation.

How To Save On Your Marketing
Marketing can be expensive. It doesn't have to be, but sometimes you will spend more than you should. Usually you'll realise this after you've done it. But here are two tips that can save your money.

Is Your Marketing Strategy Killing Your Profits?
With the wrong marketing strategy you could be killing your profits and limiting your business. Your marketing strategy is like the driver in a car, with marketing tactics being the engine. If you know where you want to go and how to get there, your marketing tactics will help you attract many more clients, if not you could crash.

Marketing To Today's "Distracted" Consumer
The average consumer today is exposed to a deluge of 1,700 marketing messages during a single 24-hour period according to recent advertising industry numbers. Look around you, we marketers have pasted, injected and/or overlaid marketing messages (read advertising) in any possible place imaginable! Case in point, NBC will start to digitally insert commercial "billboards" into advertising content to be broadcast during the winter Olympics - in essence a commercial within a commercial.

How To Use PR In A Marketing-for-Leads Program
The public relations (PR) discipline covers a vast array of activities—everything from ribbon-cutting ceremonies to crisis communication. Some of these activities are geared to creating qualified sales leads, and those can play an important role in your marketing-for-leads program.

Smarter Marketing In A Slow Economy
More often than not, when times get tough marketing gets the bullet. In some cases where there has been an incorrect allocation of resources within a company this may be justified. But in most cases it is a mistake. Sometimes a very costly one!

Marketing, when done properly, will attract customers to your business and convert their interest into paid sales - money in the till.

Turning Future Prospects Into Customers
I recently had a conversation with the marketing communications manager of a prospective client about following up future prospects effectively. By the end of the conversation it had struck me how little emphasis most small and medium sized businesses place in this area. While most do a good job following up hot leads, relatively few have the systems and procedures in place to insure that future prospects receive the ongoing attention necessary to turn them into customers.

You Can't Manage It If You Don't Measure It!
Ask ten small business marketers the cost effectiveness of the various sales lead generation methods that they use and half will put on a guilty look and confess that they haven't taken the time to gather the information necessary to figure it out.

Why B2B Marketing Should be Subtle
Subtle adj. Showing or making, or capable of showing or making, fine distinctions of meaning.

How many times have you been told that: great marketing has to be "off the wall"; your message really needs to "knock-out" your audience; you have to be loud to stand out from the crowd.

SEM Growing Faster Than Projected
Safa Rashtchy was a speaker during the "Swimming with the Sharks: What You'll Get From VCs and Investment Bankers" session at this week's Search Engine Strategies conference.

Rashtchy, principal of major investment banking firm U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray and Senior Internet Analyst, was the Wall Street Journal's “Best In the Street” Analyst of 2002.

Site Match Officially Launched
Ever since whispers about Overture’s new paid inclusion product were leaked at last week’s WebmasterWorld PubConference, e-Business professionals have been wondering when the service would be officially released.

Overture’s Director of Strategic Alliances Dan Boberg announced the wait is over with the official launch of Site Match late last night.

Live on The Scene at the DMA Conference
This is a time of enormous change in American advertising, says David Verklin, Chief Executive Officer, Carat North America.

Verklin, who oversees a $3.7 billion media service that is just one of Carat's three worldwide divisions, spoke today at the DMA/AIM conference & exhibition in New York City.

Take A Stand For Your Brand
Every successful brand has managed to communicate its company’s core beliefs and attitudes—what the company stands for—to its target customers.

Brands allow you to clearly define and communicate what you stand for, whether you’re the “lowest-cost provider,” the “most innovative,” the “best total solution,” the “preferred choice” and so on.

Are Marketers Chasing Rainbows?
In a recent article, Andrew Ehrenberg writes that “many goals in marketing are unrealistic” and “doomed to failure from the start.” His comments appeared in a piece titled “Marketing: Are You Really a Realist?” in Strategy+Business, the newsletter from Booz Allen Hamilton, the global management and technology firm.

Developing Your Cyber-Marketing Plan
Brainstorm all information you have available for your customers/clients. Consider the value a customer may find in the information you plan to provide and determine the information's worthiness. Not all information is really worthy of passing on to the customer/client. The "rule of thumb" here is to provide the top three to five most important pieces of information. Providing more than that would either overwhelm the customer or drive the customer away.

How To Write With Sizzle When There’s No Sausage
Anyone who has worked in sales knows that features are what something is, whereas benefits are what it does for you. And that’s easy to incorporate when you’re writing about your product or service.

But how do you write successfully when you’re selling something intangible to people who aren’t customers—but are almost as important?

SEM - Research Measures Success
Search engine marketing success comes from good research. By applying research to understand your competition and target audience, your optimization efforts will succeed. Remember when homework from school often required some research on your part to complete? It is much the same scenario for search engine marketing: you need to apply yourself by researching in order to understand your competition and target audience. Your visitors need to relate to you and understand your message and what you want them to do.

What Are Your Biases And Heuristics?
Most of us live in a world of full inboxes, shifting deadlines and a confusing array of acronyms and buzzwords. We often need heuristics (a mental shortcut or rule of thumb) and biases as a way of navigating the swirling sea of information, decisions and choices while quickly sorting the “chaff from the wheat” in our daily lives.

The Ultimate Web Traffic Dashboard
The most frequently asked question I get from clients is, “What should we measure on our Web site?”

After spending a healthy amount of time identifying goals, we spend a healthier amount of time determining which metrics will reveal how well they are attaining those goals.

Evaluating Your Marketing Capabilities
Here is a scenario I have witnessed time and time again while working with growing software companies. Once the product is half-baked, the company’s founders and top executives start drumming up business. Whether successful or not, at some point they bring in the “Professional VP Sales” – either to bring in the sales they could not close or to take sales to the next level and build a sales organization. Sooner or later, the VP Sales comes to the conclusion the sales people need more leads.

20 Ways To Grow Your Subscriber List
1. Make it easy for readers to subscribe by putting your subscriber form on your Web site's home page. (In other words, don't bury it.)

2. Write articles for online and print publications. In your bio, add the following, "You can subscribe to XYZ Company's free e-newsletter by visiting [homepage URL]."

Mind The Gap : Bringing You, Your Prospects And Your CFO Closer
A lot (in fact most) of effective modern marketing is about reducing the perception of risk around the purchase of a product or service. Now marketers are being called on to reduce the risk associated with the business impact of their work in a way they haven't before. That's really what the hubbub around R.O.I. is about.



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