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Last Minute Marketing Strategies
Oh yeah, the holidays... It came to my attention that the holidays are upon us. If you're like me you may have procrastinated some on your gift shopping. If you went and bought gifts you may still have some marketing to do.

If you'd like to share some last minute strategies, or learn what other readers are doing, click here.

Quality Control: E-newsletter Tips From The Pros
I've always tested my newsletter before hitting the "send" button. I test it by sending it to myself -- sometimes three or four times. I check to make sure the links work, that the line breaks are ok, and that I haven't misspelled anything.

Search Guru Danny Sullivan Talks Google
Are You Addicted to Google? Go ahead, admit it. You're an addict, too. This morning at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago, Danny Sullivan gave a Keynote speech titled "Google Anonymous" -- the joke is many people seem to be addicted to Google. Danny is considered one of the most prominent search engine marketing experts in the world. He offered a step-by-step process to help people overcome this "addiction."

Tapping Into Brand Touchpoints
Branding has grown into far more than a marketing buzzword, as an increasing number
of organizations recognize and value their brands as strategic assets that are
built through deeds, not merely words or images.

Red Hat Talks to Customers in Plain English
In the e-newsletter world, a subscriber list of 10,000 - 20,000 readers is pretty impressive. A few publishers, such as Larry Chase, have over 40,000 subscribers. So I was amazed when I learned Red Hat boasts a subscriber list of 800,000 people for its e-newsletter, "Under the Brim" (UTB).

Advertising Is Dead; Long Live PR
Although I still believe there is a place for advertising as a brand-maintenance or brand-affirmation tool, I am convinced that to build a brand today you need PR.

At one time, advertising did build brands. But that was in a simpler world. That world, sadly, is no more.


Opening Gambits For Direct Mailings
Think of getting people to respond to direct mail as a chess match. If you don’t apply the opening gambit on time or in the right way, the match is lost. The opening gambit in mail is, of course, getting readers inside the envelope – and doing it in a way that enhances the probability of response.

Tracking the Success of your Brand Investment
Many companies acknowledge the importance of brands as assets that hold leverageable value and can build and sustain competitive advantage. But in the current challenging economic environment, investments require careful consideration – and measurable proof of return. If brands are to be considered assets, they should be held to the same standards of performance and measurements as other assets, such as real estate or financial investments.


Accountability: The Key to Respect, Raises, More Staff and Bigger Budgets
As businesses "down size," "right size, " merge or are acquired, jobs are lost. So, if you're worried about your future, you're not alone. With today's business climate the way it is, I know many marketing and communications professionals who have had severe budget cuts, run understaffed departments, or fear being let go during the next wave of cutbacks.

Tapping into Brand Touchpoints
Branding has grown into far more than a marketing buzzword, as an increasing number of organizations recognize and value their brands as strategic assets that are built through deeds, not merely words or images.

Complimentary Guides from WebTrends
As a marketer, you need to know how best to put the Web to work for you. That's why we've bundled two great guides that will get you on the road to smarter marketing today. First, learn the principles, then find out how to put them into action to improve your online business and marketing.

Marketing and Sales Alignment: How Siebel Does It
Siebel Systems is best known for its commanding share of the CRM market. Recently, the company has opened up to showcase how it uses its own marketing software to support some of the best practices in marketing and demand generation. You need not worry; this is not a Siebel commercial.

How Should You Test Your Marketing Strategy?
At its essence, strategy (the “how”) is a way to accomplish an objective (the “what”). In terms of a marketing strategy, if the objective of marketing is to select, serve and satisfy customers in a profitable manner, then a marketing strategy is the way a company accomplishes those objectives, which may include segmentation studies, competitive analysis, and the tactical 4 Ps (Promotion, Place, Product, Price).

Marketing to Peacocks
Years ago, I was conducting research on the personal grooming habits of the American consumer. The research highlighted one segment of the target audience as a group of males who spent an extraordinary amount of time on hair care each day.

The Big-Pay Off -- Brand Value
Many CEOs and marketing directors find their time wasted evaluating marketing opportunities instead of acting on them. When every possibility is followed, a meandering trail of hit and miss effectiveness is the result. Despite significant expenditure of time and money, marketing tactics may not produce the desired gains.

How Do YOU Pick the Best Affiliate Program?
I decided to start a poll to find out what affiliates rate as the most important consideration when evulating a new program. Please feel free to add other important issues if I missed any. I'm sure many of these are important to you, so you may want to share what order is most important in your opinion.

How To Treat Your Marketing Message
At first I thought for a brief moment I had received someone’s real X-Rays by mistake. Then I opened the envelope to discover a local auto dealer’s clever marketing piece telling me I had been approved for “bare bones” pricing. The mail piece included a color print insert on a regular piece of paper and a smaller half page on X-Ray film.

Pitching Articles To Trade Publications
According to a recent survey by Patrick Marketing Group, most senior business managers are unhappy with their company's PR efforts. When asked to rate their company’s effectiveness in PR on a 1 to 10 scale (10 being the highest), the average response was 5.8.

Marketing Audits: Why Principles Of Accountability In Marketing Are Useful
More audits are being performed in financial departments today due to the irresponsible behavior of a few top executives. Why stop there? Might it not be useful also to look at marketing investments as a fertile field for scrutiny? A marketing audit would measure profit and loss just as an accounting audit does. That is, it would measure return on investment (ROI). This article points out the benefits a company can derive from measuring the ROI of marketing to see whether this vital activity is being used to its full potential.

Generate Interest with Multimedia Presentations
Using motion, graphical elements, animation, audio and video, multimedia presentations are an excellent way to motivate, inform, and captivate a wide range of audiences.

Grow your business. Grow a charity.
$10,000 gift to a great charity: enter a drawing for a generous gift to the charity of your choice.

Adapting Blog Technologies To Corporate E-Newsletters
The idea of disruptive technologies comes from Clayton Christensen's 1997 book, The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail. A disruptive technology is a method, procedure, skill, device, or material that redefines the competitive standards. Note that the technology doesn't have to be a physical item and that it often forces us to re-examine the way we work.

Do Your Metrics Measure Up?
At a recent neighborhood function, I had a discussion with someone who worked in the finance area for one of the Big 4 accounting firms. Since he specialized in the valuation of companies, I asked him about the models he used and he brushed me aside to tell me it was all about the assumptions, not the models per se.

Keeping the Sales Lead Funnel Full
Mamma Classifieds clients appear exclusively in the top three listings on's results pages and within the results set of their network partners. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our experts who can help optimize creatives and build keyword lists.


Build Your Permission Marketing Database
Hi Eran: You mention "target customer permissions" in your article and I'm just trying to understand this concept. Here's an example: I buy my target lists from companies and use them to conduct direct marketing. (Large AS/400 companies).


The Fallacy of Qualified Leads
"We don't get enough qualified leads!" How many times have you heard your VP of Sales make this statement? The common answer from marketing is "we have generated lots of leads, but sales doesn't follow up on them." "But these leads are not qualified", would be the familiar rebuttal from the sales trenches.


Relationship Marketing King: Wal-Mart Still No. 1
The economists are still telling us how bad the U.S. economy is, but don't say anything about the bad economy to your local Wal-Mart greeter.


Measuring Marketing ROI- How Low Can You Go?
Following a previous article on marketing metrics, many of you raised the question of measuring marketing impact on the company bottom line. While the general consultant answer – “it depends” – would hold true here as well, my real answer to most of you in the enterprise software world is simple but disappointing: YOU CANNOT.


Branding With A Pay-Per-Click Twist
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an outstanding media to use to Brand your mark (company or products). Through search engine browsing, your target prospect comes directly to you, searching for what you’re offering. If you’ re in the top few positions the prospect will see your mark over and over again – even if they don’t click on your link. Since you are only charged when someone actually clicks on your link, you may actually pay a very small amount for advertising but have tremendous frequency and reach of your campaign.


A Framework for Sales and Marketing Collaboration
In this article, we’ll try to add some detail and offer practical action items for sales and marketing when approaching prospects at various stages of readiness. To do that, we’ll look at prospects at three stages along the buying cycle: latent pain, recognized pain, and action oriented.


12 Steps To Better E-Mail Marketing
The number is no coincidence. The allusion is, of course, to addiction recovery programs. E-mail is abused by “innocent” people, just as alcohol, drugs and food are. Obviously, e-mail abuse does not bear the same dire consequences.


Acquire, Convert and Retain More Customers
Every web site shares three fundamental objectives: Acquire more qualified visitors for the lowest cost; Convert those visitors into customers; and Retain those customers for repeat business. Find out how to leverage the Web for the greatest results.


Marketing by the Numbers
"Conviction is the luxury of those sitting on the sidelines." This is what John Nash's imaginary boss said in the movie "A Beautiful Mind." For those of us who choose to play rather than watch, Measurement is the compass that guides us through our mistakes.


Hoover's Online 7-Day Trial! Make More Sales In 2003!
It's 2003 and the pressure is on -- and you're ready to meet the challenge. Make this year your best performing ever with Hoover's Online. Try a Hoover's Pro subscription for 7 days FREE, and, if you decide to buy, we'll give you a 20% discount* on a Pro or Pro Plus subscription.


Better flow charts and diagrams call for the right tools
Still using Microsoft® PowerPoint® to create org charts or diagram timelines? Then it's time to check out Microsoft® Visio®. Visit and register to receive your FREE Right Tools Toolkit, including trials of Microsoft Visio 2002 and other software, with guides and templates designed specifically for the work you do.


Marketing the Marketing Department
Imagine. You’ve spent weeks “negotiating” the marketing budget and you have finally got one approved, albeit a bit less that you would like. Now at last you can devote your time to getting on with some real marketing. Sound familiar so far? What happens next will also be familiar in many organizations.


Google Pipes AdWords into Off-Site Banners and Skyscrapers
Attention media buyers - Google just started a new advertising program called "Content-Targeted Adwords." They feed targeted ads into skyscrapers and banners on one of three sites -,, and the Weather Underground. Watch for a blitz of new sites that rent ad space to Google.


First-look Webcast: WebTrends Reporting Series 6.0
Be the first to see the new WebTrends Reporting Series, which provides Marketing professionals more accurate and actionable insight, while saving IT professionals time and effort, available as either software or service.


Emerging Marketing Trends
Net Marketers Beware! Change is in the air. As you all know, on the net change is the golden rule. The all supreme law that spells success of all shapes and sizes. If you are able to harness it, you can ride high on the waves of change and grab your niche fortune. The dominant changes are analyzed here...


MarketingNewz: 10 Proven Tips for Boosting Ad Response
Your ad copy can mean the difference between profitable and unprofitable results from your marketing efforts. There are many ways to boost ad response. Here are ten tips to help you achieve that goal...




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