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[2006-04-29] Forrester Debuts New Marketing Blog
Earlier this week industry research firm Forrester flipped the switch on a new group blog, this latest one focusing on marketing trends.

[2006-04-27] Pundits Talk, People Listen
When the hockey season began this year - after the lockout - the new salary cap shook up a lot of teams.

[2006-04-27] Liveblogging LOHAS - Marketing
Am livelogging the LOHAS conference in Santa Monica over the next couple of days. (I'll be doing the full writeups over at the Blue Marble blog.) First session was "LOHAS Marketing."

[2006-04-26] It Also Means 'Surely Deep-Fried Cutlet'
Seth points to an article about "how KitKat became number one."

[2006-04-26] Customer Referrals: Viral Marketing Goes Old School
Getting referral business and new customers, through recommendations by satisfied customers and clients, is a dream of most business owners and managers.

[2006-04-24] Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now?
In case you haven't seen it, here's a link to Fred Wilson's description of the "Freemium" business model.

[2006-04-24] At the Doorstep, on the Corner, in the Bedroom
A weekend of real life inevitably includes marketing experiences worthy of a blog post.

[2006-04-21] eBay Seeking A Google Protector
Either Microsoft or Yahoo could emerge as a partner to the online auction site in facing down the potent threat posed by Google. The stunning financial numbers released yesterday by Google probably exacerbated the distress felt in eBay's C-level offices.

[2006-04-21] Third Thursday Recap
The interest and attendance at last night's Third Thursday meetup was *way* beyond my expectations, I don't know what to say, I think we had about 80 people, in PR, marketing and otherwise, which ain't bad for a first-time gig.

[2006-04-20] SEMLogic Means No More Search Secrets
During a compelling presentation of Fortune Interactive's SEMLogic demo, I realized a greater implication of the service than accurate search marketing - Mike Marshall and his team have managed to duplicate search engine functionality.

[2006-04-18] Expect the Unexpected the Next Time You Buy
More evidence of changes in traditional marketing that will change consumer behaviours.

[2006-04-18] Monitor Blogs or Die
I don't think I've ever used "or Die" in a blog post before, but CNET has a warning from JupiterResearch for all marketers...

[2006-04-17] The Birdies & Bogies of Online Marketing
The Masters wrapped up recently with everybody's favorite lefty (Phil Mickelson) taking home his 2nd green jacket.

[2006-04-17] Blogger Relations for Click.TV
I've watched, read, and commented on any number of blogger relations efforts, from Andy Abramsons oustanding work with the Nokia n90 to Edelman's controversial outreach program for Wal*Mart (here, here, and here.

[2006-04-14] Advertisers Spending More On Alt.Media
Blog ads, podcast ads, RSS ads, oh my, it could be a $50 million dollar market by the time 2006 comes to an end, well over the $20.4 million spent for advertising on those syndication methods in 2005.

[2006-04-13] Sony, Google Break The Da Vinci Code
Part of the publicity for the Tom Hanks film based on Dan Brown's bestseller includes a puzzle-solving contest and lots of trips and Sony goodies as prizes.

[2006-04-13] O'Brien Starts Ubiquitous Marketing
Now this is good news, Keith O'Brien, editor of has started a blog called Ubiquitous Marketing.

[2006-04-10] Consider Product Life Cycle & Customer Buying Habits
When you create advertising for small businesses, consider both the life cycle of your product or service along with customer buying habits.

[2006-04-07] Can You Hear the Opportunity?
As a continually evolving online marketplace continues to do just that, marketers are always looking for the next big thing. Those untapped markets that can help take them and their clients to the next level.

[2006-04-06] Best Practices in Demand Generation
Sridhar Ramanathan over at the Pacifical Group Blog just published an article on the best practices demand generation from a recent interview with Charlie Shafton, Director of Marketing Programs at Aspect Software.

[2006-04-06] Social Media Spending to Hit $757M in 2010
The total marketing spend on social media is forecast to grow at a compound annual rate of 106.1% from 2005 to 2010, reaching $757.0 million in 2010, according to a research report that will be available on April 11 from PQ Media.

[2006-04-06] Forrester Kills Podcasting
With their research showing podcast adoption in about one percent of online households, Forrester Research managed to trigger some commentary disputing that figure.

[2006-04-05] Lycos-Qumana Launches Blog Tool
The desktop blog tool from Lycos-Qumana works with Qumana Q-Ads integrated ad program to insert ads into blogs.

[2006-04-05] New Line Markets with Tagworld
New Line Cinema is marketing the new Snakes on a Plane flick using a special promotion on TagWorld.

[2006-04-03] IT Marketing: Using Testimonials
In IT marketing, testimonials can be a great selling point for your business. In this article, you'll learn how to use testimonials to your fullest advantage.

[2006-04-02] When the Team is the Brand
Putting your brand on a stadium is relatively low risk, albeit expensive advertising.


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