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[2006-03-31] RSS & Blog Marketing of Interest to Marketers
Rubel points to a an eMarketer report on where marketers plan to spend their "experimental" marketing budgets.

[2006-03-31] Marketing with Blogs - eComXpo Blogging Panel
eComXpo is coming up next week April 4-6 and offers a great lineup of online marketing presentations with keynotes by Bryan Eisenberg, Author of "Call to Action", Anne Holland Founder of MarketingSherpa and Geoff Ramsey CEO of eMarketer .

[2006-03-31] Flackette Trumps Strumpette
Strumpette is back, sad to say. I even read the latest post comparing PR people to aging German prostitutes.

[2006-03-30] Strumpette Sends Unsolicited Email, Then Redirects
I have stayed away from the Strumpette fray. It struck me as a lose-lose proposition.

[2006-03-28] FEC Boosts Online Political Bloggers
Campaign finance law will cover online political advertising, but other communication like blogs and email remains uncovered by the law.

[2006-03-28] Facebook Seeking Faces Of Presidents
Preferably Benjamins, and lots of them, as the college and high school networking site could rake in $2 billion from a sale; Viacom has been suggested as one suitor, but we can suggest another deep-pocketed company too.

[2006-03-28] Citizen Marketers Party on YouTube
Jackie Huba is warning brand marketers to scan YouTube for consumer generated 'commercials' about their products.

[2006-03-28] PR: Most Bang for the Marketing Buck
Back in late December, I wrote a post for my blog about the disagreement between Katie Paine and John Wagner over the value of measuring communication.

[2006-03-27] Naked PR
There's a new PR blog in town - Strumpette, described as a naked journal of the PR business.

[2006-03-25] Burn Hot, Burn Fast - Skype's PR Demise?
I like Skype. I like the woman that initially launched the service via PR, and she did an amazing job.

[2006-03-23] ESPN, Orbitz Team On Sports Travel
The worldwide sports leader and the online travel site have a website in development that will literally make it easier to follow a favorite team around during the season.

[2006-03-23] Bush: Use Blogs Spread the Good Word
According to Wizbang President Bush during an audience Q&A encouraged supporters of the war to use blogs and word of mouth to spread good news about Iraq...

[2006-03-23] CPC Rates Climbed in 2005
New MarketingSherpa report shows average cost-per-clicks rose in 2005.

[2006-03-22] More MSN Management Mayhem
After rumors of David Cole's dismissal from Redmond proved correct, another Microsoftie contended for and lost the competition for Cole's position as head of MSN Global.

[2006-03-21] Podcasting - Is Anybody Really Listening?
Is it me, or is everyone podcasting these days?

[2006-03-21] Negative Word of Mouth More Powerful...
Are you still nonchalent when it comes to tracking negative consumer-generated media?

[2006-03-20] Nike And Google Kickoff Joga
A soccer-focused community website based on Google's invite-only Orkut service recently launched in advance of this year's Wolrd Cup.

[2006-03-16] PodTech Podcast Content Now Includes Cash
Two venture capital firms invested $5.5 million in, a small firm known on the West Coast for its technology-based podcasts; the move could outline a business model for other podcasters.

[2006-03-16] Gaming Sites, Great; PR Sites, No
Public relations, an industry of professional communicators, not only scored at the bottom of all categories in the "Internet Standards Assessment Report," but also apparently could not copywrite an effective flu shot campaign during an epidemic.

[2006-03-15] Xoogler Unearths Old Google Top Ten
Doug Edwards was the man behind the creation of a five-year old Google document called "10 things Google has found to be true" and referenced that in response to Danny Sullivan's recent Google love/hate lists.

[2006-03-15] Study: PR Agency Web Sites Stink
Adrants has a great round-up of the Web Marketing Association's (WMA) Internet Standards Assessment Report.

[2006-03-14] Changes At Yahoo Publishing Network
Options for adding content from Yahoo as well as contextual advertising for site publishers in its network recently became available to Yahoo Publisher Network users; and they are expanding the beta service to more publishers.

[2006-03-14] Performancing Launches Metrics Service
Nick Wilson announced the debut in public beta of the Performancing Metrics service aimed at professional bloggers and their blogs.

[2006-03-14] Blogger Relations and Full Transparency
Shel and I had quite a robust discussion about the Wal-Mart and Edelman blogger relations campaign yesterday in show #119 of FIR: The Hobson & Holtz Report.

[2006-03-13] WebTrends Aims For Relationship Marketing
The WebTrends Marketing Lab continues the genesis of analytics in shifting the focus from broadly-aimed campaigns based on general website usage to a more discrete relationship based on the specifics of individual visits to a site.

[2006-03-10] "The New Kid in Town": MSN AdCenter
If you use Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture) for your pay per click advertising, you'll want to "listen up".

[2006-03-10] Maslow & Branding: Last 3
We're almost to the end of the series on Maslow and Branding. I'll wrap up the last three needs in Maslow's hierarchy here, and then we'll look at how they all interact in social networks.

[2006-03-10] More Blogging From The WSJ
The Wall Street Journal's Law blog now has a sibling, with the Washington Wire blog debuting in March from the publisher.

[2006-03-10] Disclosure and transparency: It’s PR 101
Our little PR corner of the blogosphere is awash with opinion about the Wal-Mart/Edelman blogger outreach campaign stemming from a story in the New York Times on Tuesday.

[2006-03-09] AdWords Demographics One-Ups AdCenter
Google recently made demographic targeting for AdWords campaigns available for its marketers, who can use the feature to narrow the types of sites that display its advertising.

[2006-03-09] Demographic Targeting with Google AdWords
On the heels of MSN AdCenter's demographic profiling aspirations, Google AdWords now offers demographic site selection with gender, age, and household income as the demographic categories available. The demographic information comes from ComScore. h/t Andy

[2006-03-08] Andy Beal Guides Firms To Rep Tracking
The marketing guru recently posted a lengthy guide to tracking one's online reputation as discussed in the news and the blogosphere.

[2006-03-08] Mobile Marketing Revs Up
One sure sign of summer is the up tick in mobile marketing news. The latest is from the Delaware News Journal.

[2006-03-07] Maslow & Branding: Aesthetics
OK, back to the series on Maslow and Branding. So far I've written about Security & Connection, Esteem and Control; these four have the most relevance to the widest audience.

[2006-03-06] Seth Godin's speech on Marketing at Google
Six time best selling author, Seth Godin speaks to Google as part of their Authors@Google series.

[2006-03-06] The New Press Release?
While some may want the "press release is dead" meme to end, the discussion could wind up producing some worthwhile ideas.

[2006-03-06] Marketing via Wikipedia
I'm sitting in an airline lounge at Dulles, having just finished a talk on new media to the annual gathering of US Army Public Affairs officers.

[2006-03-06] Marketing and Wikipedia Are Antonyms
Rohit Bhargava sees a way for marketers to carefully become part of the Wikipedia community by creating short articles in an effort to facilitate further discussion.

[2006-03-02] Tom Foremski is Wrong
The news release is dead…here we go again.

[2006-03-02] MSN Travel Embarks Again
The newly relaunched travel portal from MSN will be available as a beta version as the portal tests out a similar look-and-feel to Windows Live and several new content providers.

[2006-03-01] SES NY: Communities, Wikipedia & Tagging
Social community websites, user-edited encyclopedias, and content classification by tagging…all of these can be utilized by the savvy search marketer to garner traffic for a website.

[2006-03-01] Click Fraud Zombies
Did you happen to read the guest post we had on click fraud and how easy it could be for unscrupulous companies to create fraudulent clicks?


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