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[2006-02-28] The Beautiful People On Search
Noted online pundits Matt Cutts from Google, Robert Scoble from Microsoft, and Jeremy Zawodny from Yahoo took part in the Pundits On Search panel during day two of SES 2006 New York.

[2006-02-28] One Pfat Factpack
AdAge has released its annual data factpack (PDF).

[2006-02-28] Ranting Against Press Releases
I read with some amusement (and agreement) Tom Foremski's rant titled Die! Press release! Die! Die! Die!.

[2006-02-27] New Data on Click Fraud
ClickZ's Kevin Newcomb explores latest click fraud survey results from SEMPO.

[2006-02-24] Yahoo Ending Competitor Trademark Bids
As of March 1st, Yahoo Search Marketing will change its policy regarding bids for trademarks by competitive advertisers.

[2006-02-24] How Important is the Brand?
I'm going to interrupt my series on Maslow & Branding to chime in on a debate between Tom Asacker and Laura Ries.

[2006-02-23] Blog Readership Down, Influence Up
Nearly ten years after blogging began in earnest, the readership of blogs among Internet users ranks well below other activities those users do online regularly.

[2006-02-23] How To Chat Up Writers
Reporters, bloggers, journalists, writers, authors, call us whatever you like, but when you do call, please bring something of interest to the table.

[2006-02-21] Retailers Face Challenge Of Keyword Costs
As more and more marketers enter the paid search market, competition for desired keywords has driven up the prices.

[2006-02-21] Do B2B's and B2C's Collide in Search Marketing?
I talk with marketers and IT folks all across the country about their web sites and their potential to use the search engines to drive traffic.

[2006-02-21] The Four P's of Blog Marketing
Anyone who has spent any time around marketers has probably heard about the profession's "Four P's."

[2006-02-21] Employee Communications is the Chicken...
Marketing is the egg.

[2006-02-20] Brands, Blogs & Search in 2006
The Magazine DM News publishes a supplement called "Outlook" each year that collects interviews and articles from some of the leading direct marketers and their perspectives on the coming year in direct marketing.

[2006-02-20] AdCenter Could Have Demographic Edge
Unlike Yahoo or Google, MSN provides a variety of demographic data for its marketers to utilize when creating and modifying campaigns.

[2006-02-17] Swimming In eBay's Ecosystem
An online place for dealing Beanie Babies and Happy Meal toys now spans a far-flung ecosystem of PowerSellers, Affiliates, and brick-and-mortar storefronts.

[2006-02-17] Web 2.0 Press Release Marketing
I just got off a conference call with David McInnis, founder of PRWeb, where he announced several recent and brand new services.

[2006-02-15] MSN AdCenter Goes To The Blogs
There is not a great deal of news yet on the MSN adCenter blog, though the team there promises to discuss the latest goings-on with the newest competitor to AdWords and Overture.

[2006-02-15] Geocoding the Conversation
It's not enough that marketers/PR pros know what's being said about clients/brands.

[2006-02-15] PR Didn't Get the Memo That Killed Exclusives
I though the above picture, which I shot last month in Florida, is apropos as a preface for the following.

[2006-02-14] Google Click-To-Call Sightings
Another instance of the green phone icon appearing for some AdWords listings in Google search results has been reported online.

[2006-02-14] Technorati Throws A Slider
David Sifry provided part two of his State of the Blogosphere report, and announced a couple of new tools for the Technorati blog search engine.

[2006-02-14] Tired: Bloggers – New Hotness: Commenters
Blogging is easy to start and hard to sustain. Perhaps the next rise in consumer-generated media will come from those who provide the conversations that most blogs seek.

[2006-02-13] Intuitive Engagement
The whole idea of an organization participating in the conversation is alien to those of us who grew up in the one-way top-down era.

[2006-02-12] Ethics and PR Blogging
A two-part post: first, thanking everyone that voted for me (self promotion) for the AdLand Battle of the Ad Blogs, and, second, well, the perception that PR isn't ethical.

[2006-02-10] Blogs House "Brand Assassins"
Beware the lowly blogger, all ye mighty multinational corporations, for the keyboard, the RSS feed, and the comments section are mightier than the public relations sword.

[2006-02-10] Maslow and Branding: Esteem
Yesterday we looked at Security and Connection, the two most foundational needs (above basic survival) on Maslow's Hierarchy.

[2006-02-09] Google Auctioning Print Ads
The search advertising company has expanded its magazine ad test to a broader number of magazines in three of its vertical markets. Google's test of magazine ads began last summer, and involved two computer-oriented publications.

[2006-02-09] Maslow and Branding
Remember back in your Psych 101 class when you learned about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? Bet you never expected to see it again in the business world, but... ta da!

[2006-02-08] Are You Making These PR Mistakes?
As a business, non-profit, government agency or association manager, are you overly preoccupied with communications tactics like special events, broadcast plugs, press releases and brochures?

[2006-02-07] When Blogs Become Too Successful
Well-known blogger and Yahoo staffer Russell Beattie found the demands of multiple channels of information so demanding that he has turned off comments in his blog, along with deleting hundreds of existing comments.

[2006-02-07] Can a Napkin Business Plan be the Next Google?
Marketing Experiments has announced a "Back of a Napkin" business planning contest. They say they are are looking for the next ‘Google'.

[2006-02-06] Google Testing PayPal Killer GBuy
Several retailers have been quietly testing a Google payment system called GBuy, and users will see a GBuy icon next to AdWords paid search ads. PayPal has dominated the online payment field for some time. It has been a profitable business, one which eBay purchased in October 2002.

[2006-02-06] More Fans Seek Movie Reviews Online
Instead of waiting to pick up a copy of the Friday newspaper to read what critics have to say about new releases at the theater, fans have moved their attention online.

[2006-02-06] Gaming Sites Accuse Nvidia Of Shilling
Online gaming forums may have been hosts to shills paid by a guerilla marketing company to establish themselves in those forums and then post a marketing message delivered by Nvidia.

[2006-02-06] Sifry: Fifty Thousand Blog Posts Per Hour
No, that's not Technorati founder David Sifry's posting regimen, but a figure based on Technorati tracking about 1.2 million blog posts per day.

[2006-02-06] Is Nvidia Exploring the Dark Side of Viral Marketing?
Consumerist and BoingBoing are indicating that Nvidia may (note: speculation) be working with firm AEG to create faux online personnas to develop positive reputations in online communities to pitch Nvidia products.

[2006-02-06] Nvidia Accused of Deceptive Forum Tactics
The Consumerist along with several other sources are accusing Nvidia and its entertainment PR firm AEG of secretly seeding various gaming forums and communities with hired shills:

[2006-02-05] CoComment Gets Half the Job Down
Okay, I track blogs. I always have. It's not a big deal, it's part of PR and what I hope to convey to others in the industry and the agency life - that it's not just enough to be tracking the media, but you need to get your Pubsub / Technorati / Blogpulse on (yes, all three).

[2006-02-03] AdWords Suggests A Super Sunday For Ads
Though the vast majority of AdWords advertisers will not have commercials running during Super Bowl XL on Sunday, they can still learn a lesson about ad targeting for on- and off-line media.

[2006-02-01] Microsoft Revamps Blog Removal Policy
The company announced a new "policy framework" concerning the removal of blogs from its MSN Spaces services when requested to do so by a government.


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