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[2006-01-31] Google Calls For Blogtimization
The Google AdSense team posted some advice about placing AdSense blocks in blogs and making the most of the space on the blog to better profit from those ads.

[2006-01-31] Going for that 25 Percent
There's been a lot of talk about the 25 percent.

[2006-01-31] Googling The Competition: Mazda v. Pontiac
After General Motors made a call to television viewers to "Google" the Pontiac brand name, it didn't take long for Mazda to launch a keyword counterattack. Sponsored search results carried the echo of Mazda marketing snickers as Pontiac searchers were invited to a side-by-side comparison under the link title "Pontiac vs. Mazda."

[2006-01-31] Bubble Bursts Hollywood Distribution Model
Replete with Tivo and other time-shifting technologies, consumers want control of what matters most-their time. Perhaps Hollywood is waking up to their needs?

[2006-01-31] PR Tutorial: Try Not To Threaten Bloggers
If you are a software maker producing a product that may be harmful to the hardware of innocent gamers, calling out the whistle-blowing blogger with a lawsuit threat may be generally regarded as a bad move.

[2006-01-31] Internal Open Source Marketing
Open source marketing is a great notion, but it's slow to catch on.

[2006-01-30] Google's Reputation Precedes Itself
Among the most visible companies in America, Google has become the most recognizable brand in technology too.

[2006-01-30] Blog Monitoring As PR Service
Sparked by a survey that Brian Oberkirch at WeblogsWork is getting underway, an interesting conversation has been taking shape on the Naked Conversations Blog (see comments thread) about blog monitoring as an emerging service/business opportunity among PR and marketing firms:

[2006-01-27] Bear Stearns Tapping Blogs For Stock Analysis?
Aside from maintaining its "outperform" rating on Google, the investment firm thinks a Google Music Store is in the works; a good question for now would be "Did you get this idea from a blog too?"

[2006-01-27] Blogger Junkets Rekindle an Old PR Approach
In the pre-Internet era (I know call me a mastodon), press junkets we're huge.

[2006-01-27] News Flash: PR is Still Alive!
With the second post in his PR is dying series Tom Foremski is saying that the agency world has a future as bright as Larry Fortensky's.

[2006-01-26] Commoditizing an Art
Picasso was approached by a woman on the street. She asked him to create a sketch of her likeness. He agreed. Within minutes Picasso proudly handed the woman a unique but perfect likeness of herself.

[2006-01-25] Blogger News Network Dumps Google, Cites China
One protest against Google's decision to offer search in China while agreeing to that government's censorship led one prominent blog to discard AdSense from its pages.

[2006-01-24] Apple, 55 Cents, And Advertising
Episodes of ABC series "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives," available on a day-after-broadcast basis from Apple's iTunes for $1.99, generate 55 cents for Apple and pass the remaining $1.44 to the network.

[2006-01-24] Can You Blook Your Blog?
It's not a typo, it's a book derived from a blog or website; some pretty cool judges will help dish out $4,000 in prize money to the winners of the Lulu Blooker Award.

[2006-01-24] Wither Goes the Wire Services
It's been an active new years for the Wire service.

[2006-01-24] First-rate Cruise Line Practices Third-Rate PR
For years you've been dreaming of a luxury cruise. Exotic locales, balmy sea breezes, tropical drinks with umbrellas in them.

[2006-01-24] Corporate Blogging Not A Common Practice
Author David Kline wondered aloud in a blog post today about the lack of corporate blogging taking place, and speculated on what may be holding it back.

[2006-01-24] All Attack on Arrington
Michael Arrington is being raked over the coals because he does not like Tello. Well, he does not like the marketing of the service thus far.

[2006-01-23] Google Takes Brand Lead From Apple has come out with its survey results of the top brands worldwide, and Google has retaken the top spot, winning for the third time in four years, interrupted only by a brief unseating by Apple last year.

[2006-01-23] Frost's Internet Marketing Conference
It's probably not too late to register for Frost & Sullivan's 2nd Annual Internet Marketing Strategies 2006, this Thursday and Friday in Phoenix.

[2006-01-20] What's the Message?
I read a lot of papers - regular ones, and online - as any media junkie/PR person should.

[2006-01-19] RSS Feeds and Online PR
Online PR is new territory for most marketers, even traditional public relations practitioners.

[2006-01-19] Blogging the Word of Mouth Basic Training Event
I am at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association's Basic Training conference in Orlando, Florida today.

[2006-01-19] How and When to Respond to Conversations
During one of the early sessions from the Word of Mouth Marketing conference, Idil Kakim from Burson Marsteller asked the panelists whether companies needed to address every single comment/question that comes in on their blogs.

[2006-01-19] Live From The Gleacher Center
In the session at Ahead of the Curve...

[2006-01-19] Amazon Webcasts From The Fishbowl
Bill Maher and will work together to produce 12 episodes of a 30-minute weekly online show to promote books, movies, and music, all available for easy purchase through the Amazon web site.

[2006-01-17] Technorati Enhances Chart Blogging
The charts provided by blog search site Technorati now have more data behind them, giving blog searchers an extra treat while searching for posts on their favorite topics.

[2006-01-16] Gather Waves Ad Cash At Bloggers
Blog networks opened a lot of eyes when AOL tossed down about $25 million at Weblogs Inc, and Gather looks like an effort that wants to follow in those high-priced footsteps.

[2006-01-16] Blogger, You Are En Fuego
When AdAge's Media Guy, Simon Dumenco, discussed blogging as efficiently published writing; blogging does have a parallel in another type of traditional media, too.

[2006-01-16] Protecting the Brand - Reputation Management
Search engine marketing is known for increasing a company's profile, establishing an online presence, increasing traffic, and ultimately growing the bottom line.

[2006-01-14] Do the Media Read News Releases?
Sometimes. This post from Owen Thomas at Business 2.0's blog is interesting. He points to a minor news release boilerplate edit of all things to declare the start of the iPod era.

[2006-01-13] AOL Doubles Down With Blackjack Bet
Anyone looking for something besides Texas Hold'Em poker will be able to take a gander at the forthcoming digital blackjack site being developed in partnership with the Game Show Network.

[2006-01-12] AdSense Relevance In Blogs Revealed
The continuous battle for relevant ads and the profitable clicks that they can attract on a blog has been a difficult one for the blogger who really needs to see at least a trickle of a revenue stream.

[2006-01-12] PR Isn't Sinking, It's Adapting
Tom Forensky ponders a big think question: why is the mainstream PR sector booming as the mainstream media sector is fading fast?

[2006-01-11] Clueless BrandWeek Magazine
Are blogs a waste of your time and that of your business or clients?

[2006-01-11] Sprint Launches a P2P Passalong Campaign
OK, a lot of the marketing buzz these days is about the Web, but Sprint is out to prove that you can still execute a really cool person-to-person marketing campaign in the physical world too.

[2006-01-11] Kvetch About Companies on Your Blog and Win
I am participating as a judge in an exciting new conversational marketing campaign called Everyday Hogwash.

[2006-01-10] Does Yahoo Aspire To Be MySpace?
Hang out with friends, listen to new music, talk about what's important to you, share pictures from a party, MySpace has become the teen place and now has 47.3 million users.

[2006-01-10] DIY PR Revisited
Shel Israel over at Naked Conversations says he's "convinced" that early stage startups are better off forgoing professional PR agencies in favor of DIY blogging, at least until their businesses are further baked:

[2006-01-10] Who Took My Kodachrome Away
Okay, it's post-CES and a lot has happened there that I plan on blogging about - the PR of CES, and how the show went.

[2006-01-09] Wal-Mart Embarrassed By Movie Listings
The world's biggest retailer issued apologies after discovering several prominent African-American themed films listed as "similar items" for titles like "Planet of the Apes."

[2006-01-09] Google Gets 95 Percent Of SEM Business
Search engine marketers spent $5.75 billion on advertising in 2005, with Google and Yahoo collecting the biggest hauls of that cash. The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) will release its latest survey on US and Canadian SEM...

[2006-01-07] Transforming Corporate Identities
The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas certainly was the place this week for many companies to announce a dazzling array of new tech products, alliances and ventures.

[2006-01-06] Finds Blogs Help Search Marketing Efforts
By now, you should know that blogs tend to do very well in the search engine results.

[2006-01-04] Blogging For Artists
Dilbert creator Scott Adams has put out the call on his blog for comic strip artists; no, not for Dilbert, but for another comic strip he wants to see succeed.

[2006-01-04] Wall Street Journal Legally Blogging
It took the Journal 106 years to make color a part of the print edition, but the publishers have integrated blogging relatively quickly to the online version of the paper.

[2006-01-04] By What Measures?
In the old days, circa Web 1.0, most online marketers measured the success of a Web site with a few different metrics.

[2006-01-04] Use Event Marketing Successfully for Lead Generation
Events are a highly visible way to demonstrate your marketing prowess.

[2006-01-03] Blogger Improved BlogThis!
The bookmarklet from Google's Blogger has been tweaked to add some formatting buttons for easier on-the-page blogging.


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