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[2005-12-30] YouTube Topping Google Video Search
A blogger for online research firm Hitwise cited some reasons why user-driven video site YouTube is growing in popularity and usage.

[2005-12-30] Reuters Addresses Affiliate Issues...Sort Of
Reuters wants to find affiliates willing to place its news video player on their sites, but haven't really touched on the issue of compensating those affiliates.

[2005-12-29] Amazon Connects, But It's Not Blogging
A new service from lets authors connect with their fans by posting extra content about their books or forthcoming works.

[2005-12-28] TV Likes Internet As Focus Group
Blogging about whether or not a star for a new TV show has all the screen presence of a bowl of fruit could end up as part of a report to program executives.

[2005-12-27] Boing Boing, Harry Potter Tops In Blogs
BlogPulse announced its lists of the top ten blogs and topics across a variety of categories in the blogosphere for 2005.

[2005-12-27] Yo, NYC Site Getting Updated
As part of the Big Apple's marketing ventures, the city will support a new website dedicated to selling its official merchandise; you gotta problem with that?

[2005-12-23] Microsoft AdCenter Generates SEM Buzz
Return-on-investment (ROI) is up and the waiting list for advertisers to join AdCenter has lengthened, causing search marketers to clamor for a quicker AdCenter rollout.

[2005-12-22] Online Ad Market $26 Billion In '06
Among the numerous lists and predictions making the pre-holiday rounds online comes another forecast of a bright and profitable market for online ads.

[2005-12-22] Search Marketing In the New Google, AOL Era
Pamela Parker of ClickZ interviewed a number of search marketers to gage they're thoughts on how the new Google, AOL deal will impact the landscape.

[2005-12-21] The Angels of the North Ride Again
Following the success of last month's one-day conference at the University of Sunderland on RSS, blogs and other new media tools, the event is going on the road with another conference in February.

[2005-12-21] Smithsonian Blogs and Podcasts
Site seeing in Washington, DC usually includes one of the 16 Smithsonian museums.

[2005-12-20] Yahoo Trims Text Ad Length
Brevity will be a necessity for Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers, because in less than a month Yahoo will chop ads down from 190 characters to 70 characters in length.

[2005-12-19] The Show Must Go On
Over past several months I have had the unique opportunity to podcast with a living legend of marketing - Joseph Jaffe.

[2005-12-19] Interview with Andrew Goodman
Andrew Goodman is known as the guy who "wrote the book" on Google AdWords or at least that's one of the ways I like to think of him.

[2005-12-16] Yahoo Knows How Well Ads Work
A premium service from Yahoo will let advertisers know just how well online ads work for their sites, thanks to a deal with an econometric analysis firm.

[2005-12-14] MSNBC Launches Online Ratings Drive
Pull up the Washington Post website and you may notice something peculiar. All ad space on the site belongs to MSNBC. Sister publication has the same MSNBC saturation-as do 800 blogs sanctioned through Blogads. The campaign is part of MSNBC's effort to test whether online advertising can have an impact on television ratings.

[2005-12-13] Don't Learn From the Past, Doomed to Fail Again
Back in October 2003, Ben Silverman wrote about PR hits and misses. One of the companies he highlighted was Sunncomm, the company that works on DRM protection for music CDs.

[2005-12-12] MSNBC Advertising Porn Valley On Blogs
Nothing catches the eyes like the neon pink silhouette of a nude female, especially when run in high traffic media sites. MSNBC knows this and that's just what they've done. An upcoming story from MSNBC has grabbed the attention of many because it's showing up on about 800 blogs.

[2005-12-12] This Podcasting Dope is Addictive
News of what two big companies in entirely different industries are doing with audio as part of their communication is a great example of imaginative ways to use this communication medium.

[2005-12-09] Movie Studio Goes For AdSense Niches
Site targeting allowed Paramount Pictures to focus promotional efforts for three films via AdWords to specific niche sites that display AdSense and reach a likely audience for those movies.

[2005-12-07] Community Marketing Gets The Buzz
When it comes to technology and the Internet, buzzwords fly faster than a swarm of bees around a field of flowers; but when it comes to community, publishers need to listen to what it can offer them.

[2005-12-07] Why Educated Consumers Are Better Customers
Educated Consumers. Not too long ago, a colleague asked me why we invest so heavily in consumer education.

[2005-12-06] Asking Jeeves About Advertising
While the search side of has shown some growth, the potential of the advertising network developing with the various IAC properties presents an even greater prospect for success.

[2005-12-01] Wireless Carriers Stifle Cellphone Potential
Shades of Jon Stewart! An award recipient at the Mobile Marketing Association's rave admonished the big names in mobile services for limiting creativity.

[2005-12-01] The Conversation Is Rapidly Evolving
As I relax on my train journey back to Amsterdam aboard the high-speed Thalys TGV, I sit in reflective mode regarding this morning's terrific panel discussion on the giant global focus group at the IABC Europe conference in Paris.


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