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[2005-11-30] Hispanic Online Market Booms
Three out of ten Hispanic buyers online spend over $200 on purchases, and big name brands have been working to attract more Hispanic business.

[2005-11-29] Branding Cures Several Marketing Headaches
Are you trying to attract business with a no-name, no-differences-from-competitors company identity?

[2005-11-27] Putting Evangelism to Work has probably the best article I've seen to date on how to put a customer evangelism practice to work inside Corporate America.

[2005-11-27] PR Call To Action
The following byline appears in the new issue of PR Week out tomorrow. It is reprinted with permission from the publication.

[2005-11-26] Anticlimactic PR
Here's a simple lesson in public relations, thanks to BusinessWeek. It's a great tale to show to clients, to show that even working with a reporter on an article does not ensure that your client is going to get press.

[2005-11-24] Blogger Hacks Customer Service
ABC News World News Tonight just profiled blogger Paul English and his "Cheat Sheet to Find a Human." ...

[2005-11-24] Feedster 500: New and Improved
Feedster CTO Scott Johnston explains the improvements made to the Feedster 500, Feedster's listing of the "most interesting and important blogs." ...

[2005-11-24] Moderated Blogs Are BS
I had a conversation today with a reporter, and was commenting to him about the few comments I had received on my blog post on Dennis Hastert and his blog.

[2005-11-23] Newspaper Drops Online Registration
The Houston Chronicle had required users trying to visit its pages to provide demographic information before proceeding, but has tossed that process in an effort to build traffic.

[2005-11-22] Doesn't PR Include Public?
A nice A-list circular post about how Audible has missed the target on it's Podcast announcement, and what the PR should be.

[2005-11-18] PubCon Notes - Las Vegas
Sorry about the lack of posting ... I've been at PubCon all week ... a search engine conference hosted by WebmasterWorld.

[2005-11-18] Mike McDonald's PubCon Wrap-up
PubCon 2005 in Las Vegas is over and done. While it's entirely possible that a 'wrap up' post is premature due to the fact that one of our primary hosts was borked for several hours this afternoon and our writing team may yet have notes to bring to the table, I'm gonna do one anyway. The following are some of thoughts and impressions from your friend and humble forum admin.

[2005-11-17] Changes Blur the Scenery Along the Digital Divide
The line it is drawn the curse it is cast The slow one now will later be fast As the present now will later be past The order is rapidly fadin'. And the first one now will later be last For the times they are a-changin'. - (Bob Dylan, 1963)

[2005-11-17] Survey on Blog Monitoring/Marketing Released
Tim Manners at Reveries has released survey results that gauges how marketers monitor/use blogs.

[2005-11-16] Competitive Marketing Analysis
The keyword in this phrase gives us a hint - "competitive". The competitive marketing analysis is an in-depth study of your businessīs competition and the markets available to you in order to ensure your advertising and public relations budget dollars are spent where they will be most effective.

[2005-11-16] Andy Beal Makes Pilgrimage To PubCon
In his first appearance at the conference, Beal reflected on his "dumbass decision" to give over the keys to Search Engine Lowdown, and jokingly asked the audience at his talk to change their links from SEL to his new Marketing Pilgrim site.

[2005-11-15] Analytics Firms Respond To Google
Once Google discarded the Urchin label, renamed the service Google Analytics, and ended the fees it charges, several firms felt the ripples of the search engine company cannonballing into their swimming pool.

[2005-11-15] Upping Your Budget
Budget Rent-A-Car has an interesting viral marketing campaign going on right now. It's called "Up Your Budget" and the prize is a hefty $10,000. The deal is it isn't just one prize, there're many and people are treasure hunting for clues all over the country.

[2005-11-14] Google The Next Commerce Giant
Analyst Safa Rashtchy at Piper Jaffray thinks we're in the midst of E-commerce 3.0, where Google stands ready to become the next great online commercial power.

[2005-11-10] Planning and Networking Key to Marketing Success
The searchable universe has expanded enormously over the past year. From the doubling or tripling of the size of search engine indexes to the evolution of several engines with unique focuses, the amount of data accessible by search engine users has grown faster this year than any other since the dawn of the public, commercial Internet.

[2005-11-10] Teens, Suits Favor IM
While instant messaging has increased across all user ages, teens in particular have been sending a lot more IMs than email; business users send nearly a billion IMs each workday.

[2005-11-10] Yahoo Snuffing Focus Groups
The portal company decided in September to do away with traditional focus groups for research, and switched to the use of "immersion groups" instead.

[2005-11-09] IBM Goes Buzz Hunting
Big Blue's Public Image Monitoring Solution will let an enterprise delve into the depths of the web and the murky haze of the blogsphere to find out what people are saying online about a business.

[2005-11-09] Tips For Effective Email Marketing
Over the past few years, research has continued to prove the benefits of e-mail marketing for business: low costs, high conversion rates and detailed tracking are all notable features.

[2005-11-09] Branding: A Competitive Advantage
People often think of a brand as the symbol, name or logo associated with a product. In reality, branding involves far more.

[2005-11-09] Licensing In The Marketing Mix
Licensing is a method of leveraging an organization's process, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property for a fee or royalty.

[2005-11-07] Yahoo Lowers Deposit For Sponsored Search
Yahoo Search Marketing has followed its October move to eliminate a minimum spending requirement with a drop in the minimum deposit from $30 to $5 for US advertisers.

[2005-11-05] SEM as Mass Tourism
"Gibberish doesn't sell" didn't exactly convey the theme I wanted, so my Big Idea for ad:tech has been tweaked slightly to "search is like mass tourism." ...

[2005-11-02] Should the Jack In The Box Blog?
Here's the debate of the day at The Blogging Enterprise Conference. It came up during Shel Israel's talk.

[2005-11-02] New School PR
In a previous post I driveled on the idea that the PR services industry is entering a bit of a transition period and that old school agency business models need to evolve to keep in line with changing market conditions and a growing DIY business mentality.

[2005-11-01] News Search Is Influencing Internet Marketing
The search landscape is changing so fast that half of what we knew a year ago about...


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