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[2005-09-29] Ask Jeeves Not to be Left Behind in Pay Per Click Race
Pay per click advertising is big business online. The two biggest players are Google Adwords and Yahoo's Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture, and before that

[2005-09-28] NYC Mayor Calls Out Opponent’s Blog
I know its off-topic, but I had to post it. Steve Rubel posts that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called out his opponent, Democrat Fernando Ferrer, for false claims on his blog.

[2005-09-25] PR Bloggers: Shall We Serve Cheese With the Whine?
Since blogs are essentially online op-ed pages, I'm leveling a challenge to every single PR blogger, including myself.

[2005-09-21] This Ad is Brought to You by the Letters RSS
AdWeek is reporting that a number of major news outlets are utilizing RSS to power their ad campaigns.

[2005-09-21] Firefox, Buzz Marketing, and Truth
Firefox, the Mozilla-sponsored alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser-is the beneficiary of some of the strongest buzz marketing ever seen.

[2005-09-21] Can Blogs Turn a Film Into a Blockbuster?
Joss Whedon, whose "Firefly" TV series didn't last a season, convinced a studio to produce a feature-length motion picture based on the series when DVD sales went through the roof.

[2005-09-17] Novell PR Team Opens Blog
This is interesting, the Novell PR team is using a blog to augment their media program.

[2005-09-15] How To Determine Your Customer's Value
This literally can be the most profitable thing you'll ever do for your business and that is to understand exploiting the actual value of your customer. It's been called the Marginal Net Worth and the Lifetime Value.

[2005-09-15] Daimler Chrysler’s Blog Blunder?
DaimlerChrysler drove off the cliff today when they launched their new blog, "TheFireHouse.Biz." This is to be their company engine for information and commentary aimed at the media. The Chrysler Group Media Blog is what they call it. The problem though, is that regular bloggers of any kind can't get into it.

[2005-09-13] Teens Like Hosting Images, Blogging
We know blogging is growing in popularity. We know there are millions of ‘em and thousands more popping up everyday. Use of image hosting has also grown exponentially and Nielsen/NetRatings says there's a correlation between the two. With nearly 15 million unique users since January, image hosting is picking up steam.

[2005-09-11] How to Find a Blogger's Beat
Technorati has started an effort to catalogue bloggers by topic. This is welcome, but Technorati's solution so far is not really working that well.

[2005-09-08] Google Adjusts Site Targeting
In a recent issue of Page Zero Advisor, I argued (in part) as follows on the subject of Google's new Site Targeting version of the content targeting program ...

[2005-09-08] Test Your Direct Response Marketing Using Two Steps
Of all the mistakes a small business owner can make, possibly none will cost more than failing to test one aspect against another. In order words, testing one price against another. One headline against another. One ad against another.

[2005-09-08] The Million Pixel March
Dr. Evil would be impressed with the debut of the Million Dollar Homepage. Alex Tew, an entrepreneurial young man in the U.K. created the site in order to raise a little money, a cool million to be specific and he's got a unique method to his million dollar madness, one pixel at a time.

[2005-09-07] Use Your Yellow Page Savings to Finance Your Internet Local Search Visibility
A Yellow Page Ad Says You're "Open for Business"

[2005-09-07] Stop and Go Marketing
Stop and Go marketing and ENERGY go hand in hand. Stop and Go marketing says what it is. We go out to market for time periods and then we get busy with our work and stop marketing. Here is the problem with that.

[2005-09-05] A Bloggers Reinvention
After 18 months of writing about branding and marketing, I hit the point of burn-out. So I'm making some changes that I hope will keep me interested and engaged in the blogosphere.


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