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[2005-08-31] New iPod Cellphone Will Expand Citizen Marketing
iPod says "Hello Moto." At least, The New York Times is cautiously suggesting it will ....

[2005-08-31] OKGo And The Power Of The Web
I'm cruising along home yesterday in the Kentucky rain, listening to NPR and they do this feature story on a new Internet sensation. It's a band called OKGo. They've got this song called "A Million Ways" and a video to go with it. They look a little a uh… fashionably unique, like so many bands but boy can they dance.

[2005-08-30] RSS and E-mail: How They Can Work Together?
For most marketers online e-mail is still the key marketing and communicational tool, with its use ranging from e-zine publishing, direct sales messages, loyalty campaigns to internal communications between team members.

[2005-08-29] Are Blog Trackbacks Conversations?
Steve Rubel's post in which he explains his reason for rejecting a trackback from Jeremy Pepper has produced a blizzard of comments-26, along with three trackbacks, at last count.

[2005-08-29] Men Like Media…A Lot
Forrester Research just released a study about media habits of men versus women. The numbers are pretty solid that men tend to suck up just about all media more than women. Together, men and women average about 46 hours a week immersed in media but men have the lead.

[2005-08-25] Playboy Magazine Doin’ The Digital Thang
Legendary men's magazine Playboy announced on Wednesday they would be publishing an online edition of their magazine in addition to their current printed edition.

[2005-08-25] PR Pros as Eyes and Ears for Customer Service
BusinessWeek covers the whole Dell v. Jarvis saga with a full blow-by-blow account. However, more importantly ...

[2005-08-25] Sony and Disney Getting Into MMORPG
What's the hottest new MMORPG? Could be Lineage II? Guild Wars? The World of Warcraft? Yes? No? ToonTown you say? From Sony and Disney. Wow. This could be something keen. It's family friendly AND it's only $20. I may need to check this out.

[2005-08-19] Flackbusting: PR Gits Stalking Journalists
An interesting thing happened on the way to the blog. It seems there was a TV producer got an delightful story pitch through their email from a publicist. The producer promptly reviewed the dispatch and deleted it. Some ten minutes later, the publicist called the producer and interrogated the producer as to why he deleted the email after only two seconds.

[2005-08-16] The Business End of Search Engine Marketing
In 1995, just having a Web site was cool, but promoting it was simply unheard of. Back then, Google was just an infinitely large number used by geeks and mathematicians to determine the probability of getting a date with Pamela Anderson.

[2005-08-15] Teaming Up For More Than $7 Billion in SE Marketing
New Orleans, LA - Approximately $7 billion* in annual spending is expected for the search engine (SE) marketing industry by 2007. And members at Content Desk, an Internet content syndication center and a source of high-quality, targeted content for webmasters, are excited to be a team of go-getters and share in the bounty.

[2005-08-15] Bugaboos of Article Marketing in Web Content Management Systems (CMS)
One of the most common blunders by those using article marketing to distribute free reprint articles is to include periods after domain names at the end of sentences.

[2005-08-13] Behaviors of the Blogosphere - Controversy Continues
Nick Denton has responded to criticism of the critique by Jason Calacanis of the Behaviors of the Blogosphere Study in an article at CickZ where he's quoted as saying...

[2005-08-13] Slamming a Client Via Blog
I do a lot of work for Lawrence Ragan Communications. And when I say a lot, I mean, well, a lot.

[2005-08-11] Effective Ad Copy Is The Core Of Successful Internet Marketing
All marketing boils down to communication whether it is traditional or not. Advertising is meant to convey to potential customers some benefit for choosing a company product or service.

[2005-08-11] Article Marketing Fox in the Competitor Hen House - Or Chicken Little?
I recently was asked by an author to remove a free content article from a client web site where we had posted it (with several others from different authors) to increase topical relevancy at a site that fit the article perfectly.

[2005-08-10] Effective Ad Copy is Critical
Communication is the key to successful marketing whether it is traditional or not. It is a simple case of expressing the benefits of company products or services through advertising and convincing potential clients the superiority of your services over your competitors.

[2005-08-10] David Berlind Calls Out PR
From his post on Ground Zero ... This is a good time to draw the public relations community into the discussion.

[2005-08-09] Do Marketers Really Need RSS?
The recent Forrester Research study, which claims that only 2% of online households in North America use RSS, took the internet marketing world by storm. Does this data really mean that marketers can still afford to ignore this channel?

[2005-08-09] Sales Effectiveness is Not Measured by Forecasts Alone
Your company has made a sizeable investment in the training, support, expenses, salaries and benefits of sales team members. You've also invested in a contact management or SFA application to track and forecast your sales cycle - but is the application actually making your sales team more effective?

[2005-08-09] Marketing Effectiveness is Not Measured by Response Rates Alone
Two things are certain.

[2005-08-08] Using The Online Press Release Link Building Strategy
If you market any type of product or service, your online marketing strategy should include the distribution of online press releases. They are fairly easy to write and can potentially get you lot's of media publicity which, in most cases, will increase your sales revenue.

[2005-08-08] Outsourcing Marketing
If your business has limited marketing resources in terms of people, expertise and materials then you might want to consider outsourcing your marketing functions to an independent marketing professional or a marketing and promotions agency. Small businesses, downsized companies, and expanding corporations all have different reasons to outsource.

[2005-08-05] Don't Measure Blog Readership, Measure Influence
With their usual flair, The Boston Herald declares "Americans aren't all agog for blogs." ...

[2005-08-04] Buzz Marketing: Marketing to Non-marketable Customer
Buzz marketing, also known as ‘word-of-mouth marketing' ‘guerilla marketing' or ‘stealth marketing' is an art of human kind to involve the trendsetters in any community to carry the brand's message, thus creating an interest in, and a demand for, the brand with no overt advertising.

[2005-08-04] Choosing a Newswire Service to Distribute Optimized Press Releases
Press releases have traditionally been associated with public relations. Over the past ten years there have been major changes in the field brought about by the development of the web.

[2005-08-04] Achieving ROI Efficiencies Online Through Brand-Direct Relationships
To most people, brand advertising and direct marketing are two wholly separate, if not antithetical, practices. One is for generating awareness and making emotional connections. The other is meant to elicit a specific response. But until recently, the two initiatives had never been thought of as working together at the same time.

[2005-08-04] Silver Surfers: Successful Online Marketing to Seniors
If you are marketing to an older audience, don't discount the value of a website. People over 50 account for more than 50% of discretionary spending in the United States, and they are going online to buy.

[2005-08-03] Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Still Profitable?
Until fairly recently, I used to find it real easy to make a healthy profit from pay-per-click advertising. In fact, I never even considered any other form of advertising. It was so easy just to knock-up a simple ad, add funds to my account with a popular pay-per-click search engine, choose a bundle of popular related keywords and then sit back and wait for the sales to come in!

[2005-08-03] Website Conversion: Meet Your New Sales Rep
Website conversion is a methodology designed to improve your website visitors' experiences on your website and, in so doing, generate desired results for your company.

[2005-08-01] Short Term Vs Long Term Marketing
In order to create consistent sales cycles and a positive growth trend businesses usually engage in both short and long term marketing efforts.


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