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[2005-07-29] Google Snatching Real Estate Business From Newspapers
Two new real estate reports were released Wednesday by Classified Intelligence and Borrell Associates. Word is that Google is trying to lure real estate ad money to Adwords, and away from classifieds.

[2005-07-29] Email Marketing - The Not-So-Free Offers in Your Inbox
All the fake "free" email offers slipping through my junkmail filter are starting to test my patience. Not because they slip through, but because the emails themselves just beg not to be taken seriously. When will the senders recognize the universal truth: If you're going to use the word free, for heaven's sake mean what you say.

[2005-07-28] What is Mobile Marketing?
Mobile Marketing is the use of the mobile medium as a communications and entertainment channel between a brand and an end-user.

[2005-07-28] The Press Release Meme
The "press release is dead" meme just won't go away. Every time you turn around, somebody is proclaiming that blogs will replace press releases.

[2005-07-27] Create Your Own Online Marketing “TV” Station
It will happen! TV and the Internet will eventually merge into one giant multi-media "melting pot" that includes everything from live footage and old reruns to garage videos posted by your next door neighbor's kid. Just like cable TV fractured network TV, the Internet will enable everyone with a voice, a video camera, and something to say to fracture cable TV even more.

[2005-07-27] DreamWorks, McDonald’s, Promoting Shrek 3
The animation studio will participate in a two-year marketing campaign with the globally-known Big Mac maker.

[2005-07-26] The 7-Step RSS Marketing Plan
If you're wondering how to get started with RSS marketing, here's a basic 7-step plan that should provide some needed guidance.

[2005-07-26] Guerrilla Marketing in Action
Guerrilla Marketing is using time, energy and imagination to market a product, business or person without spending massive amounts of hard earned profit dollars. It also has been defined as non- traditional marketing, something unusual, unexpected and designed to be noticed. Of course all marketing is designed to be notice. Its just that some isn't, believe it or not.

[2005-07-26] Have You Got Too Many Web Sites?
Too many websites are nearly always a bad idea. Getting your customer to remember one web address is more than enough of a challenge.

[2005-07-26] Email Marketing - A Call to Action is a Call
Successful email marketing campaigns are a result of calls to action that get results. What results are expected from an email marketing campaign? Usually they are either a click to a web site or a phone call to a 1-800 or 800 number.

[2005-07-22] New Buzz Planned For Buzz Report
Umbria Communications will update its Buzz Report product next week with additional features.

[2005-07-21] Youth Get Keys To Driving Mobile Market
A research firm waves the "skew younger" flag for marketers everywhere; what might follow "Blair Witch" and "Cry Wolf."

[2005-07-20] Call For PR Email Blacklist Should Be A Wake-Up Call
On his blog, Yahoo's Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo asks for an email blacklist of tech-oriented PR agencies.

[2005-07-16] David Weinberger: Public Relations Is Transforming Into Public Relationships
When thinking about the future of PR in this increasingly hyperlinked world look not just at the tools for the answers, but to your people.

[2005-07-15] SEO Sales and Services - Consulting Cuts Complexity
Over the past two years, both the business and practice of search engine marketing have become much more complex. The same is true of the websites search engine marketers work with. The evolving design techniques and technologies that have made the website of today far more versatile than those of previous years, have also made them harder to work with for third party service vendors such as SEOs.

[2005-07-14] Web Technology in Marketing: Friend or Foe?
Every independent professional should have a web site, an ezine, and an email marketing strategy, right? If you're not taking maximum advantage of web technology to market your professional services, you are behind the times, and missing out on huge opportunities. At least that's what most marketing experts would have you believe. But how valid is this advice? And is it for everyone?

[2005-07-14] Email Laws That Could Bring You to Jail Even if You're Not Spamming
First things first, I'm not a legal expert and so this article DOES NOT represent any legal or professional information and nor can I guarantee its accuracy. I only wrote this article to introduce you to these email laws that might affect us, email marketers.

[2005-07-14] Un-Sexy Marketing
Look at some of your favorite marketing sites... those you've bookmarked because the writer of the ad promised to teach you how to become successful.

[2005-07-13] Russell Gets PR Bloggers
Another one, not Beattie. On his co-blog today, Russell Buckley summarized the whole Blogger Fight between Beattie and Rubel with this ...

[2005-07-13] DVD Controversy: Blu-Ray Survey
A survey sponsored by the Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA) found that, SURPRISE, people like Blu-Ray technology better. Imagine everyone's shock when BDA's survey said that 4 times as many people said they liked Blu-Ray better when the survey BDA sponsored explained the differences to them.

[2005-07-12] How to Connect Features and Values
How do you make the intangible real? How do you take an idea or concept, something that can't be seen or touched, and convey its essence to others, quickly and easily?

[2005-07-12] Booty Call Pours Hot Coffee On Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas continues to catch a lot of heat over the booty call the hero pays to his ol' lady in the game. Normally, users get to hear the action, with the mod causing all the trouble; users get to see the soft-core action. That's what's got Rockstar Games in the middle of this hot coffee controversy.

[2005-07-11] GT & A: Grand Theft Porno or Just Hot Coffee
The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series of computer games thrives on controversy and they've got themselves a stolen car full this time. Rockstar Games, the game's manufacturer may have more on their plate than they can handle.

[2005-07-11] When AdSense Makes No Sense
Google's AdSense program is a proven money-maker that has enriched the pockets of many website owners.

[2005-07-10] What's in a Blog Name?
Frances Flynn Thorsen is asking a good question - what's in a blog name? She's noting that BusinessWeek's new real estate blog ...

[2005-07-09] GTA San Andreas: On the Fault?
The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas may be a phat game but parents groups are even more enraged with a recent discovery made by some game players and that is the apparent presence of graphic, animated sex in the game.

[2005-07-09] Russell Beattie Complains About PR Pros
Russell Beattie laments that he's getting inundated with inbound from PR professionals. Russ, I love ya, really. But tough noogies.

[2005-07-08] Poor July Adsense Earnings
I'm interested to see today that there are a number of threads at Webmaster World's forums that seem to be reporting poor earnings by Adsense publishers over the past few days.

[2005-07-07] Intel Helps Morgan Freeman Sell Movies Online
Computer giant Intel and Revelations Entertainment, co-owned by Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman and producer Lori McCreary announced the creation of ClickStar, a company designed to offer premium movies directly to the Internet, including original content and first run products.

[2005-07-07] Marvel Madness Mulls Fantastic Four
The Fantastic Four (FF) hits theatres this weekend and Marvel's hoping for another blockbuster akin to the X-Men and Spiderman franchises. Marvel's had other properties in recent years, namely, Elektra, Daredevil, Punisher and the Hulk but those haven't faired nearly as well as the X-Men and Spiderman flicks and their sequels have done.

[2005-07-06] Syndicating Your Blog in Offline Media
A journalist yesterday asked me if anyone had ever asked to syndicate any of my blogs in any other form of media (newspapers or magazines). I answered that I've had a few requests from online media outlets to syndicate some of what I write (which I have allowed in some cases and disallowed in others).

[2005-07-06] Identity Theft on the Rise - Scarier than Click Fraud
Many search industry observers see click fraud as the number one threat to the growth of the Internet economy. An even greater threat has emerged one that not only places the entire infrastructure of the Internet at risk, it also threatens non-Net users.

[2005-07-06] Carnival of the Capitalists at
This week sees a software touch for the travelling business show, recognized by one and all as Carnival of the Capitalists makes a visit to the

[2005-07-06] Need Traffic For Your Site? Try Comet Busting
NASA set a new record not with the slamming a coffee table into a comet but with 80 million people trying to get pictures of it. 8 p.m. EDT on Sunday evening began a 24-hour period in which the NASA site got pounded with 80 million viewers. The "rubberneckers" spent Monday morning watching the Deep Impact try to slam dance with the comet.

[2005-07-05] Magnetic Marketing: Getting Clients to Come to You!
Are you tired of confusing marketing advice and promotional strategies that never live up to your expectations? Whether you are just starting out or a grizzled veteran, the balancing act of doing your work and finding the time to marketing your services can be a daunting chore!

[2005-07-05] Interview with Ashley Norris - Shiny Media
As I mentioned in my ‘I'm home' post - I was fortunately to catch up with two talented ProBloggers whilst I was in London - Ashley Norris and Katie Lee from Shiny Media.

[2005-07-05] Balancing Blogs' Credibility
In yesterday's "For Immediate Release," I noted that Joseph Edward Duncan had maintained a blog. Duncan, in case you're not following the story, was found in a Coeur d'Alene, Idaho restaurant with a young girl who, along with her brother, had been missing for about six weeks following the disocvery of the bludgeoned bodies ofher mother, her mother's boyfriend, and an older brother.

[2005-07-05] Surprise: GM Extends Discount Program
The world's largest automaker said they would extend their "Employee Discount Program For Everyone" plan for another month until August 1. Chrysler has already started their plan which started on July 1st and Ford also announced today the Ford "Family Plan" offering incentives and discounts.

[2005-07-03] Steve Rubel's First Podcast
Sunday morning is a great time to listen to podcasts, new discoveries as well as a favourite or two as I sip my cuppa ...

[2005-07-01] Consumer Impact on Advertising Grows
Consumer impact and influence is growing. The New York Times details how consumers are interacting with advertising campaigns and influencing their outcome.

[2005-07-01] To Podcast or Not to Podcast, That is the Question
Howard N. Karesh, Vice President, Ketchum Midwest Corporate Practice, has written a blog post outlining four reasons to have a corporate podcast and three not to.


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