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[2005-05-31] Marketing Rapport - 3 Tips!
Establishing & maintaining rapport with your online audience is perhaps the single most important ingredient in marketing online. Actually in marketing period, but even more so online because of the lack of personal contact. Rapport is at the core of selling, always has been, always will be.

[2005-05-31] RSS Works: Hard Metrics to Prove It
Marketers are constantly asking if RSS marketing works and if this can be proved.

[2005-05-31] Linking Features & Benefits
I'm sure that you've had those Eureka! moments, too. When a piece of information suddenly helped you see or understand something that hadn't been apparent before.

[2005-05-27] How To Measure Search Engine Marketing ROI
According to the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), advertisers spent $4 billion in 2004 on search marketing programs and are expected to spend 39% more than that this year.

[2005-05-25] Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox360, Nintendo Revolution Available Release Dates
Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all let a lot of information fly at the E3 with regard to their new gaming consoles. The specs of these systems are awesome. They've got WiFi and wireless and downloadable systems, massive multiplayer options inside the home or over the network. The visual capabilities will be stunning with the HD graphics capability hooked up to a new Samsung HDTV designed for the gaming experience.

[2005-05-25] Velocity of Lead Follow-Up Is Critical To Winning the Complex Sale
Many things with lead generation seem easier than they are. Take sales lead follow-up for example, research shows that sales people do not fully pursue around 70% of leads generated by marketing.

[2005-05-24] House of Representatives Bans Spyware
Two bills pass the House with overwhelming majorities, and will severely penalize spyware makers.

[2005-05-24] Increase Your Response With Multi-step Marketing
"There is only one way to judge the effectiveness of a marketing piece, and that is by the number of responses you get." - Heidi Richards -

[2005-05-21] Skype Blogs To Create Community
Skype has started a blog - and it looks very good indeed. This could be a great example of how a blog can play a key role in building and cementing positive relationships with customers.

[2005-05-20] Blogging The IABC Conference
Incoming IABC Chair Warren Bickford has issued a call to action for communicators attending IABC's annual international conference in Washington, DC, next month ...

[2005-05-20] Balancing Blogging and PR
At the Syndicate Conference, I had a couple great conversations with two people from PubSub's newest PR firm, PAN Communications, who just won the business a month ago.

[2005-05-20] Three Brand Identity Myths That Will Bring Your Business Down
To begin, let's define "Brand Identity," which is the combination of consistent visual elements that are used in your marketing materials. A basic Brand Identity Kit consists of a logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope. It can be extended to include a website, brochure, folder, flyer, or any other professionally designed pieces.

[2005-05-20] How Corporate Blogging Started At Microsoft
In A Brief History of Corporate Blogging at Microsoft Korby Parnell tells his story about how corporate blogging started at MS...

[2005-05-19] H&K Urges PR Pros to Get Blogging
Hill and Knowlton, one of the biggest PR agencies in the world, has published blogging guidelines and is urging employees to get with it.

[2005-05-19] For Web Marketers, "Call To Action" Must Be Read
It's a sign of the times. Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg's new book, Call to Action, is showing at #40 on Amazon under "books," and rising.

[2005-05-17] Offers Members Blogs
This is cool! is now offering blogs to paid members of The Official Star Wars Fan Club ...

[2005-05-16] The 2 Step Lead Generation Machine
Cold calling doesn't work, it's no fun and often you end up with leads, or worse yet, clients, that don't really value what you do.

[2005-05-14] IBM Creating an Army of Evangelists
Silicon Valley Watcher: Early next week IBM will introduce the largest ever corporate blogging initiative in a bid to encourage any of its 130,000 staff to become online evangelists for the company.

[2005-05-14] Valuable Blog Survey Results From Germany
In Germany the CRM agency Proximity has asked 2,700 internet users about weblogs. And the results are both interesting and valuable ...

[2005-05-12] 2 Megapixels of Phone Fun From Samsung and Sprint
Sprint and Samsung announced a new breakthrough for the camera/phone market today so now when Little Richard shows up at your local bowling alley and complains about the attire, you can get the image in 2 megapixels of detail and hand 4"x6"s to your friends.

[2005-05-12] Feedster Introduces RSS Advertising
RSS search engine Feedster has announced they are introducing RSS advertising so those who are interested can generate revenue from their blog feed.

[2005-05-12] Giveaways
I was recently interviewed for publication on the subject of giveaways... it was an interesting discussion so I thought I'd reproduce my responses here... There are 3 basic giveaway strategies that I can see: short-term promotion, long-term product and industry shake-up.

[2005-05-12] The GTD Word of Blog Success Story
Lately I have been feeling out of sync with everything I want to get done - oh, you know, in life.

[2005-05-11] Blog Talk: Conversation Does NOT Need Comments
I see blogs as tools for conversation and personality in enterprise communications. On an abstract level of discussion most bloggers probably agree...

[2005-05-11] Adsense Earnings Per Click Changes
There seems to be an increase in the frequency of postings in Adsense forums from publishers noting that their earnings have slipped in the past few days. Of particular note is that a number of publishers are reporting drops in their ‘per click' earnings (to get this figure divide your total earnings for a day by the amount of clicks for that day).

[2005-05-11] The Power of Customer Evangelist Marketing
In the minute that has elapsed since I sat down to write this column, PubSub reports that the blogosphere grew by nearly 1,000 new posts. And that's just on a Sunday.

[2005-05-11] Wildcat Icahn Latches Onto Blockbuster Board
Corporate raider Carl Icahn and his two associates won seats on the Blockbuster board today after a heated battle with CEO John Antioco. The battle had been raging for weeks after Icahn bought up significant share in the video rental company to make him the lead stockholder.

[2005-05-10] GE Taps Into Ecomagination
Global corporate giant General Electric (GE) took the environmental initiative on Monday at George Washington University (GWU). GE president Jeff Immelt announced the ecomagination initiative. GE wants to aggressively bring to market new technologies that will help customers meet pressing environmental challenges.

[2005-05-09] New AdWords Policy Affects Content Publishers
A new AdWords policy enacted by Google could have long-ranging, perhaps negative affects on content providers and publishers, blogger or otherwise.

[2005-05-09] Once Known As A Blog...
I've been saying this for a while too -- the word "blog" will become obsolete. For business purposes we will not need it in the future. But we sure need all the features of the blog.

[2005-05-09] Display Ads Increase Relevant Searches
A recent Yahoo study has discovered companies using the display ad method of online advertising can garner search engine presence improvements because of increased recognition caused by using these ads.

[2005-05-09] Offers Users Negative Site List
Recently, Google announced changes to their AdWords policy that will give advertisers more control over what sites display their ads.

[2005-05-08] The Blog Anti Hype
Wait a second, is Nick Denton trying to mine a new vein of anti-blog-hype? Here, listen in...

[2005-05-08] Robert Scoble More Famous Than Steve Ballmer?
Very interesting. On Google I'm the #1 "robert." But on MSN, I'm #43. On Yahoo I'm #7.

[2005-05-07] AO, Technorati Team Up on Open Media 100
The Open Media Revolution is upon us and the folks at AO and Technorati are teaming up to recognize the top 100 ...

[2005-05-06] Blogs Now Part of the Marketing Strategy
If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the changing field of communication your blog exists in ...

[2005-05-06] Context For Your Blog
If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the changing field of communication your blog exists in, take a look at the presentations from WOMMA Summit 2005. The focus is obviously word-of-mouth marketing, and blogs are just one tool from that perspective. But many of the speakers did talk about blogs as part of their strategies.

[2005-05-06] Stay in Touch with Leads and Get More Closes
How many leads have come into your business since the beginning of time that never closed? That is a salient question. Who knows how many, but I bet there are a lot.

[2005-05-06] Mailing Lists – Keeping it Simple
The right direct mailing list targets people who want your product or service.

[2005-05-05] Blog Advice: Target Should Find, Listen, Engage and Empower
Robert Scoble is meeting with the Target Corporation this morning and is asking the blogosphere for advice for the retail giant.

[2005-05-04] Tech Journalists Getting Fed Up With NDAs and Embargos
I read Molly Wood's Inside tech journalism: the NDA game with great interest for two reasons.

[2005-05-04] Blog Talk: News Embargoes Are More Important Than Ever
Yahoo corporate blogger Jeremy Zawodny wonders if media embargoes are overused, thanks in part, to the role of corporate blogs...

[2005-05-03] Integrating Blogs With PR And Marketing
First there was Business Week featuring Steve Rubel in their cover story on blogs last week, complete with full-page photo.

[2005-05-03] Content Blogs Versus Syndicate Blogs?
Scrivs takes a look at whether its best to write an original content blog or a syndicated (linking to others articles) blog. It is a good question that is well worth thinking through for each of your blogs.

[2005-05-02] Microsoft Using Bloggers To Build Longhorn Buzz
I've been asked to restart "Team 99." What was that? Well, Longhorn got its name from the bar that's between Whistler and Blackcomb up in British Columbia.

[2005-05-01] Hanging out with the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Crew
A couple months ago, the fabulously popular Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Phoenix. And, I had the luxury and luck to be able to get a full pass on the set, roam around wherever I wanted to go.


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