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[2005-04-29] Email Marketing ROI Alive And Kicking
MarketingVox points to a story from eMarketer which cites data about email marketing and the return on investment associated with it. eMarketer said 63% of the respondants to their survey use email marketing to retain customers and increase loyalty.

[2005-04-29] Will Paris' Podcast Have Character?
I've heard this already described as a 'character blog': Podcasting is hot. But it just got hotter. Paris Hilton invites you to join her on "The Paris Hilton Podcast -- Countdown to House of Wax," beginning on April 29.

[2005-04-28] Top Brands On The Net
BBC News: "eBay is the top brand name on the net, according to calculations by net monitoring company Envisional.

[2005-04-28] Yahoo Search Marketing Kicks Off Think Big Contest
Yahoo! Search Marketing, formerly Overture Services, announced the launch of its "Think Big" contest, which will award one small business with 10 million free ad impressions across the Yahoo! network.

[2005-04-28] PR Agencies Become Blog Amplifiers
Apparently David Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati, said yesterday that corporate employees should not only be able to blog but that they should be autonomous and not subject to PR agency screening.

[2005-04-28] Apple PR, Catch a Tiger by the Head...
Tiger, the title of Apple's latest OS, officially hits store shelves tomorrow, which means today the gates swing open for all the major media outlets ...

[2005-04-28] Wal-Mart, Starbucks and the iPod Opportunity
In October of last year, I mentioned Starbucks' new in-store offering that allows you to make your own custom music CDs.

[2005-04-27] RSS Keeps On Trucking
DM News, the online news site for direct marketers, reports that RSS lets companies with smaller advertising and marketing budgets ...

[2005-04-27] 'Social' Goes Hand In Hand With 'Network'
This morning, I was looking at some of the photos uploaded to Flickr by many of the 257 people who participated in Les Blogs.

[2005-04-26] PR, Advertising Proves Information Technology's Historical Shortcomings
One of the advantages of beeing at a conference is the sudden meeting, a short discussion with someone, and - voila - you got yourself a new perspective.

[2005-04-26] Chatting With Konstantin Guericke CoFounder of LinkedIn
While at the Kelsey Group conference I got to chat it up a bit with Konstantin Guericke, the VP of Marketing and CoFounder of LinkedIn. We had a good conversation, but like all conversations at a conference, it went by way too fast.

[2005-04-25] Google to Let Advertisers Target Sites
Google is beta testing a new feature for AdWords that will allow advertisers to choose which sites their ads will appear on - Site-Targeted Ads.

[2005-04-25] Google Adopts CPM for Content
In the coming weeks, Google will be rolling out a significant change to the content targeting side of its AdWords program. These changes do not affect "search" ads on Google and other search network partners.

[2005-04-24] Target Is Looking For a PR Blogger!
While I straddle the fence on blogging - is it the end-all be-all, is it just a communications tool to be used (and sometimes abused), has it ...

[2005-04-24] Tech Journalist Rafe Opens Up His Columns
Tech journalist Rafe Needleman (he writes for Release 1.0 and CNET) is using his blog to open up the research he is conducting for future columns.

[2005-04-22] Telling The Business World About Blogs
Now it's getting completely mainstream. Business Week's cover story in the 2 May edition is all about blogs. You can't miss this one - just look at that cover!

[2005-04-22] PR Gets Some Good Press
In a turnaround from its recent stories on public relations, the New York Times takes a look at how Wendy's has been handling its crisis.

[2005-04-22] Major League Blogging
Om Malik reports that Six Apart might have snagged a deal with Major League Baseball to launch weblogs.

[2005-04-21] How Click Fraud Impacts Honest Publishers
Click Fraud is a growing problem for Adsense and other Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programs. The challenge that Google has with Adsense and click fraud is that they're at risk of it happening from a number of angles.

[2005-04-21] Lawyers Take Control Of Macromedia Blogs
The news that Adobe is to aquire Macromedia is affecting, profoundly, Macromedia bloggers.

[2005-04-21] Cluelesstrain: PR Blogging Practices
The Cluelesstrain has had a long run in the past five years. First, the train had to pull into the Online Practice in 1999.

[2005-04-21] BusinessWeek Gives Blogs the Cover Treatment
Whew, relief. I have been dying to talk about this for months. BusinessWeek this week has a cover story on blogs.

[2005-04-21] BusinessWeek Just Gets It... Cover Story On Blogging
BusinessWeek dives deep into the blogosphere with its May 2nd cover story on blogging ...

[2005-04-20] Shel and Neville: Leading a Broadcasting Revolution
New Scientist: "Twice a week, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson co-host an internet radio talk show. No big deal. What is a big deal is that Holtz lives in California while Hobson lives in the Netherlands.

[2005-04-20] GM Blog Stays On Track
Yesterday, General Motors announced its financial results for the first quarter this year, reporting a net loss of $839 million compared to a net profit of $1.2 billion for the same period last year.

[2005-04-20] Kick-starting a Broadcasting Revolution
New Scientist: Twice a week, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson co-host an internet radio talk show. No big deal. What is a big deal is that Holtz lives in California while Hobson lives in the Netherlands. And neither has access to a radio studio. Yet with a couple of PCs, a broadband connection and a fashionable piece of free software, they can bridge the Atlantic and broadcast to the world.

[2005-04-20] Yahoo! 360 Team Start Blog
The Yahoo! 360 team has a blog, hosted on Yahoo! 360 of course. Good move. I forsee more Y! team blogs.

[2005-04-19] Marketing Is Hearing What Your Customers Say
Good marketing means careful listening. Great listeners, who hear what their customers say, make more sales. All too often we hear sales and marketing professionals talking about giving the perfect sales presentation.

[2005-04-19] Are Character Blogs Worthwhile?
Are character blogs - a topic that's producing lots of discussion at the moment - worthwhile or not...

[2005-04-19] Is Tagvertising Toast?
Kevin Ryan says tagvertising is bunk... "But to my mind tagvertising has about as much chance of providing value to the searching public or advertisers as I do of becoming the next Pope".

[2005-04-19] Yahoo Completes the Overture
Yahoo Inc. completed the process begun in 2003 with the purchase of Overture Services Inc. by bringing them into the brand and calling them Yahoo Search Marketing for the U.S. market. Yahoo will extend the renaming to everywhere except Japan and Korea and the Overture name will stand there.

[2005-04-19] Open Source Marketing Goes ‘Outside In’
Traditional marketing has been built around the idea of creating a central set of messages and sending them out into the marketplace.

[2005-04-19] Brian Williams, Katie Couric to Blog?
NBC may launch blogs for its top news anchors and celebrity interviewers as it seeks to maintain the appeal of U.S. network news among active online users, President Jeff Zucker said today.

[2005-04-19] Blogs in the Communications Mix
Recently, I wrote that it was all about content, and that no matter how great the content is, unless it is being pushed out in a way for people to read, it's not going to matter.

[2005-04-18] It's not a blog but the BBC News editor's site is a good read
I wrote a critical commentary earlier last month about the BBC News website and how its editor, Peter Clifton, had started writing commentaries that "look back at the week in the newsroom - and tackle some of your questions."

[2005-04-18] Will Blogs Replace Press Releases?
Scott Baradell cites an Economist article in which Bruce Lowry of Novell foresees blogs "completely replacing press releases within 10 years." The argument goes like this: The Net has promoted transparency.

[2005-04-14] Blogger Uncovers Facts About LA Times Reporting On GM
Blogs come into play more than once in the story of General Motors' decision to yank advertising from the Los Angeles Times.

[2005-04-13] Tagvertising = Blogging 2.0?
The following is also my April column for iMedia Connection... Tagvertising = Blogging 2.0... Already? As you read this, millions of individuals are working under their own volition to create a new Dewey Decimal System for the internet.

[2005-04-12] Is RSS Not The Next Big Thing?
Editor's Note: In today's article, Steve takes a look whether or not RSS feeds are ever going to be a part of mainstream, much the way blogging has become. For those who aren't aware, RSS is a method in which bloggers and other webmasters can syndicate their content for others to enjoy.

[2005-04-12] PR Talk: Media References, Are They Really Needed?
There are only two things in this world that annoy me and one is a prospective client asking for my media references.

[2005-04-12] PR Face2Face: Jeffrey Sharlach
PR Face2Face is a special series of interviews with the top public relations and publicity professionals in the country, as well as with people involved in the public relations world.

[2005-04-11] Microsoft To Unveil Xbox 2 (360?) On MTV
Today, Microsoft has announced a partnership with MTV to premiere the upcoming Xbox 2 (360?) on the MTV channels in the United States, Asia Pacific and Europe. The system will be showcased in these areas during a 24-hour period.

[2005-04-11] Mission statements and why do you blog
Mission statements. They are usually the feel good creations of endless committees and countless meetings. The wording is discussed and talked over innumerable times.

[2005-04-11] Why Search Marketing Will Continue Growth
An interesting article from the Washington Post takes a look at what makes Google such a success.

[2005-04-10] Bloggers Chance to Get on Oprah
A couple of weeks ago I wrote an open letter to Oprah Winfrey encouraging her to invite bloggers on her show.

[2005-04-07] goWholesale Provides DollarDays with Higher Conversion Rates and ROI
Vertical search engines such as goWholesale are delivering on the promise of generating higher quality traffic with a better ROI through Pay Per Click advertising.

[2005-04-07] Get Used To Fake Blogs
Every time some ad agency launches a fake blog, outcries ring from the "legitimate" blogging community. "Here Comes Another Fake Blog" is the headline on Steve Rubel's Micropersuasion today, referring to a blog from the company GourmetStation, written by fictitious character T. Alexander.

[2005-04-07] Measuring Blog Importance & Influence
Sigh, each new PR opportunity always seems to bring us back to one of our biggest problems-measurement.

[2005-04-07] Real Organization Transparency
Companies everywhere talk a lot about how important their employees are and the contribution they make to overall success. But most companies don't do this with the public openness and transparency demonstrated by CMS Cameron McKenna, an international law firm headquartered in London.

[2005-04-04] Time To Discuss Blogs With Ad Agencies
Robert Scoble argues over at The Red Couch that you never should let your ad agency write your blog. I agreee - their expertise has nothing to do with blogs. In fact, advertising is in many ways something opposite to blogs.

[2005-04-04] Podcasting Popularity Continues To Increase
Of the 22 million Americans who own MP3 players, including Apple's iPod, about 29 percent have downloaded the audio files that make up a podcast.

[2005-04-01] Blogs and Trust
Lee Hopkins raised an old question in a new context in yesterday's installment of For Immediate Release.


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