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[2005-03-30] Word of Mouth Marketing Relies on Reputation Not Branding
Todd over at the A Penny For Blog, shares some great insights on word of mouth marketing (WOM). Check it out.

[2005-03-29] Technorati Kicks Off
Technorati is quickly approaching a major milestone: one billion links tracked! To celebrate this accomplishment ...

[2005-03-29] Outgoing Links Reveal Internal Blog
One of the major sports brands will use blogs as a part of their event strategy for World Cup 2006 .

[2005-03-28] When A Company Can Do No Right
Normally, Jim Hill's predicament wouldn't raise an eyebrow. But since his adversary is The Walt Disney Company-a business hamstrung by years of negative publicity...

[2005-03-28] One In Seven Affiliates Generates High Conversions
Mediapost report on a survey undertaken by Shawn Collins. Naturally, there is no link on the Mediapost article ...

[2005-03-26] A Conversation with Steve Rubel, Micro Persuasion
Steve is Vice President Client Solutions at CooperKatz, a New York PR firm, and author of the Micro Persuasion blog. He is arguably the most prominent and influential blogger in the PR profession either side of the Atlantic.

[2005-03-25] Its a Fun Time to be in PR
For all the headaches and challenges that blogging represents, it has at the same time brought a new level of enthusiasm and interest in the corporate communications process that's unlike anything I personally have ever seen before.

[2005-03-25] Location Still Matters With Internet PR
An article today reminded me that your location is still very important in getting press coverage.

[2005-03-24] Dear Oprah, Invite Bloggers on Your Program
Many people say that you're not really an influencer until you've been on the Oprah Winfrey show.

[2005-03-24] Microsoft Blogger Scoble Has Fans In Siberia
Wharton's Managing Technology: Blogs, Everyone? Weblogs Are Here to Stay, but Where Are They Headed...

[2005-03-23] Newspapers Buy
Rich Skrenta reports that 75% of his has been sold to three newspaper groups. Topix has been a hot property for some time, and news of the deal whilst surprising, makes an awful lot of sense, particulary from the point of view of a very scared newspaper industry...

[2005-03-23] The Tipping Point For IABC
After weeks of leadership silence as IABC members and others conduct an open and, at times, volatile ...

[2005-03-21] Blogs Force PR Pros to Put Their Journalist Hats On
There's a fascinating article on PR and blogging in today's Globe and Mail. In the piece, Richard Edelman comments extensively on how blogs ...

[2005-03-21] "We Are Pleased..." An Overused Press Release Expression
How sick are you of the press release expression "We are pleased.." It's been a staple of every press release quote since the PR classic "Man Discovers Fire, Unga Bunga" and even my personal favorite, "Meteor Kills Dinosaurs."

[2005-03-20] For Immediate Release
Today I had the pleasure of chatting with fellow PR bloggers Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz for their amazing PR podcast, called For Immediate Release.

[2005-03-18] Is CNN Paying Yahoo for RSS Subscribers?
As you can see from the image below, Yahoo and CNN are running small text links on My Yahoo! that encourage readers to add's main RSS feed to their personalized page.

[2005-03-16] New List of PR Blogs
If you want a comprehensive and up-to-date list of blogs authored by PR professionals - and want a one-stop place for all the RSS feeds ...

[2005-03-14] Seven Bloggers Named to Media 100 List
Seven bloggers have been named to The Media 100 (PDF) - Media Magazine's annual list ...

[2005-03-14] Users Removing Cookies causes Trouble for Marketers
Jupiter has a press release about a new study that finds that up to 39% of users may be deleting cookies on a monthly basis.

[2005-03-13] AOL's TOS Change Sparks PR Crisis
UPDATE: AOL PR is listening and they chime in via comments to this post. Click the link below to read their comments.

[2005-03-13] Paper Direct Mail is Not Dead
Jim Logan tells us why Paper Direct Mail is Not Dead. Jim and I talked a few weeks ago ...

[2005-03-13] AOL Says Rumors Related To New TOS Terms Are False
An AOL representive responded today to a Steve Rubel post criticizing new TOS terms via a comment in his Micro Persuasion blog.

[2005-03-10] Why Attention.xml Could Change PR Forever
Attention.xml is a new technology standard that's being proselytized by influencers like ...

[2005-03-09] Google's Communication Strategy - Wrong, wrong, wrong!
As i navigate around the blogosphere, and the Search forums i keep hearing the same thing: "Google is not part of the conversation".

[2005-03-08] Qualifying Corporate Elephants
The Indian fable about the blind men and the elephant gives good insights into the difficulties involved with qualifying large multi-location companies.

[2005-03-08] Putting Bloggers in a PR Headlock, Good Luck
Tom Foremski at Silicon Valley Watcher shares the first of a two-part series on how blogging throws a wrench in corporate communications.

[2005-03-08] Blogs on Nightline Tonight
Apparently Nightline on ABC is airing a program tonight on blogging. BL has more and Andy Carvin says that he might be featured.

[2005-03-07] White House Credentials First Blogger
Michelle Malkin: Garrett Graff - contributing editor for Washington media blog FishBowlDC - will make history as ...

[2005-03-07] Microsoft Office Marketing Is Stuck In The Prehistoric Era
Microsoft has launched a new offline/online campaign to encourage existing Office users to upgrade Office 2003. In the accompanying print ad in PC Magazine, Microsoft urges Office 97 users to "evolve" to Office 2003.

[2005-03-07] Satirist Calls Out My Teammate Over Client Blog
A satirist at MediaPost has penned a fake memo from my colleague, Meredith Topalanchik, to our client ...

[2005-03-07] Advertising Search Marketing Services
The wonderful image you see here is courtesy of Tim Bray and apart from being pretty funny, i wanted to post it in order to talk about how Search marketing services are advertised.

[2005-03-06] Reader Challenges Scoble to Give Up Blogs for Trade Mags
An interesting debate is taking place in comments to my last post on BurrellesLuce. David Scott Lewis said ...

[2005-03-04] Martha Stewart Talks?
She's baaaack ... It is interesting to witness Martha's post-prison strategy with the media. She is being selective on how she merchandises her prison stay, but clearly she is merchandising it.

[2005-03-04] BurrellesLuce Monitors a Mere 1000 Blogs
BurrellesLuce, a popular clipping service used by the PR industry, put out a press release this week ...

[2005-03-03] Harvard Business Review Calls Blogs a Breakthrough Idea for 2005
The February issue of Harvard Business Review, available only for sale online, lists the breakthrough ideas for 2005.

[2005-03-03] 2 Step Marketing
Do it Right. I receive postcards all the time. The other day I received a postcard trying to sell me a copy machine. It had tiny, tiny lettering slathered all over the front and a large portion of the back of the card.

[2005-03-03] Comprehensive Marketing Details Not Found in Beginner Books
If this is the first marketing article you are reading, go find some other more basic articles that I have written and then come back. This data is for the intermediate to advanced marketers.

[2005-03-03] Feds to Regulate Blogs?
Federal Election Commissioner Bradley Smith tells CNET that bloggers and news organizations could soon risk the wrath of the federal government if they improperly link to a campaign's Web site.

[2005-03-02] Search Marketers Clueless about Blogs
B.L. Ochman reporting on the interest in Blogs at Search Engine Strategies in New York City ...

[2005-03-02] Podvertising the Message
BusinessWeek blogs that as advertisers get more interested in podcasting, one way to get their brand messages in without polluting the medium would be to write and produce interesting radio plays that are entertaining so that podcastees don't mind the embedded message.

[2005-03-02] Connections Create Value From Content
"Show me the content!" asks Jol Cr in response to our announcement yesterday on the launch of Blogging Planet.

[2005-03-02] Link Policy and Building Traffic
I'm getting enough emails for reciprocal link exchanges that I thought I'd take a moment to write out my link policy here on my blog.

[2005-03-01] Businesses Blogging ... or Not
It's always great to me one paper will publish a "businesses are adopting blogs" article - this time ...


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