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[2005-02-28] Podcasting's Challenges
The Boston Globe takes a look at podcasting's challenges as a new emerging medium.

[2005-02-28] Blogger FUD
Jon Friedman at MarketWatch says bloggers frighten him... He says ... Now that bloggers have gained a measure of credibility ...

[2005-02-28] Search, Spelling and the Long Tail
A post at passing notes, threadlinked above, brings up the somewhat famous, and apparently, quite mythical Cambridge University study that showed, that provided the first and last letters of a word were correct, people can read it just fine.

[2005-02-25] Oscar Producer Blogs the Academy Awards
Academy Awards producer Gil Cates is blogging the Oscars on the official ABC Web site.

[2005-02-25] The Seven Habits of Effective Blog PR
Nick Wreden has a fantastic post on the seven habits of highly effective PR professionals who work with bloggers ...

[2005-02-24] Steve Rubel Speaks About Blogs and PR
Here's where you can catch me speaking about blogs and PR over the next few weeks ...

[2005-02-23] PR Blogosphere Tops 100
Exciting news from Constantin Basturea. The known universe of active PR bloggers has surpassed 100.

[2005-02-23] Bloggers as Enemy of the Third Estate
The BBC reports that with the abrupt resignation of CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan, the American media are struggling with how to respond to bloggers.

[2005-02-23] NY Times Editor: "We're Under Attack"
Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times, was the keynote speaker at Columbia University's Blue Pencil Dinner last Friday night.

[2005-02-23] AccuWeather's Faceless Blog
AccuWeather has a blog that I am not crazy about to say the least. Now I need to be careful about what I say about our friends at Accuweather ...

[2005-02-23] Direct Mail Ė Donít Assume, Just Test and Track
Where to Start: Most novice marketers have definite fixed ideas about direct mail that are way off base - most often in the area of what to spend and how much to do.

[2005-02-23] Scottie Claiborne on Informercials and Web Copy
This piece by Scottie Claiborne, her of the highrankings modship, comes via chris and, once you get past the intro, is pretty cool.

[2005-02-22] Blogger Jason Kotkke Turns Pro
Congrats to Jason Kottke, a popular blogger who today decided to make blogging his full-time gig.

[2005-02-22] Web Analytics Association Was Way Overdue
From the "what took them so long" department, leading makers of web analytics software have joined together to form the Web Analytics Association ...

[2005-02-22] Hitchiker's Guide to the Blog Universe
On Thursday of this week, I'll be one of four panelists speaking at a lunchtime meeting ...

[2005-02-21] Microsoft Press Releases via RSS
For the past couple of years, I've subscribed to the Microsoft PressPass email newsletter which lets me know on a regular basis the top stories published in the press area of Microsoft's website.

[2005-02-21] Northern Voice Posts On PR Wiki
Constantin Basturea has put together an excellent resources page on The New PR Wiki listing posts about the Northern Voice Canadian blogging conference that took place in Vancouver at the weekend.

[2005-02-21] Bigger Budgets For Marketers Who Measure Lead Generation Effectiveness
Peter DeLegge's article on has a great headline: Senior Execs Say Marketing Budgets Will Rise 20%, Jump 27% for Companies that Measure Effectiveness.

[2005-02-20] Good versus Bad Guerilla Marketing
I'm really into guerilla marketing. I think gorillas are cute, and Che Guvera always struck me as a fashionable type of guy.

[2005-02-20] Find, Listen, Engage and Empower
At CooperKatz, our new Micro Persuasion agency practice has four basic philosophies.

[2005-02-19] Friends, Romans, Googleans, Lend Us Your Ears
The tree-shaking that I started earlier this week (with a visible push from Dave Winer) over Google Toolbar's ...

[2005-02-18] Only Open Blogs Work
It was quite an eye opener to read this comment by Steve O'Keefe to Elizabeth Albrycht's post on Monday that kicked-off this week-long IAOC blog fest ...

[2005-02-18] Holy Podcasters
Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba - of the Church of the Customer blog and two of my favorite people - have started a podcast.

[2005-02-18] Is Apple losing its cool?
PSFK suggests that Apple's losing its cool. Interesting, I just had a conversation about this a few weeks ago.

[2005-02-18] Market Wire - The Plot Thickens ....
According to O'Dwyer Website today, Michael Shuler - formerly of Market Wire - has now shown up at eNR Services.

[2005-02-18] Generic Searches Lead to Online Purchases
A joint study by DoubleClick and comScore Networks suggests that many consumers conduct product-related searches weeks in advance of purchase and they prefer generic, non-branded, search terms.

[2005-02-17] Scoble's Law of Five
As usual, Scoble gives great advice on how to get a product noticed by bloggers - find five bloggers and mention their names in posts to play to their egos.

[2005-02-17] Potty Blog
Nothing proves the value of a corporate blog perhaps more than one dedicated to creating transparency for a toilet.

[2005-02-16] Audible to Get on the Podcasting Train
On its investor conference call tonight, Audible teased some big plans to empower members with social media tools.

[2005-02-16] Can Bloggers Be Sued for Libel?
Fellow PR blogger Jeremy Pepper interviewed David E. McCraw, Counsel for The New York Times Co., to offer some insight on bloggers' potential libel liability...

[2005-02-16] Accessibility Branding Strategy
Lately I've been thinking about css based layouts and how everyone and their brother are jumping on the css bandwagon.

[2005-02-15] How Not to Pitch a Blogger
One ancillary benefit I receive from writing this blog is that I every day I get a taste for how journalists have to contend with sometimes less-than-perfect PR pitches.

[2005-02-15] Blogs' Impact Still Unfolding
Several articles are showing us some of blogging's deeper business implications: Pete Blackshaw looks at the impact of push-button publishing ...

[2005-02-15] Blogging and RSS Make The Event
Ian Betteridge, Technovia: Demo is getting a vast amount of attention because [there] are a vast number of bloggers there, all pouring what must amount to thousands of words onto the Internet about it.

[2005-02-14] Serious Podcasting For Business
It's been interesting reading some of the reactions by business bloggers to General Motors' first experiment with podcasting last week.

[2005-02-14] Writing Marketing Copy That Sells
When your prospects see your marketing materials, your brochure, your web site or your ads you want them to read them.

[2005-02-12] PR Industry Trys To Adjust To Blogging
The New York Times today has a lengthy article on the many challenges the PR industry is facing. Blogging was cited as one...

[2005-02-11] Wiki repository of PR and related knowledge
I had the great pleasure of meeting Constantin Basturea at the New Communications Forum 2005 conference in California last month. Constantin writes PR Meets the WWW ...

[2005-02-11] Newspapers as RSS Aggregators
Reuters UK: An increasingly popular technology called RSS is changing the way consumers get their news online, spurring several newspapers to launch their own customized software in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve.

[2005-02-11] All About Podcasting
Podcasting, the practice of making downloadable broadcasts for the iPod (or other mp3 players), is growing in popularity.

[2005-02-11] Pay-Per-Click Costing More
BusinessWeek Online takes a look at the increasing cost of PPC and how some advertisers are becoming more targeted with their keyword buys...

[2005-02-11] Emerging Artists Turn to MP3 Blogs for Marketing
Independent musicians are looking to blogs as a powerful avenue for music promotion, reports.

[2005-02-11] How To Be A Cutting Edge Journalist
Microsoft Geek Blogger Robert Scoble spoke to some journalism students at San Jose State and had some interesting advice.

[2005-02-11] Blog Exposure Gets CNN News Exec Fired
An average guy named Rony who made a blog post at a Switzerland conference about a CNN executive who lied caused an eruption in the blogosphere which led to this news man's unemployment Friday.

[2005-02-10] All News Sites Will Become Aggregators
RSS pioneer Dave Winer comments on CNET's Newsburst ... Other news organizations should be thinking seriously about following suit, and upping the ante.

[2005-02-10] Podcasting Continues to Gather Momentum
FeedBurner today manages 1,750 podcasts via SmartCast. That is a significant increase from 750 at the end of 2004.

[2005-02-10] GM is Podcasting
More innovation from General Motors. This time they have launched a podcast on its Fastlane leadership blog.

[2005-02-09] Sales and Marketing Strategies for Era 3
How To Leverage Value To Win-And Keep-Profitable Customers.

[2005-02-09] Micro Persuasion Blog Name Becomes PR Brand
I am very pleased to announce that today I became an "intrapraneur." CooperKatz & Company, my employer, is launching a new practice that will carry the Micro Persuasion brand.

[2005-02-09] Fake Blogs Should Sponsor Real Blogs
My traffic logs tell me that fake blogs are top of mind in the review of SuperBowl marketing efforts. Our list currently includes Mazda, McD and Ogilvy's "get buzz quick" scheme.

[2005-02-09] Podcasting Gets Star Treatment in USA Today
USA Today ran two articles on podcasting today. One in the Money section focuses on podcasting as a disruptive force that will impact the media and technology industries.

[2005-02-09] PR Blogger Steve Rubel Podcast Interview
My buddies down under at the G'Day World podcast recently had the kindness to interview me about blogging, PR, CooperKatz and even doing the laundry.

[2005-02-09] MSNBC .com Launches "Blog This" Feature introduced a new feature called "Blog This" that is designed to help readers write blog posts related to specific news stories.

[2005-02-09] PR Blogger Jeremy Pepper Comments On Micro Persuasion Plan
Well known Arizona PR blogger Jeremy Pepper had some interesting musings on Steve Rubel's announcement today.

[2005-02-08] White Paper On Word Of Mouth Marketing
Highly recommended reading: The new womma whitepaper Word of Mouth 101 -- An Introduction to Word of Mouth Marketing (pdf).

[2005-02-08] How to Spread a Meme
Bud Gibson explains how to propagate a meme (definition) through Technorati and

[2005-02-08] GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad Controversy
No, this isn't an article about how bad the GoDaddy ad was ... because I saw nothing wrong with it or the one Fox and the NFL pulled.

[2005-02-07] McDonald's Fake Lincolnfry Blog
I'm not lovin' it. McDonald's sent up the whole "Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich was sold on e-Bay" saga in their Super Bowl ad called Lincolnfry.

[2005-02-07] Marketplace: Podcasting Is the Next Big Thing
Marketplace Radio interviewed me (Steve Rubel) recently about podcasting and podvertising ...

[2005-02-07] Ask Jeeves, Bloglines Story Broke By Blogs
MarketWatch has an interesting article by Frank Barnako on how blogs have changed the news business.

[2005-02-07] The Hobson and Holtz Report - Podcast #6
Welcome to our weekly podcast, a 46:41-minute conversation recorded live via Skype from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

[2005-02-06] Does the Press Work Weekends Anymore?
Have you noticed that lately when major industry news breaks over the weekend it gets a tremendous amount of buzz on blogs, but it doesn't hit the press with any gusto until Monday morning - even online ...

[2005-02-06] Firefox: Bigger Than AOL?
Firefox is the energizer bunny of web browsers. I just keeps going and going and going.

[2005-02-05] When Local TV Personalities Blog
Terry Heaton says that local television personalities and staffers are beginning to get serious in the blogosphere, and he thinks that's a good thing. I do too.

[2005-02-04] SMA-UK Faces Scrutiny
Think we don't report on the criticism SMA-UK is getting ... Think again -- It's unfortunate that, because of the major failure ...

[2005-02-04] Is Google Preparing Gmail For General Rollout?
Today I noticed that I have this little box in my Gmail account saying that I've now got 50 Gmail invitations. When I looked yesterday, I still had the link saying I had 3.

[2005-02-04] What Is Open Source Marketing?
The love affair between big brands and mass media is over. But where do marketeers go next?

[2005-02-04] The Genius of Apple Coolness
I had my first true iPod experience today. You know, the feeling of coolness as you're out and about in public with those little white buds sticking in your ears with the white cables dangling down that disappear under your jacket.

[2005-02-04] Upholding PR Standards Starts With the Small Things
Will you join with me and other PR bloggers in a grassroots blogging campaign to help raise the perception of the public relations industry ...

[2005-02-04] Adds Auction to Pay-Per-Click Offering
DMNews reports meta-search engine has added an auction-based pricing tool to its Mamma Classifieds flat-rate pay-per-click search product.

[2005-02-02] How To Organize Your Marketing
"I hate sales pitches!" You may have felt this way yourself or heard others say it. If it's such a common response, what's the best way to organize your marketing to attract new clients and customers?

[2005-02-02] Blog Gets Thumbs Up from Good Housekeeping
Ken Leebow's great blog on blogs has been honored by the grande dame of magazines, Good Housekeeping.

[2005-02-02] Weinberger Tells PR Pros to Accept the Unfiltered Message
Blogging God Dr. David Weinberger, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto and a well-known blogger himself ...

[2005-02-02] Marketing Conference Mashup
You'd think they'd realize their target audiences can't be in 3 places at the same time, haha, event planners... gotta love em.

[2005-02-02] Australian Search Engine Marketing Conference
How come I never get invited to speak at far-off places like Australia? Oh right, I'd never be allowed to go. ;-)

[2005-02-02] Micropersuasion and Blogvertising
How do you know when a meme grows up and becomes simply part of the vox populi ...

[2005-02-02] Marketplace Radio: "PR Goes Blogging"
Marketplace Radio today featured a segment on the application of blogs in PR. The piece starts ...

[2005-02-01] The Power of Corporate Blogging
From time to time I like to pull out emails from my gmail box and answer them here in hopes that other folks will benefit from the discussion ...

[2005-02-01] Folksonomies Are A Boon For Marketers
Wired: A growing number of websites with user-created content are relying on user-generated tags, also known as folksonomies, to let people know what's available.

[2005-02-01] Studying Paid Search Growth
eMarketer has some interesting stats on paid search. Some of it, is eMarketers usual "take someone elses work and re-publish it" stuff, but there are some new views on old data.

[2005-02-01] Ford Sold 210,000 Cars Via The Web Last Year
According to InternetRetailer -- Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers sold more than 210,000 vehicles from FordDirect Internet referrals last year.

[2005-02-01] Making Tablet PC Evangelism Wholly Transparent
Having bloggers evangelize Microsoft's Tablet PC is what Steve Rubel suggests as an answer to Robert Scoble's vexation on the seeming invisibilty of the Tablet PC ...

[2005-02-01] Massive Ad Campaign Planned for MSN Search
More details are starting to come out about the immense advertising plans Microsoft has for MSN Search.

[2005-02-01] FT Columnist Says He Scans Blogs for Scoops
James Altucher, a columnist from the Financial Times, writes that every day he reads several blogs ...


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