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[2005-01-31] GM Executive Blog and the Role of PR
General Motors' Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz, is not the only one blogging The FastLane Blog, GM's executive blog.

[2005-01-31] The Rise of Business Blogging
The following is an article that I wrote on business blogging for the February issue of The Advertiser ...

[2005-01-31] SEM Seminars
The best of luck to Kevin and team's launch of new SEM seminars, but could someone please explain to me what in the world they have done to their website ...

[2005-01-31] Arrested Development TV Show Plugs Ask Jeeves
It seems name-dropping search engines on hip TV shows, is the latest rage. This time round Ask get's the nod from the producers of Arrested Development.

[2005-01-31] How Microsoft Can Mobilize Biz Bloggers and Save the Tablet PC
In case you haven't heard, the Tablet PC computing platform has a problem. Despite putting in a great deal of traditional marketing elbow grease, Microsoft can't seem to make a go of it.

[2005-01-31] Google Employee Blogs
In case you're looking for some Google employee blogs, here is a relatively comprehensive list ...

[2005-01-31] Yahoo Employee Blogs
In case you're looking for some Yahoo! employee blogs, here is a list. A link to a Google blog list is below.

[2005-01-31] MediaBistro Debuts Media Blogs
Frank Barnako reports that MediaBistro has launched five blogs about the media business.

[2005-01-31] WeatherBug Blogs the Groundhog
The great folks at WeatherBug, one of my firm's longtime clients, are off to Punxsutawney for Groundhog Day ...

[2005-01-30] Official's Comments Hint the Gov't Can Pay Bloggers
The fallout over Ketchumgate continues. The New York Times reports that the Department of Health and Human Services said it had hired Michael McManus ...

[2005-01-29] Google Losing Hip-Factor?
CNet raises the question that Google may be losing its coolness after popular nighttime soap "The O.C." plugged Amazon's A9 in a recent episode.

[2005-01-28] ClickTracks Launches New Optimizer Tool
ClickTracks has launched a new mid-range analytics product, ClickTracks Optimizer. Designed for consultants and search engine marketers ...

[2005-01-27] Podcast Movie Reviews
A clever idea - movie reviews that are delivered via podcast ... Reel Reviews Syndicated On DVD Talk Radio.

[2005-01-27] Wikis Pose a Threat to Costly Media Directories
One tool that PR professionals rely on daily is the trusty media directory. The leading company in this space ...

[2005-01-27] Blogs Mean Business
Blogs are becoming essential for business. Steve Rubel is one of our publishing partners who is on the cutting edge of this marketing and communications revolution. Below are comments and pointers by Steve that will help you use blogs to enhance your business success.

[2005-01-26] Nooked - SimpleFeed Competitor?
I saw an AdSense listing on my blog the other day about a company called Nooked. At first glance they appear to do the exact same thing ...

[2005-01-26] Apple VP Marketing Tunes Into Podcasts
Apple's Vice President of Marketing, Phil Schiller, is apparently wild about podcasting.

[2005-01-26] Unionized Blogging
Here's a novel idea, a union is blogging to get it's message out. The L.A. Daily News reports that a major city union this week ...

[2005-01-26] Bacon's Approach To Blog Tracking
Some blog research conducted on Media Map has me curious about Bacon's approach to blog tracking.

[2005-01-26] JupiterResearch Blogs Reap Business
Jupitermedia CEO Alan Meckler writes that since the company's analysts started writing blogs two years ago ...

[2005-01-26] Bloglines' Rapid Growth Gives It Great Power
Using publicly available data from Bloglines, Infoworld's John Udell analyzed the subscription trends of several major tech blogs.

[2005-01-26] Germany: Blogs On Their Way To Media
Things are happening in and around the German blogosphere according to BlogInitiativeGermany.

[2005-01-25] Old Video of Steve Jobs Introducing the Mac
A link in that led to a blog post by Joe Wilcox of Jupiter Research linked to a restored video of Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh for the first time.

[2005-01-25] Cleaning Up Your Marketing
Has your once well-organized marketing plan come to resemble the jumble of stuff in your closet (not to mention the garage and the attic)? If you are like most people, each time you come across a new marketing idea you try to adopt it and add it to your existing approach.

[2005-01-24] Why Isn't Ketchum Blogging?
So, did I miss anything while I was in New York? Wow. Jay Rosen sets off a flurry of posts that prove out Blog Power.

[2005-01-24] Blogs Come of Age as a News Source
SF Chronicle: Weblogs Come Of Age As a News Source, "Scott Rafer, chief executive for Feedster, a San Francisco search engine for blog entries, foresees a day when more people make money from their blogs.

[2005-01-24] Yahoo!: "Blog" Keyword Searches Up 10% Over Past Week
The Yahoo! Buzz Index reports that blogging continues its march on the mainstream .........

[2005-01-24] New WebTrends 7 Offers Tools for Search Engine Marketers
WebTrends has updated its analytics software with more features for search engine marketers (SEM's).

[2005-01-23] Firefox Nation
There is no greater example of the power of blogging and open source marketing than the rise of the Firefox Web browser.

[2005-01-22] Bloggers Bust ABC News Over Planned Inauguration/Military Funeral Story
Cybercast News Service reports that on Wednesday bloggers were quick to pick up on a message posted on the ABC News website ...

[2005-01-22] Top 10 Words Used in a Blog's Name
Elliott Back has put together an analysis of the top 100 words used in a weblog's name .........

[2005-01-21] Would You Buy A Car From This Blogger?
As blog readership rises, some smart marketers are wisely dipping their toes into the blog marketing waters. However, they're overlooking perhaps one of the most attractive and untapped opportunities -- signing bloggers to product endorsement deals.

[2005-01-21] Ethics and Citizen Journalism
The Wall Street Journal today published a curtain-raiser article (no sub. required) previewing this weekend's ...

[2005-01-20] Pinging Builds Blog Traffic, But Risks Abuse
The common practice of "pinging" enables you to alert major blog indexes like ...

[2005-01-20] The Blogging Community Look Like Idiots
This International Bloggers' Bill of Rights makes the blogging community look like idiots.

[2005-01-20] Bloggers Blasted For Ignoring Pay-For-Promotion
US press critic and writer Jay Rosen takes a hefty swipe at PR bloggers, with a blanket accusation ...

[2005-01-20] Rosen Blasts PR Bloggers
The esteemed Jay Rosen from NYU writes that the PR bloggers failed to show up in commenting on ...

[2005-01-20] New Yawkers Say "We Love 'dem Blogs"
Early this morning - as part of my planned "Manhattan Project" - a friend of mine and I ...

[2005-01-20] Firefox: The IE Killer
Yes, you heard it here first. If Internet Explorer doesn't make some serious changes in short order they'll face certain extinction to the hands of Firefox. Why you ask? Isn't it obvious?

[2005-01-20] Eeek! Beware of the Blogs!
Eeek! Beware of the scary bloggers! That's what Dellahaye is saying with the title of their ...

[2005-01-20] Apple, Microsoft Lawyers Get Busy With Bloggers
This is shaping up as the year of suing/sending cease and desist letters to bloggers...

[2005-01-20] Sony CEO Howard Stringer - Future Blogger?
Sony CEO Howard Stringer quoted on CNET Q: You're a former journalist. What do you think about blogs and their impact ...

[2005-01-19] We Need New Business Blog Stars
ClickZ explains how a brand blog can be measured (via marcomblog). I wanna be enthusiastic about this.

[2005-01-19] Blogosphere Population Tops 8 Million
PubSub reports that it is now tracking 8 million weblogs. More than six million new blogs have popped up just in the last six months.

[2005-01-18] Folksonomies: A New Opportunity For Marketers
One of the most important social media trends to watch this year is the increasing influence of tags, also known as folksonomies.

[2005-01-18] Blogging, Journalism and Credibility Webcast
Jon Dube points to a group of bloggers and journalists who are gathering at Harvard on Jan. 21 and 22 for a conference ...

[2005-01-18] A Widening Spectrum Of European Professional Blogs
I've been following the expansion of corporate and organizational blogging in Europe for a while now.

[2005-01-17] Former Yahoo Employee Blogging From the Jungle
Kalyan was one of the early employees of Yahoo's Software Development Center in Bangalore, India.

[2005-01-17] Reference Tracking Via Technorati, Feedster, and Bloglines
I was listening to the Jan 14th Gilmor Gang a little while ago. This is the first time I've listened to the show.

[2005-01-17] Tsunami Help Wiki for Broadcasters Launched
Launched yesterday - Broadcasters-Tsunamihelp, a new wiki-based portal that aims to ensure there is coordination between broadcasters and non-governmental organizations ...

[2005-01-17] Bloggers Fact Check CBS Yet Again
The New York Times reports that after an independent panel published its findings on CBS' use of unverified documents ...

[2005-01-17] Spend 70 Minutes with Robert Scoble
Seventy minutes. That's all you need to get a solid overview of just why blogs will be so important to marketing and PR in the 21st Century.

[2005-01-17] Earthlink Debuts Corporate Blog
Earthlink, a major ISP, today debuted its first corporate weblog. The TypePad-powered ...

[2005-01-16] Get Folksy with Folksonomies
One of the most important social media trends to watch this year is the increasing influence of tags, also known as folksonomies.

[2005-01-16] Blogging or 'Horrendous Journalism'
My post last Friday with caveats about Microsoft AntiSpyware has drawn the ire of one person who read that post here as well as the one republished by WebProNews.

[2005-01-15] Howard Dean Paid Bloggers
More evidence we're living in a new media world with few rules. David Akin notes that The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, "...that the Daily Kos and another blog received $3,000 a month for four months from the Howard Dean campaign."

[2005-01-14] 10 Reasons Why Marketers Should Blog
Blogs are a cheap, convenient and enjoyable form of PR and marketing that should be part of every business plan in 2005, writes Bob Cargill, senior creative director of Yellowfin Direct Marketing.

[2005-01-14] Using Blogs To Get Global Awareness
Elizabeth Albrycht has written a terrific article about business blogging, just published in IABC's online member newsletter, CW Bulletin.

[2005-01-13] My Blog Will Soon Be Superfluous
Chris Locke asks a question I've asked myself a couple of times: "...this is just a thought, but I'm going to say it here anyway, even though I'm a little afraid I might get yelled at ...

[2005-01-13] Corporate Blogging At The Security Awareness Company
Greg Hoffman: "The company has been around for 15 years but blogging has helped brand our company as the premier Security Awareness team in the industry; all while saving us time and money."

[2005-01-13] Extoling the Virtues of Blogging
Yesterday the PRSA Westchester/Fairfield chapter was kind enough to invite me up to Greenwich, CT to give a lunchtime talk about blogging's impact on PR.

[2005-01-13] J-Bloggers Still Revolve Around the Mother Ship
Adam Penenberg at Wired News has a fascinating story about the challenges journalist bloggers face ...

[2005-01-12] A Blog Only Media Diet
Something has been bugging me since I started this blog last year and I want to try to get to the root of it. The year 2004 was a major milestone for blogging.

[2005-01-12] BusinessWeek Launches Tech Blogs
BusinessWeek Online yesterday launched two tech-focused blogs as part of its redesigned tech and science channel.

[2005-01-12] My Mastermind Group
This week I just completed reading listening to Jack Canfield's new book - The Success Principles ...

[2005-01-11] MBA Launches Blogger Legal Defense Project
As bloggers increasingly face the ire of corporate lawsuits (witness Apple's recent maneuvers) and until the courts set a precedent, there is an opportunity for the legal community to rally to assist bloggers in defending themselves.

[2005-01-11] Blog News Round Up
Here's a round up of blog related and other interesting tidbits I picked up over the last few days ....

[2005-01-11] Why Corporate Boards Should Blog
The IR Web Report provides a long list of reasons for boards to start blogging and 10 thoughts, debates, myths and issues boards might discuss in the hope they won't need to blog.

[2005-01-10] Corporate Blogging A Failure For Tower
According to the blogger ... his company's test of internal corporate blogging has been a failure so far.

[2005-01-10] Companies Blog to Establish a Dialogue
The Minneapolis - St. Paul Business Journal reports that companies are starting to blog for sales and to establish a dialogue.

[2005-01-10] Blog Program Nominated for PRWeek Award
PRWeek this morning revealed the short list of nominees for the 2005 PRWeek Awards. I am proud to announce ...

[2005-01-10] Internal Blogging More In Focus - Blog Consultants Beware
Internal blogging is discussed more and more. It doesn't surprise me. If we compare to web communication in general an intranet is for many companies more effective in terms of ROI than an external site.

[2005-01-09] Tapping into Tags
Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion (also published in WebProNews) gets it. He's telling folks to watch Flckr tags for their products and such...

[2005-01-09] Fishing For Podcasts
I've been listening to quite a few podcasts during the past week, especially since Shel Holtz and I started our weekly podcast a week ago.

[2005-01-09] Apple's Legal Moves May Force Blog Closure
Jason Calacanis wrote an open letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, saying that he may shut down Weblogs Inc.'s unofficial Apple blog because he wants to avoid getting sued.

[2005-01-09] Me And Bill Living In Different Worlds
What do you say about this ... Bill Gates in a Gizmodo interview: "Almost everything that's being published on the web now has RSS notification on it ...

[2005-01-09] Blogs are the New Journalism
O'Reilly and Associates: Blogs are the new journalism and "this blogging thing" is starting to look interesting.

[2005-01-09] Understanding Copyright Law Is The Hard Part
In the past two weeks I've posted two commentaries about copyright - copyright myths and the inadequacies of copyright laws.

[2005-01-08] Blogging a Replacement For Journalism and PR?
Recovering PR pro Shel Israel and my good friend, Microsoft super-blogger Robert Scoble, are co-writing a book via blog called The Red Couch.

[2005-01-08] New BlogJet Version Released
BlogJet is a very good offline editing application for your blog. I've been using it for some months (I reviewed it in comparison with ecto for Windows, which I also use, in September).

[2005-01-08] Donations Pouring In For Tsunami Relief
News about fundraising efforts for victims of the the tsunami disaster tends to be focused on what's happening in countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, the EU as a whole, etc.

[2005-01-08] Using mod_rewrite against stupid comment spam bots...
You'd think the comment spammers would be a bit smarter, but apparently not. Over 80% of all attempted spam hits on my site provide no HTTP Referer data.

[2005-01-07] Can Wikimedia Revolutionize Journalism with Open Source News?
Can Wikinews revolutionize journalism the way Wikipedia did encyclopedias ... CNET interviews Wikimedia co-founder Jimmy Wales to find out.

[2005-01-07] Tap Into the Flickrgeist
Consumers are replacing Consumer Reports. We are increasingly turning to blogs and other forms of consumer generated media to gather the information we need to make informed purchasing decisions.

[2005-01-07] Gearing up for the New Communications Forum 2005
Planning proceeds apace for New Communications Forum 2005, the twin conferences taking place in the US and France, the first of which is scheduled for 26-27 January in Napa, California.

[2005-01-07] Had A Good Night's Sleep At The PR Dept...?
Say you buy a Motorala A1000. If you're like most people you tell your friends what you think. If you're an ordinary blogger you maybe mention it, or even write a review.

[2005-01-07] Collective Blogging More Suited For Vortals Than Portals
Breaking News Blog could be a good idea. It is "a collective of bloggers who each focus on a niche news topic". You can read a bit more about it at ProBlogger and public (mind).

[2005-01-07] Gates Gives Blog Interview
I believe this is a first. Bill Gates gave his first blog interview - to Gizmodo. Huge score for Nick Denton and company.

[2005-01-06] Skype To Introduce Voicemail
Skype, the company behind the flourishing internet telephony network, has begun to experiment with a voicemail service ...

[2005-01-06] I'm with Tim on Podcasting
I was reading Tim Bray's take on Podcasting a few minutes ago and realized that he's done a good job of saying what I've been trying to figure out how to say for a while now.

[2005-01-06] Tsunami May Have A Profound Effect On Blogs
A very good analysis in the Guardian newsblog on the role blogs have played in the Asia tsunami disaster and the long-term catalyzing effect this will have on the significance of blogs in the future ...

[2005-01-06] Webinar: Lobbying For Your Search Marketing Budget
Mark your calendars for January 13th. That's the date that KeywordRanking will be sponsoring a FREE webinar presented by Search Engine Watch's Chris Sherman.

[2005-01-06] Bill Gates Quizzed on Blogging
In a wide ranging interview with CNET, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates answered a couple of questions about blogging.

[2005-01-06] Holy Saturn, GM Exec Bob Lutz is Blogging!
Holy Saturn, Batman. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz is blogging over at GM's new FastLane Blog.

[2005-01-05] News 2.0: The Empire Strikes Back
Over at Business 2.0 Om Malik sees a new news network rising, powered by individuals ...

[2005-01-04] The Silent Blogging Believers
Deep inside some of America's largest, most well-known companies is an army of hundreds, perhaps thousands of influential blogging believers.

[2005-01-04] Legal Pitfalls of Employee Blogging
Very good article on BBC News Online today on the pros and cons of blogging in the workplace.

[2005-01-04] IABC webinar on blogging and RSS
Not sure when this was first advertised, but I just noticed on the IABC website that IABC is holding a teleseminar (webinar?) ...

[2005-01-04] iPod Needs Satellite Radio
USA Today reports car electronics manufacturers are rushing to create an adaptor that lets folks listen to their iPods in the car using their car stereo controls.

[2005-01-04] Blogs Moving To The Front Pew
Two surveys by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, indicate that, "by the end of 2004 blogs had established themselves as a key part of online culture".

[2005-01-04] Modern Marketing With Postcards
Postcards may be one of the best kept secrets of modern marketing. They produce even better results now than in the past. That's probably because postcards deliver information the way people want to get it today and with little or no effort.

[2005-01-04] Why People Buy: The Psychology Of Sales And Marketing
Did you know that when people make a purchase, they generally buy with their emotions and then justify their decision with logic later on?

[2005-01-04] Blogs Give Rise to So-Called "Little People"
Variety: Blogs have given a megaphone to assistants to stars and execs, personal trainers, script readers and others who before were only anonymous sources in Page Six.

[2005-01-04] A Guide To Media Monitoring with RSS
Jrhallett at the hyku blog has put together by far the best guide for using RSS to monitor media that I have ever seen.

[2005-01-04] Steve Rubel Coming to a City Near You
During the first half of 2005 I will be out and about evangelizing blogging and/or community marketing at a number of different events.

[2005-01-04] US Shutters Military MD's Blog
Knight Ridder reports that a U.S. military doctor says the military has forced him to shut down his blog.

[2005-01-04] Six Apart Buying Live Journal
Business 2.0 journalist Om Malik once again uses his personal blog to break a pretty big news story - Six Apart will buy Live Journal merging two major blogging platforms.

[2005-01-03] Blogs Take on the Mainstream
The BBC has an interesting story on blog proliferation - with at least an estimated five million on the web and that number is set to grow.

[2005-01-03] Dan Gillmor’s New Year, New Role
Dan on his new project and walking the talk: As many of you know I'm going to work hard on a project to inspire, enable and create what many have been calling a new kind of journalism.

[2005-01-03] Why do Wiki RSS Feeds Suck?
I'm a not a big fan of Wiki technology, mostly because I find the markup annoying and the random nature of Wiki changes difficult to follow.

[2005-01-03] BlogAid pledge to support the Asia disaster
UK blogger Andy Budd has come up with an outstanding initiative to focus the support of bloggers in a very tangible way on the Asia earthquake/tsunamis disaster.

[2005-01-03] Pew: 27 Percent Read Blogs
AP reports that blog readership grew significantly in 2004, driven by increased awareness of them during the presidential campaign and other major news events.

[2005-01-03] Blogging for Business - an Overview
Electronic Business looks at the potential uses of blogs in business - both for knowledge management and PR.

[2005-01-03] Blog Awards: You Won't Get My Vote
There are things in life you notice with constant surprise, that you don't understand all the fuss about. To me all competitions and awards in the realm of marketing, advertising and PR are such things.

[2005-01-03] Talking To Consumers + Blog Mining
Does talking to consumers plus blog content mining equal a new effective way to conduct market research ... I think so ...

[2005-01-03] Skweezer and Copyright Infringement
A lively discussion is bubbling on Jason Calcanis' blog on the issue of how others use content you have produced where copyright enters into the picture and, in essence, what's right and what's not.


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