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[2004-12-31] Podcasting - A Tentative Critique
Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz will start a podcast in a few weeks time. They will have weekly conversations on communication, technology and other relevant topics via Skype ...

[2004-12-31] Three Success Measures For Podcasting
An interesting article in the online version of Wired News elaborates on how "You, Too, Can Be A Podcaster".

[2004-12-30] More on Blogs
From Fortune To Gigablast. Here's a few of the blog related stories that have caught my interest the last couple of days... plus a couple articles on other subjects.

[2004-12-29] A Growing Audience for Vlogs
Heather Green at BusinessWeek reports on the grassroots movement to post video blogs. She contends that vlogs are compelling in the creativity they're unleashing ...

[2004-12-29] Blogging: It's The Real Thing
A highly-readable and lengthy feature on blogging is in the 10 January issue of Fortune magazine, as part of its look at the 10 technology trends to watch in 2005.

[2004-12-29] WSJ on Consumer-Generated Media
Wall Street Journal Online details how more companies are using blogs as a market research device.

[2004-12-29] Marketing--Art or Science?
Two recent articles are trying to keep business to business marketers planted on terra firma.

[2004-12-28] Listening to Blogs
ClickZ expert and Jupiter Research analyst Gary Stein takes a look back at 2004. His favorite topic? You guessed it ...

[2004-12-28] The Power Of The Blog
Fantastic piece by Fortune on the power of the blog. It's a rather long read but if you have time I give it 2 thumbs way up.

[2004-12-28] Tsunami Relief: Spreading the Word reports on the bloggers who are quickly spreading information on the relief efforts to aid countries devastated by yesterday's massive quake and tsunami.

[2004-12-28] A Common - Yet Easily Avoidable - Marketing Mistake
December is a month in which many organizations make plans for the coming year. Now is a great time for you to look at your marketing systems for attracting and retaining customers.

[2004-12-24] Reporter Suspended For Trashing Paper In Blog
PaidContent has an interesting take on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter who was suspended for writing a pseudonymous blog titled "Rage, Anguish and Other Bad Craziness in St. Louis."

[2004-12-23] Netflix Launches Reviewer Blog and RSS Feed
Props to Netflix for giving their consumers a voice. According to Hacking, the online DVD renter has quietly launched a new blog for their in-house reviewer.

[2004-12-23] Why Advertising, Marketing and PR Pros Should Blog
A Fine Kettle of Fish posts 10 reasons why advertising, marketing and public relations professionals should at least consider adding a blog to their business plan.

[2004-12-22] 2005: Year of the Corporate Blog
I've resisted the temptation so far to make a list of blog-related predictions for 2005. Everyone does lists and I'm sure what I might say wouldn't be that different from what I see many communicators and others saying.

[2004-12-22] Isobar Acquires iProspect
Just this morning I was thinking to myself that iProspect had been keeping a low profile recently. Now we know why...

[2004-12-22] Yet Another Sign Blogs Are Here To Stay
Dave Sifry's excited about the first ever Technorati User Group (TUG) meeting to be held tonight in SF. So that's actually SFTUG to be proper.

[2004-12-21] Blogging: This Is My House - Let's Build A City
Have you ever thought about your blog as your house ... And your contacts with other bloggers resembling "life between buildings" ...

[2004-12-21] Movable Type Plans Software Update to Combat Comment Spam
eWeek reports that Movable Type is planning to release an update to help stem the recent flood of comment spam that has hit blogs and clogged Web-hosting servers.

[2004-12-21] WebProNews Re-Publishes NevOn Content
Through an informal agreement, tech news portal WebProNews has started re-publishing some of my posts on their news site.

[2004-12-21] Jamba Creates A PR Mess In The German Blogosphere
Jamba sells ringtones in a number of European countries. Their German company got some criticism in a weblog and the message started to spread.

[2004-12-21] Is Click-Fraud and Issue for Search Marketing?
Brian Morrissey of DM News looks at whether search marketing click-fraud is a serious issue or if the threat is overblown.

[2004-12-21] The 6 Top Reasons Marketers Should Blog
If there is a downside to blogging, I have yet to find it. The more you learn about blogging, the more there is to like.

[2004-12-21] PR Fuel - The Year in PR Winners
Well, bloggers made Ben Silverman's list of PR losers last week, but when it was all said and done, the blogosphere scored ...

[2004-12-20] How Much Internal Discussion Can You Have In A Corporate Blog?
After one more open letter to Bill Gates, this time about creating a Microsoft music player, Robert Scoble is accused of insulting his coworkers.

[2004-12-19] Apple Computer Sues Someone Over Web Leak, But Who?
In typical fashion, Apple is suing "anonymous people" who leaked details about new products by posting information on the Internet, as reported by Reuters.

[2004-12-19] When Blogging and Client Service Intersect
Jeremy Pepper had an opportunity to quiz PR guru Andy Plesser to get the story behind the recent flap over The NewsMarket's new blog, NewsBluntly.

[2004-12-17] Bloggers Contending for Time's People of the Year
Despite today's earlier report, the bloggers are in fact still in the running for the Time's people of the year.

[2004-12-17] Yahoo Search Blog Was Created To Reach Influencers
Nancy Evars, one of the creators of the Yahoo Search blog, says that their blog was not created for PR, but rather as a way to reach "influencers".

[2004-12-17] Proof That Search Engines Love Blogs
Here's further proof that search engines just love blogs. Check out what Yahoo! Search returns when you search for "time's man of the year 2004."

[2004-12-17] Some Comment Spammers Have Blogs Too
Would you be surprised to know that some people who work in the search engine industry know who is responsible for a lot of comment spam ... I met some of them recently.

[2004-12-16] Firefox Community Underwrites New York Times Ad
Spread Firefox reports that it ran a two-page ad in today's New York Times under written by 50,000 customer evangelists.

[2004-12-15] Painting A Vision for the Future of E-Paper News
Vin Crosbie paints his vision of the 2010 newspaper, seeing a portable, wireless and flexible electronic paper devices that streams enhanced RSS feeds...

[2004-12-15] RSS - Your Online Paperboy
Heather Green came up with a really great description for RSS in her excellent introductory article.

[2004-12-14] Publishers Look to Blogs for Future Bestselling Authors
According to an article in The New York Times, prospective authors are justifying the potential markets for their book proposals by including positive reader comments off their blogs.

[2004-12-14] Extreme Blogging
Forbes says that wikis are next big thing. They are even calling it Extreme Blogging.

[2004-12-13] More End-of-Year Kudos for Blogging
The New York Times Magazine this week talks in depth about the year in ideas from A to Z.

[2004-12-13] How to Measure a Blog's Influence
One of the questions I am asked most frequently is: "What is the best way to date to gauge the influence/impact of a blog".

[2004-12-13] Learning to Market Responsibly
Don't you just hate writers, or at least the ones that write up articles identifying a problem then pitching you information to help you solve your problems for $49.95?

[2004-12-13] Blogging The Microsoft Way
I haven't said much of anything yet about MSN Spaces, but it's been amusing to watch the reaction to their lame attempt at censorship of blogs.

[2004-12-13] Books That Can Help You Blog
You may have heard a thing or two about some upcoming books on blogging ... but are there other books you need to read as well.

[2004-12-10] RSS Measurement Carries Benefits and Pitfalls
Forrester analyst Charlene Li breaks down a new service from SyndicateIQ that can track the number of subscribers to an RSS feed.

[2004-12-10] Monster's New Strategic Marketing Agreement
Monster and Infinity Broadcasting announced a long-term strategic marketing agreement that includes a comprehensive career services program on 180 Infinity radio stations nationwide.

[2004-12-09] PR Week Quizes Steve Rubel on Blogs and PR
Keith O'Brien from graciously invited me to participate in a Q&A-style interview about the role of blogs in PR.

[2004-12-09] How to Earn More by Visualizing Your Marketing Success
Did you ever imagine yourself lying on a beach enjoying the sun or spending the holidays relaxing with relatives? We all daydream and picture ourselves in places we'd like to go to, or doing things we enjoy or have always wanted to try.

[2004-12-08] The Role of Blogs in Sports
I am convinced that many reporters across all beats are reading/monitoring blogs. It's not just the reporters who are covering the Internet, media, politics or technology.

[2004-12-08] Harvard Law Event Takes a Hard Look at Web's Influence on Politics
Harvard Law's Beekman Center is taking a hard look this week at the blogosphere's influence on politics during its biennial Internet + Society 2004 conference.

[2004-12-08] In 2005 Blogs Will Be...? is running a cool unscientific poll about next year's impact of blogs on public relations.

[2004-12-08] Women Turning to Blogs for Financial Advice
Dow Jones Newswires reports a growing number of investors - particularly women - are turning to blogs for free financial advice that's presented in a friendly, non-aggressive manner.

[2004-12-07] Yahoo Names GOT Email Marketing Tool Provider Again
Yahoo has evaluated the market and once again named GOT as the exclusive provider of email marketing tools to Yahoo customers.

[2004-12-06] Bloggers Create New Challenges for Military Public Affairs Officers
According to an article in the Washington Post this weekend, US military and weblog PowerPoint presentations ...

[2004-12-06] Are You Marketing and Selling What People Buy?
Do you ever wonder if you're speaking a different language than your prospects? You may have recently launched a business, designed an innovative process or purchased state of the art equipment that leaves the competition in the dust, but no matter what you say or do, you aren't attracting as many prospects as you need.

[2004-12-06] Bloggers Warned They Can Be Sued for Libel
In an editorial published Sunday the editors of the Dallas Morning News, while praising bloggers, warned them - particularly younger ones ...

[2004-12-03] eBay and Craig's List To Merge Creating a P2P Media Giant
What does a 21st Century media company look like? What should it embody and who, if anyone ... or maybe that's everyone, will run it?

[2004-12-02] Blog Wins Easily As Dictionary Word Of The Year
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary number one word of the year is blog. It received the largest number of user requests by a wide margin. Blog is defined as:

[2004-12-02] Steve Ballmer: Blogging is Huge
Detroit Free Press columnist Mike Wendland reports that Steve Ballmer yesterday had some very enthusiastic things to say about blogging.

[2004-12-02] How Blogs Are Changing Media
I can't wait to read this one! Hugh Hewitt's got a new book coming out called Blog: Understand the New Information Revolution and How It Is Redefining the Media, the Culture, and Business.

[2004-12-02] Bloggers Deserve Freedom of the Press Protections
Eugene Volokh, a professor of law at U.C.L.A., who writes the Volokh Conspiracy blog, has a real provocative op-ed in today's New York Times.

[2004-12-02] Yahooligan Discusses Blog Comment Spam
The Yahoo blog is getting more interesting. A post today features a lengthy interview (for a blog) with Tim Converse, an engineering manager in Yahoo!'s Content group.

[2004-12-02] Learn how to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Online Marketing Campaigns
Do you know that according to WebSideStory, an analytics firm, in 2003 medium to large Web sites got an average of 13.6% of traffic from search engines? Do you realize the power in that one simple statement?

[2004-12-01] There's No Money in Blogs
In his annual end-of-year "State of the Contentsphere" column in e-Content magazine Steve Smith posits that there will be no money in 2005 for pure-play blog companies like Weblogs Inc. or Gawker Media.


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