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[2004-10-28] Launches Online Search for Professionals
Ziggs announces the introduction of a new search platform for finding people in business online at Providing the fastest-growing index of current professional profiles on the Web, Ziggs' innovative website enables users to search from a single source for people in business across more than 1 million professional profiles from nearly 16,000 companies.

[2004-10-27] Reach vs. Frequency
Reach and frequency are terms generally used when planning advertising campaigns. However, the concept of reach and frequency applies to any promotional activity you undertake: direct mail, direct selling, and even networking.

[2004-10-26] Creating Sales Conversations
You've got a great product or service that beats the competition by miles. Once you get in front of people or get them on the ph0ne, they're sold. The only problem is you're not getting enough of those initial conversations with prospects started so you can convert them to clients. Instead of having your ph0ne ringing of the hook with requests, you feel like your firm is the best kept scret in your industry.

[2004-10-26] WebProNews In The Blogs
On any given day, WebProNews content is discussed in the blogoshphere. What content are they linking to.

[2004-10-25] 3 Steps To Effectively Increase Your Marketing Response
It's well known that internet marketers are in the business of marketing. To become successful in business, it's crucial to actively promote your business to gain new customers. Let's face it... No promotion, no new customers. It's a simple as that.

[2004-10-19] PPC Profitability Becoming Increasingly Difficult?
Although praises of pay-per-click advertising on search engines is on the rise, profitability is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve according to a leading direct response television advertising agency.

[2004-10-14] Getting Noticed by the Search Engines
You've got a web site; and you want to attract lots of people to visit it so you can grow your business. But you're only getting a handful of visitors currently. What is the first thing to do to help people find your site?

[2004-10-12] Brand Building 201: Finding The Ideal Way
The strongest and longest lasting brands branch off of an existing category. Branching takes patience and time. There are two speeds for launching a brand, each one with its own pros and cons.

[2004-10-12] The Opt-In Secret
Everyone knows that in order to be successful online you need build a large (quality) list through some type of Opt-In offer.

[2004-10-12] Do You Play Hit and Miss With Your Marketing?
Too many online marketers use a "hit and miss" marketing approach. By that I mean placing some ads here and there in the hopes of selling something. And it's the worst possible way to do business.

[2004-10-12] Low-Cost Marketing With Postcards
Here's a simple way you can generate lots of sales leads ...or traffic to your web site. Use postcards. They're highly effective and very low-cost. Plus, postcards provide the following 6 unique advantages over most other types of advertising.

[2004-10-11] Up the Sandbox!
Go to any internet marketing forum you want these days and one of the topics is sure to be whether or not there is a "sandbox" at Google where new sites are forced to come and play for 3-6 months before joining the ranks of ranked and searched results.

[2004-10-06] Howard Stern Moves His Ad Machine To Satellite Radio
Radio Innovator Signs Five-Year Agreement to Broadcast on SIRIUS Beginning in 2006. Landmark Deal for SIRIUS and Satellite Radio Industry, With Significant Potential to Accelerate Growth for SIRIUS.

[2004-10-06] Maximizing AdSense Revenues via Up-Selling
If you go into any Blockbuster Video store, you quickly notice the company's use of a classic marketing technique - up-selling correlated products.

[2004-10-05] The Geo-Google Threat, 2004
Research and Markets has added The Geo-Google Threat, 2004 to their offering. While growing 174% to more than $2.5 billion in 2003 paid search remains a largely national business used mostly by those who sell their products online.

[2004-10-05] SEM Considerations for Optimal Campaign Performance
DoubleClick released a new white paper on search engine marketing considerations for optimal campaign performance.

[2004-10-04] WebTrends Discusses MPM
WebTrends Participates in Marketing Performance Measurement Initiative With Other Technology Innovators and Top Marketers.

[2004-10-04] The Seven Secrets of a High-Sales Marketer
If you want to boost your website sales to the next level, you've got to think and act like a High-Sales Marketer. Here's how:

[2004-10-01] 10 Phone Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
"I hate making marketing calls. I don't know what to say and how to say it. I've been assigned to find new clients and in the past 4 weeks I brought in zero new clients."


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