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[2004-08-31] In The 10 Pay-Per-Click Search Engines, pay-per-click search engine marketing provider, was recently named one of the top 10 pay per click search engines on the Internet, according to

[2004-08-24] Google Faces Stiffer Competition From Portals Than Search Engines
Analysis by ACSI E-Business Sponsor ForeSee Results Says Google Faces Stiffer Competition From Portals Than Search Engines, News & Information Sites Fail to Establish Personality or Loyalty.

[2004-08-24] Getting Off the Advertising and Sales Rollercoaster
Seeing the results of advertising your business can be like watching a roller coaster.

[2004-08-24] A Great Marketing Model Utilizing the Power of OPM
Staying ahead of the marketing curve seems to be a never-ending quest.

[2004-08-23] Yahoo Search Ad Campaign To Focus On RNC
With the Republican National Convention scheduled for New York City next week, Yahoo Search is preparing an advertising blitz that will target people attending the RNC. The Yahoo Search advertisements will be part of the company's estimated $100 million "Life Engine" campaign.

[2004-08-23] 10 'Psychological Triggers' To Get Your Prospects To Click
Are banner ads dead? Well, contrary to popular belief, banner ads are NOT dead, and can produce a significant amount of traffic, IF you know how to make them work.

[2004-08-20] Oneupweb Expands Proactive Agency Partner Program
Oneupweb, a Search Engine Optimization and marketing firm today expanded its Agency Partner Program.

[2004-08-19] To Provide Advertisers With Targeted Marketing uses a new algorithm designed by an international programming team that promises to allow users to find the web pages they are looking for faster with more relevant search results.

[2004-08-19] Using Demographic Data For Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign
Targeting high potential markets with a direct mail marketing campaign can be a very affordable and efficient way to get new customers for most companies and entrepreneurs but how can you find a way to reach those high potential markets? Using demographic data could be your solution.

[2004-08-19] Intelliseek Now Analyzes Content From Millions of Blogs
Buzz analytics firm expands scope of consumer-generated media (CGM) for clients seeking to protect, promote brands.

[2004-08-18] Search Engine Launched For The Dental Industry, a search engine designed for the dental industry, was launched on August 12, 2004. is powered by, a search engine services provider.

[2004-08-16] Feedster Launches RSS Feed Media Program
Feedster, Inc announced the launch of its RSS feed media program. The Company's RSS search feeds will soon contain context targeted ads from Kanoodle, Inc.

[2004-08-13] How To Use Database Marketing To Skyrocket Your Online Profits
Here's some simple yet POWERFUL ideas on how to use Database Marketing to skyrocket your online profits...which will have a GREAT effect on your bottom line.

[2004-08-13] How to Make More Money with Google AdSense
Google AdSense is a Pay-Per Click (PPC) service. Webmasters are paid a portion of the revenue which Google collects from advertisers each time a web site visitor clicks on an AdSense advertisement.

[2004-08-13] Where to Focus Your Marketing: New Prospects or Existing Clients
Imagine that you ran an ad, mailed a brochure, or sent an email ad to a new list of people who fit your target market profile and everyone who saw it responded right away and made a purchase.

[2004-08-12] Why Insight and Flexibility are More Important Than Perseverance in Marketing
Marketing successfully requires not only insight into how a product or service can be successfully marketed but also flexibility into the marketing of a product or service.

[2004-08-11] Travel Advertising Success With SideStep
SideStep Inc., search engine for travelers, has had success with travel leaders such as Independence Air and Best Western International.

[2004-08-11] eMarketer Report Finds Online Advertising Is Booming
A report done by eMarketer concerning online advertising as found that spending on this medium is expected to continue and increase over the year. The exact numbers from eMarketer's report states that spending for advertising online will hit the $9.1 billion mark, $1 billion more than what was spent in 2000.

[2004-08-10] Customers Are More Important Than Clicks
Getting clicks from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines can be exciting. One leading expert reminds us that clicks aren't customers and it's customers you need to focus on.

[2004-08-10] Online Advertising Is Growing Steadily
Online advertising will have reached a new high by year's end, the latest eMarketer report predicts. The firm says that by the end of 2004 will be the fourth straight year of double-digit growth.

[2004-08-09] Just One Small Slice of Media Publicity
Take a short break from your daily grind and consider the following questions

[2004-08-09] How To Get To The Top Of The Marketing Food Chain
Are you tired of living off handouts from big-name marketers, earning meager affiliate commissions?

[2004-08-09] 7 Innovative Ways To Advertise Your Web Site
Advertise your web site and increase the traffic coming in. This will expose your site to more possible customers and will increase your sales. Here are 7 innovative ways to advertise your web site.

[2004-08-04] A Closer Look At Business to Business Marketing
Are you properly managing your pipeline? Are you jumping the gun and losing valuable clients? What does search mean to B2B marketing? These are the types of questions asked in answered in Tuesday's SES Business to Business Forum.

[2004-08-03] Top Technology Marketers Convene for CMO Summit
The technology industry's Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council will host its annual CMO Summit in Monterey, California, October 7th and 8th at the scenic Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa on Cannery Row.

[2004-08-03] Sun Blog Sparks Novell Purchase Rumor
The possible purchase was suggested by Sun President Jonathan Schwartz in interviews with the Wall Street Journal. So far, Novell has been mute on this possibility. Acquiring Novell would cost approximately $3 billion.

[2004-08-02] How to be Aggressive in Marketing your Business?
After your website is built, you should immediately study how to get targeted traffic to it. Marketing is the key which you should concentrate on to make your business a success. So how do you get targeted prospects to websites? Well wax your ears and rub your eyes, here's how I do it:

[2004-08-02] Are You Marketing Backwards?
Marketing is like rowing a boat. When you know how the pointed bow moves smoothly forward through the water encountering the least amount of resistance. Rowing backwards, the square stern of the boat pushes against the water, requiring more effort and increases the risk of having a wave come over the transom (back) and swamping it. Yet most people market backwards, trying to grow their business while pushing against the greatest level of resistance.


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