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[2004-07-30] Targeted Traffic is More Important than Ever!
In the early days of web development, business owners had learned the very expensive lesson that a Web site with no visitors is of little value.

[2004-07-30] LinkConnector Announces Virtual Affiliate Tracking
LinkConnector, a performance-based affiliate network, today announced new technology into the search market, Virtual Affiliate tracking.

[2004-07-28] Online Advertising Will Reach $16.1 Billion by 2009
JupiterResearch, in a newly released forecast, predicts that online advertising will more than double over the next five years. They predict that the online ad market will grow from $6.6 billion in 2003 to $16.1 billion in 2009.

[2004-07-28] DNS Attack Downs DoubleClick
On Tuesday DoubleClick, online marketing and advertising provider, received a flood of fraudulent web page requests, creating a bottleneck that blocked many major sites from displaying their appropriate advertising.

[2004-07-21] Yahoo Japan First Quarter Profits Nearly Double
Citing increases in advertising sales and use of its online auction house, Yahoo Japan announced that their first quarter profits for 2004 nearly doubled the amount of 2003. Japan's largest portal also saw a 57.4% increase in sales.

[2004-07-21] Search Engine Strategies San Jose is the Largest Ever
Jupitermedia has announced that its upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, scheduled from August 2 - 4 2004, will be the largest Search Engine Strategies conference yet. WebProNews, your source for e-Business news and information, will be covering the conference live.

[2004-07-21] Picasa Link On Google Causes Traffic Increase Of 6000%
Google's purchase of Picasa, a company that offers digital photography software, has caused a web traffic to the site to increase by a stunning 6000%. Shortly after the announcement of the purchase was made, Google began featuring a link that directed visitors to Picasa's download page.

[2004-07-20] PR: The Wildcard Marketing Strategy
What is the true purpose of public relations and how can it really help impact the growth of your small business? In order for the media to succeed, they need information that is both useful and entertaining for their readers. This is where you, the business owner or marketing executive, come in.

[2004-07-19] Ask Jeeves To Have Balloon Made
Ask Jeeves has recently told Marcos Sorensen, the artist who designed the iconic butler, to start thinking on a larger scale. Sorensen, who in recent years has been limited to designing web presentations and company shirts, has been asked to help in the design of a massive balloon, for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Sorensen would be designing the balloon in the butler's likeness.

[2004-07-19] Google Could Announce IPO Price Range This Week
Google is moving closer to disclosing the proposed share price range for its IPO (initial public offer). The Wall Street Journal reported Monday this disclosure could come as early as this week. This progression is a sign that Google is getting close to its $2.7 billion IPO, which may come early as next month.

[2004-07-19] Microsoft Buys For $20 Million
In an unexpected move Microsoft has agreed to buy the domain and associated use of the word Lindows for $20 million. This will end 3 years of litigation by Microsoft against Lindows which claimed trademark infringement.

[2004-07-19] Unveiling the Mask of Click Fraud
Click fraud is nothing new. In fact, it's been exaggerating click-through rates as long as the Internet has been popular - and is one of the biggest threats to paid listings. As search engine advertising fees increase, so do online marketers' worries about this type of fraud.

[2004-07-16] Microsoft Purchases Email Search Engine Lookout
MSN, Internet portal of Microsoft, has announced that they have acquired the email search tool company, Lookout. The software MSN purchased has the ability to search for files and desktop data within Microsoft email client, Outlook.

[2004-07-16] Feedster Introduces New Look, New Search Options, Sponsored Ads
Subscription news search engine Feedster introduced an improved version of its web presence, complete with enhanced search features, a new, more streamlined look, and sponsored listings. The sponsored listings, which appear on Feedster's SERPs, are being provided by Overture.

[2004-07-15] Google Toolbar Introduces Browse By Name
Google has introduced a new feature for their popular toolbar. The upgrade, called Browse by Name, allows users to type a name into Internet Explorer's address bar and Google will go to the query's website, provided the site is a strong match.

[2004-07-15] IAB Study Finds Contextual Advertising Effective At Branding
A study conducted by Nielsen//Netratings and IAB has found that high-ranking advertisements on SERPs can be an effective tool for branding products. IAB commissioned N//N to conduct the survey, called the Internet Search Brand Effectiveness Research.

[2004-07-14] Does Paid Search Engine Placement Affect Site Traffic
Atlas DMT performed a study that researched whether or not paid search placement has an affect on the amount of traffic sites with paid listings receive. This study does not focus solely on paid inclusion. It also takes into account the exploding trend of companies employing SEM.

[2004-07-14] Travelzoo Introduces SuperSearch CPC Search Engine
Online travel portal Travelzoo has unveiled a new search feature on their site called SuperSearch. This tool allows consumers to search multiple travel Web sites, including low-cost carriers.

[2004-07-14] Yahoo Receives Buy Rating From Wall Street
While Yahoo's stock had a bumpy ride on the market last week, this week, they received a boost of confidence Banc of America Securities analyst John Janedis. Yahoo was awarded a buy rating as well a price target for brokerage forecasts.

[2004-07-13] Joins The LookSmart Family
A recently launched search engine called has joined the ranks of LookSmart. The partnership calls for LookSmart to provide directory listings and bid-for-placement distribution network in its search results.

[2004-07-12] Survey Says: Spam Sells
A study of some 37,000 Yahoo! Mail users in 11 different countries has apparently confirmed what many Internet users have long suspected (and despaired): spam email is working. Despite the fact that spam email is almost universally reviled as a nuisance, there are apparently enough people clicking to justify the industry - or perpetuate the problem, depending on your point of view.

[2004-07-09] Ask Jeeves To Review £3m Media Account
The third largest search engine in the UK, Ask Jeeves, is set to review the £3m media account out of Media Planning Group and Profero. Previously reported in WebProNews back in April, Ask Jeeves discontinued its use of banner ads on the UK search site.

[2004-07-09] Acoona Search Engine Launched By China Daily
China Daily Information Company (CDIC), partners with China Communications Corp (CCC), is set to launch a state of the art Business Search Engine that utilizes a new proprietary Artificial Intelligence Technology. They have developed the portal, when launched is supposed to deliver the most accurate Business results from a search engine.

[2004-07-08] Bet On Google IPO
Feel like the Google IPO is a safe bet? You could always roll the dice and see if they come up in your favor. Numerous online bookmakers have begun taking bets on what will happen to Google's stock prices once they hit the stock market in August.

[2004-07-08] Walla Launches Free 1 Gig Email Service
Following up to a story that appeared on WPN in April, Walla! Communications has launched their new free email service, Walla!Mail, featuring 1 gigabyte of storage. This makes WallaMail the second fully operational email service that offers such a capacity, with Spymac being the first.

[2004-07-08] Nigritude Ultramarine Stayer Winner Announced
With the first part of DarkBlue's SEO challenge already decided, the optimization company announced the winner of the second stage of the challenge. The two-month competition had two stages in which winners could be declared.

[2004-07-06] Are Your Emails Getting Through?
If sending email to a mailing list is part of your markėting or business building strategy, you want to make sure your messages are reaching your audience. Are your readers getting your emails?

[2004-07-06] 7 Ways to Evaluate Your Marketing Plan
Business owners often find it difficult to know whether their marketing tactics are working. This can be especially tricky when you use a combination of marketing activities simultaneously, or if using personal-contact tactics such as networking.


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