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[2004-06-30] Google Improves Ad Relevancy For AdWords Service
Search engine Google sent customers an email yesterday that outlined changes to their ad relevancy algorithms. These changes are being made in order to improve the targeting of ads and members' ROI.

[2004-06-29] Creating Marketing Fireworks
If you live in a small town like mine on the Connecticut coast, you will spend Sunday evening watching fireworks, along with everyone else in town. Why is it that people love fireworks?

[2004-06-29] Google IPO Has Wall Street Working Overtime
The dynamics of Google's $2.7 billion IPO is causing a great deal of work for the Wall Street brokerage houses involved. In preparation for the offering, these houses, while working diligently, may not receive the type of return normally associated with an offering of this size.

[2004-06-28] Overture To Expand Local Advertising Services
Yahoo-owned advertising service, Overture, is expected to announce a set of new local advertisers options. Overture is offering these services in an attempt increase local advertising revenue while increasing the usability of their ad campaigns.

[2004-06-28] GlobalSpec Partners With Dice Inc. To Offer Engineering Job Search
Engineering search engine GlobalSpec, announced today that it is partnering with Dice Inc. to offer an engineering job search. This option will be available on GlobalSpec's website.

[2004-06-25] Man Arrested For Threatening Google Charged With Extortion
Michael Bradley of Oak View, California has been charged with extortion and wiretap fraud after making threats to Google about their Adwords service. The charges stem from a software program that Bradley claimed would create fraudulent clicks on Google's CPC ads.

[2004-06-25] How to Find Lists of Prospects
Recently I was asked: "We are just starting a cold calling process and I was wondering if you had any ideas on what publications we could use to track down businesses based on industry, turnover, staff numbers etc." - Brendan.

[2004-06-21] Gmail Releases Ad Standards For Mailings
Gmail's email scanning practice has had privacy advocates fuming and caused US officials to write bills limiting the use of scanned mailings.

[2004-06-18] Google WebSearch Combines AdSense And Search
Google announced today a new addition to their search engine tool set for websites and webmasters.

[2004-06-18] Search Engine College Gains Overture As A Partner
The recently established Search Engine College has gained something almost as valuable as accreditation. Yahoo-owned Overture has announced they will be partnering with the school to provide search engine marketing experience.

[2004-06-16] Truth In Advertising
During the last couple of years we have seen a big change in how marketers promote their products. We believe that truth in advertising will get you much farther than hype, dishonesty or misleading ads/subject lines. If you use these tactics most, if not all, the people will shun you and refuse to sign up under you for any program or service you promote. This is FACT.

[2004-06-15] Building Profitable Relationships with Your Web Site
Wouldn't you like to use your web site to convert more prospects to paying clients? Imagine your prospect, Tom is online looking for a particular product or service. He has found your web site either through a search engine or a link from an ad. Tom clicks through your web pages. Your product or service meets his needs perfectly, but he clicks away. What can you do to turn more site visitors like Tom into customers?

[2004-06-15] FTC Denies Do Not Email List
The Federal Trade Commission has turned down a "Do Not Email" list that is similar to the recently enacted "Do Not Call" list. The FTC cited numerous reasons for the denial of the list.

[2004-06-14] Froogle Ads For Fatherís Day Showing Up In Google AdWords
Recently, WebProNews featured an article discussing how Google was allowing Froogle ads to appear in the first paid position of their search result page. Google acknowledged, to Andy Beal, that they were indeed promoting Froogle by placing it within the paid listing area.

[2004-06-10] Traffix To Acquire SendTraffic
Direct marketing company Traffix is set to acquire the rights to, a search engine marketing firm. SendTraffic provides full service search engine marketing solutions to over 100 clients. SendTraffic also maintains "Certified Ambassador" status with Overture, and is a member of the Google Research Board.

[2004-06-09] Overture Australia Signs Deal With Australian News Sites
Yahoo-owned Overture has signed a deal with News Interactive, which is the digital outlet of News LTD, an Australian news conglomerate. The deal calls for Overture to provide advertising and search services to News Interactive and its subsidiaries.

[2004-06-08] Issues PPC Guidelines For Affiliates
In what may be a response to Google allowing bidding on trademarked keywords, or merely for the purposes of preserving their trademark, has sent an email to their affiliates demanding that they stop bidding on Overstock's trademarked keywords.

[2004-06-08] Froogle Ad Placement Follow Up
On Friday, June 4, 2004, WebProNews featured an article that pointed out Google was giving a link to Froogle for the first AdWords position in the SERP for the keywords "Fathers Day Gifts". The Froogle ad was appearing ahead of paying AdWords clients.

[2004-06-08] Froogle Ad Placement Follow Up
On Friday, June 4, 2004, WebProNews featured an article that pointed out Google was giving a link to Froogle for the first AdWords position in the SERP for the keywords "Fathers Day Gifts". The Froogle ad was appearing ahead of paying AdWords clients.

[2004-06-07] WebSourced Acquires Engine Studio
CGI Holding Corporation today announced that its WebSourced, Inc. subsidiary has acquired the assets of Engine Studio, Inc. Engine Studio has two sites, and, that offer search engine marketing services.

[2004-06-07] Yahoo Advertising On Google
Although the two companies are acknowledged competitors, Yahoo has begun advertising on Google using Google's AdWords program. AdWords works by having clients bid on keywords that can be used to query search engines. These keywords, when searched, will cause Google AdWords to display text ads associated with the content of the search.

[2004-06-04] How to Avoid the Marketing Blues With Yours Offers
"Here's a little tip I would like to relate Big fish bites if ya got good bait."

[2004-06-04] Google Search Results Promoting Froogle Receiving First Keyword Ad Position
An anonymous WebProNews reader pointed out an interesting issue going on with Google's search results. A search of the keywords "Fathers Day Gifts" finds that Google is giving a link for Froogle the first AdWords position (highlighted by a blue rectangle) in the SERP over a company that bid for the very same ranking.

[2004-06-03] New Yahoo Toolbar Does Not Default Scan For Adware
Yahoo's new beta stage toolbar contains a feature called Anti-Spy. This marks the first search engine toolbar to have a spyware remover integrated into it. As reported in a previous WebProNews article, Yahoo's Anti-Spy beta is powered by PestPatrol, a third party software designed to combat spyware and other malicious programs.

[2004-06-02] Atlas DMT Adds More Search Engines To Atlas OnePoint
Atlas DMT, a digital marketing technology provider, announced today the addition of LookSmart and Mirago to their line-up of supported search engines for their Atlas OnePoint paid search management tools. The company also unveiled its currency conversion tools for its web analytics and conversion tracking service, called the Atlas OnePoint ProfitBuilder.

[2004-06-01] DoubleClick Releases 1st Quarter Email Trend Report
A quarterly study of email trends done by DoubleClick discovered useful information for email marketers. The data for the report comes from DoubleClick's DARTmail email delivery technology, including billions of emails from hundreds of clients.


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