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[2004-05-26] Interchange Partners With For Local Search Advertising and the Interchange corporation have agreed to a partnership designed to enable to offer cost-per-click advertising services to businesses via Interchange's Local Direct search platform.

[2004-05-26] Vividence Study Reveals Google Has Most Traffic, Least Ad Clicks
A study conducted by Vividence, a market research firm, examined how people interact with search engines. The study, which Vividence released the findings of yesterday, May 25, 2004, found that search engine use and search engine ad click through rates do not necessarily correlate.

[2004-05-25] ValueClick Joins The Search Engine Advertising Revolution
With a desire to capitalize on the Internet advertising industry that made $2.3 billion in the first quarter of 2004 alone, ValueClick has announced an upgrade to its search engine-marketing program.

[2004-05-24] Google Increases Number Of Underwriters For Its IPO
The world's most popular search engine, Google has added additional underwriters for its planned $2.7 billion IPO. Google named 29 other banks to assist the already named Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc. and Credit Suisse First Boston.

[2004-05-24] Kanoodle Partners With 24/7 Real Media To Provide Behaviorally Targeted Links
Kanoodle Inc., a provider of sponsored links for SERPs and content pages has announced a partnership with 24/7 Real Media to provide behaviorally targeted sponsored links. The partnership will make use of Kanoodle's BehaviorTarget network and is expected to launch by the end of the 2nd quarter, 2004.

[2004-05-24] BURST Media Partners With Tacoda For Behavioral Targeting
Keeping with the Kanoodle/24/7 Real Media merger theme, BURST Media has announced a partnership with Tacoda for behavioral targeting purposes. The agreement sees BURST making use of Tacoda's Audience Management System to track its audience.

[2004-05-24] Secrets of Building and Maintaining Marketing Momentum
Some people seem to steadily increase their income while others just make enough to pay the bills. What's the difference between the people who make millions and the people who struggle all their lives to get ahead?

[2004-05-24] IAB Releases 1st Quarter Internet Advertising Figures
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released the 1st quarter figures for Internet advertising. The numbers reveal the amount of revenue spent in the 1st quarter of 2004. The report also shows that the numbers for this quarter exceed previous records for Internet advertising revenue.

[2004-05-21] Amazon CEO Stands To Benefit From Google IPO
Jeff Bezos, CEO of, was one of the first five outside investors into what was a fledgling start-up search engine named Google. Bezos made his investment in 1998, and the result of his support was that Google entitled him to an undisclosed amount of stock at 6 cents a share.

[2004-05-21] Google Denies AdWords To Deck Of Bush Creators
A group that created a satirical deck of cards with reasons not to re-elect President Bush has been denied an AdWords campaign by Google. This isn't the first time that a company that has been critical of the current President has been denied use of AdWords.

[2004-05-20] Interland Finds Search Engine Marketing Best For Small Businesses
Small business web hosting company Interland has released the findings of its Spring 2004 Business Barometer of Online Activities survey. The survey tests online usage by small businesses with Web sites. The results found that online marketing is the preferred method over traditional marketing tools.

[2004-05-20] Search Engine Marketing to the U.S. Hispanic Market
The explosive increase in the U.S. Hispanic population coupled with its increasing purchasing power has companies competing for a larger market share of this largely untapped market. Advertisers spent an estimated $2.8 billion in 2003 to market their products to U.S. Hispanics.

[2004-05-20] Converseon Launches Publish Search Engine Marketing Solution
Digital communications agency Converseon has developed a search engine marketing solution designed for the publishing industry. The service is called PublishSEM.

[2004-05-20] Overture To Launch Local Search Ads
Yesterday's Piper Jaffray Technology Conference saw Overture discussing its plan for the near future with its search engine advertising business. Among the items discussed by Overture's General Manager David Karnstedt was the introduction of its local search product this quarter.

[2004-05-18] iProspect Releases Search Engine User Attitudes Survey Findings
A survey conducted by iProspect has found that search engine click-through behavior can be predicted by gender, education and other factors. Meaning that by knowing the characteristics of your target audience you can improve and impact an online marketing campaign.

[2004-05-18] Trademark Dispute Causes Geico To Sue Google And Overture
Ever since Google and Overture have allowed competitors to bid on trademarked keywords, legal trouble have not been far behind them. Google is facing lawsuits in Europe and the US because of its trademark policy. Add auto insurance company Geico to the list of companies that have filed suit for improper trademark use.

[2004-05-18] SEO Services Spur Growth For TopRank Online Marketing
TopRank Online Marketing, a Minneapolis based search engine optimization and web site marketing consulting service has announced the addition of 5 new clients, attributing to the growth of the company.

[2004-05-17] Google Jumpstarts AdWords
Search engine Google has launched a new service to accompany their AdWords program. This service, called Jumpstart, was designed in order to assist customers in creating and customizing an ad campaign.

[2004-05-17] Google Somewhat Lifts Oceana Ad Ban
Environmental group Oceana appears to have had a Google-issued ban of its AdWord campaign lifted. Partially. The search engine has allowed the group to display an ad praising Royal Caribbean cruise lines for its clean up effort. Although, in the same stroke, Google denied Oceana from displaying ads calling for other cruise companies to follow Royal Caribbean's lead.

[2004-05-17] Kelsey Group Conducts Study On Local Advertising Effectiveness
The Kelsey Group conducted a study that studied the effectiveness of local advertising in vertical digital directories.

[2004-05-14] Ask Jeeves Reveals Plans For Interactive Search Holdings
Now that Ask Jeeves' acquisition of ISH is complete, the number 5 search engine has stated what it plans to do with the web properties that it gained during the purchase. The buy gives Jeeves control over Excite, iWon, My Way, My Search, My WebSearch, and the MaxOnline ad network.

[2004-05-13] Citysearch Search Engine Secures Deal With Overture
Citysearch, an engine for local searches in cities in the United States and abroad, has signed a deal with Yahoo-owned Overture to integrate Overture's sponsored search listings. These listings will appear in areas where Citysearch has available ad inventory such as home services, professional services, and medical specialists.

[2004-05-13] Google Begins Featuring Image Ads In AdWords
In a surprise to many experts, Google has begun offering image based ads to their AdWords clients. This new format of Google ads will, like all AdWords/AdSense campaigns, be contextual targeted.

[2004-05-13] Search Engine College Launches
Offering classes in search engine optimization and marketing, Search Engine College has launched its web presence. Located in New Zealand, the courses SEC offers are completed online. SEC is owned by WebRank LTD and is managed by SEO expert Kalena Jordan.

[2004-05-13] Web Shopping Search Engine Use Jumps During Mother's Day
Web users were out enmasse this past Mother's Day weekend. Nielsen//NetRatings released a study that showed the amount of traffic to shopping-based search engines rose, in some cases, as much as 91%. The study also found that nearly 13 million unique visitors used online shopping directories and search engines.

[2004-05-12] Follow-up On DoubleClick Click Rate Ad Survey
Yesterday, WebProNews reported on a survey conducted by DoubleClick that indicated internet-based ads have had an increase in click through rates. The largest click through rates came from rich media ads, which received a click rate of 1%.

[2004-05-11] Yahoo And Google Count Ad Revenue Differently
Keyword advertising accounts for much of the revenue that search engines Yahoo and Google receive. Google has stated that 90+% of their earnings comes from its AdWord service. As a whole, keyword advertising took in 35% of internet ad revenue generated during the last fiscal year.

[2004-05-10] Google Prepping New Technology For AdWords Clients
Keyword sales accounted for 35% of advertising revenue generated 2003. Search engine leader Google receives an estimated 95% of its revenue from keyword ad campaigns.

[2004-05-10] Survey Finds Google Advertisers Want Lower Rates For Gmail Ads
According to a survey completed by Mosaic Media, 57.1 percent of Google AdWords advertisers want their ads to appear contextually in Google new email service, Gmail.

[2004-05-07] How To Increase Your Conversion Rate
Everybody talks about the importance of testing your sales copy or a page layout. After all, proper testing can help you modify your page in a way that will drastically increase your conversion rate.

[2004-05-07] Is The Google Honeymoon With The Press Over?
Since its launch in September of 1999, Google's non-portal interface and relevant search results have predominantly received positive coverage from users and press members alike.

[2004-05-06] Why Split-Run Testing Does Not Work...for Those Who are Doing it Wrong
There is a wealth of information out there about the benefits of split-run testing or how to conduct such tests, and a huge selection of software solutions that help to implement it.

[2004-05-06] Tacoda Systems Launches Behavioral Ad Product
Tacoda Systems is currently testing a method of behavioral ad targeting that combines Google AdWords-style targeting and profile-based advertising. The service, which is being tested by four unnamed publications, is called Audience Match.

[2004-05-05] Gambling Ads Sidestep Google Filters
As reported in WebProNews earlier, search engines Google and Yahoo have decided to ban online casino ads from appearing on SERPs. The ban was to go into effect at the end of April. However, it appears that some of the casinos have found a way to "cheat" the filters Google has put in place.

[2004-05-04] Search Engine Users Find Natural Search Results Most Relevant
A survey conducted by iProspect found that more than 60 percent of Yahoo users and over 72 percent of Google users clicked on a natural search results when looking for the most relevant listing for their query. Natural search results are non-advertisement listings that are returned when a keyword is queried.

[2004-05-04] Group Creates Search Engine Marketing Organization
A group of search engine marketers from Dallas/Fort Worth have created a search engine marketing organization in order to help local businesses with marketing and optimizing their sites for search engines.


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