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[2004-04-30] Google Ads Boost AOL Revenue
Parent company Time Warner reported that America Online ad revenues increased by $27 million, a benefit of AOL's partnership with everyone's favorite search engine, Google. The partnership calls for Google to display search result ads within AOL's searches.

[2004-04-29] Google Finally Files IPO
Search engine Google finally ended mountains of speculation by filing their initial public offering today, April 29, 2004. This means that Google's stock will now be available to the public, although the stock isn't expected to be available for a few months.

[2004-04-29] Overcoming Objections to Price
How much more could you earn if your prospects didn't object to your prices? You'd close more sales and be more successful.

[2004-04-29] Google Founders Expected To Keep Control
Search engine Google, in light of their recently announced IPO, have installed a safety net to ensure the founders keep a degree of control. Co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page own 33% of Google's Class B stock and have developed a voting structure that would let them keep the control of their creation.

[2004-04-29] Google Names Yahoo and Microsoft As Significant Competition
In the Form S-1 that Google filed with the SEC this afternoon, the search engine names the companies with whom it has the most competition with. Calling the competition "formidable," Google gave names to the search engines it thinks will give Google the most competition.

[2004-04-28] Google Tops In Search Engine Driven Ecommerce
Market intelligence firm has compiled a report on Google, giving a detailed market analysis. The report shows that Google has the top position in the Search & Buy e-commerce market.

[2004-04-28] Digital Impact To Start Marketing Service For Search Engines
Digital Impact, an email marketing service, has announced plans to start a search engine marketing service. The service is expected to begin in the 2nd half of 2004.

[2004-04-27] More Companies Launch Contextual Ad Networks
Tacoda Systems and aQuantive, Inc. have decided to throw their respective hats into the lucrative contextual ad industry. The difference that these companies offer is that they are behaviorally targeting their ads. In other words, the companies are directly targeting users, not just web pages.

[2004-04-27] Alarming Marketing Trend
One key discipline of successful direct marketing has been to test marketing communications tactics to continually improve results. There is now an alarming trend according to a recent survey that we conducted among business-to-business marketers who are readers of Sales Lead Report.

[2004-04-26] Google In Court Over New AdWords Policy
Google's newest policy concerning bidding on trademarked slogans for AdWords purposes has come under fire. French insurance company AXA has filed suit against the search engine for allowing others to bid on keywords that AXA has trademarked.

[2004-04-23] Google IPO Looming
According to many financial news outlets, Google is set to announce its plans for their IPO "within days". The initial report came out of The Wall Street Journal, and the speculation about Google's IPO comes from the search engine having to open its financial books up for the SEC.

[2004-04-23] Moreover Moves Its Feed Service
Moreover, a news feed aggregator, has moved their service to This move was made so Moreover can more easily manage the websites who contain the company's news feeds.

[2004-04-22] Search Engine Ad Revenue Up 35 Percent
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released the Final Full-Year 2003 Internet Ad Revenue Figures, and the report has revealed that ad sales across the Internet has risen 21% from the previous year. The biggest jump, however, was in keyword sales.

[2004-04-21] Yahoo Japan Online Ad Profits See 64% Increase
Yahoo Japan, the country's largest online portal, according to, reported that its profits more than doubled in the latest financial year. The main reasons for the boost are Yahoo Japan's online auction presence and its online ad revenue.

[2004-04-20] AskJeeves Becomes Hotter Commodity
With search engine AskJeeves seeing it's stock rise 8% to $39 a share yesterday due, in part, to Wall Street accolades, the search engine has become an attractive search engine to the big guys.

[2004-04-16] Search Engine Loyalty Drives Industry
The results of iProspect's Search Engine User Attitudes Survey, which focuses on search engine loyalty, have been released. These results paint a clear picture on search engine usage, popularity, and how users are loyal to their engine of choice.

[2004-04-09] Mesothelioma Generates Ad Revenue For Search Engines
Asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma has become one of the hottest words in search engine keyword advertising, costing as much as $90 dollars per click in some cases. Considering that most search engine ad words cost around $1 a click, mesothelioma is clearly the industry leader in price per click.

[2004-04-07] Email Marketers Question Gmail Ads
As the ripples of Google's Gmail announcement spread, questions about Google's placing of targeted ads within emails are rising. The privacy issue is still prevalent, however a new concern has surfaced.

[2004-04-06] Vibrant Media Debuts New(?) Ad Campaign
Vibrant Media, a contextual keyword advertising company, announced the availability of a new product, IntelliTXT. Vibrant's product allows users to generate contextual advertising that appears as highlighted links within the content of the site.

[2004-04-06] Online Gambling Sites Respond To Ad Ban
A decision by Yahoo and Google to ban online gambling ads has created expected repercussions from some of the casino site owners. Understandably, the owners who commented are not pleased with the gambling ad ban by the two search engine giants.

[2004-04-05] BellSouth Announces Google Enhancements
BellSouth, which serves local, long distance, Internet and wireless customers in the United States, has announced that their portal page will now feature Google-powered searches. In addition to search capabilities, Google will also make targeted advertisements through its AdSense/AdWords program available to BellSouth users.

[2004-04-05] Overture Extends Agreement With CNN
Yahoo owned Overture Services, a provider of Internet marketing services, extended its search agreements with and In addition to extending its existing deals, Overture has also signed an ad distribution agreement with Wall Street Journal Online.

[2004-04-02] Google Alters Ad Pricing
An announcement from Google concerning the pricing of their AdSense campaign may lower the price of ads that Google places on web pages. Google stated it would be adjusting its prices for these advertisements.


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