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[2004-03-31] Is Your Marketing Strategy Killing Your Profits?
With the wrong marketing strategy you could be killing your profits and limiting your business. Your marketing strategy is like the driver in a car, with marketing tactics being the engine. If you know where you want to go and how to get there, your marketing tactics will help you attract many more clients, if not you could crash.

[2004-03-26] InfoSpace Buys Switchboard
InfoSpace, an Internet search and directory company, announced on Friday that it would be acquiring rival Switchboard. The terms of the acquisition are for $160 million, with the deal expected to be complete by the end of 2004.

[2004-03-26] Jopit Launches Search Engine for Job Seekers
The full-scale launch of, a niche search engine designed for online employment and recruitment began this week. Named a "job engine", looks to unite job seekers and recruiters in an effort to streamline the hiring process.

[2004-03-22] FindWhat Partners To Expand B2B Search, a provider of performance-based marketing and commerce, has announced that it is partnering with Thomas Global Register to provide a marketplace listings service using's private label service.

[2004-03-19] Channel Tracking Now in Google Adsense
As part of Google's upgrade of Adsense, the search engine giant has modified the ability in which Adsense users can track the results of their ads.

[2004-03-19] MSN Alters Search Ads
MSN has announced that they are going to start labeling their paid search-listings more clearly. MSN is attempting make their ads more search term relevant.

[2004-03-18] Google Brands Adsense Ads With Graphics
Google has started branding their Adsense Ads with Google graphics. This news has caused some interest in Google AdSense users.

[2004-03-18] Copywriting Tips for Sales-generating Brochures
Brochures have held an important place in marketing plans for longer than most of us can remember. There is no doubt that they have the ability to generate sales and increase revenues. Why then do so many of them fail?

[2004-03-17] InteractiveCorp Buys TripAdvisor
It was revealed in a recent announcement that InterActiveCorp is buying the travel search engine TripAdvisor. InterActiveCorp, based Manhattan, is using this purchase to increase its growing Internet presence.

[2004-03-17] Overture Europe Changes Leadership
Overture Services, an Internet search firm, has promoted Stephen Taylor to the managing director for Overture Europe. The move replaces Nick Hynes, the man responsible for launching Overture in the UK.

[2004-03-17] Marketing to Today's
The average consumer today is exposed to a deluge of 1,700 marketing messages during a single 24-hour period according to recent advertising industry numbers. Look around you, we marketers have pasted, injected and/or overlaid marketing messages (read advertising) in any possible place imaginable! Case in point, NBC will start to digitally insert commercial "billboards" into advertising content to be broadcast during the winter Olympics - in essence a commercial within a commercial.

[2004-03-16] Are You A Marketing Octopus or A Marketing Worm?
One of the greatest challenges to effectively marketing a business is determining which marketing method is best suited for your business.

[2004-03-12] Will VoIP be a Mass Market Product?
A common thinking among "Marketing people " is that for every product that enters the market there must be a path, a target, a need ( real or created) that decides how the product must enter the consumer's life, which part of the population is more likely to go for it, which niche it is going to fill and, most important "...certain things being stated, something other than what is stated follows of necessity from their being so." and that is the final issue: the price.

[2004-03-12] Oracle Sees Solid Sales
Oracle announced on Thursday a 9% revenue gain for the third quarter, while net income grew 11% to $635 million.

[2004-03-11] FCC Goes After Mobile Phone Spam
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced today its intent to protect cell phones, pagers and other mobile devices from unwanted text messages and emails.

[2004-03-10] America Online, EarthLink, Microsoft and Yahoo! Sue Over Spam
"Today is a red-letter day for big-time spammers, and the letters they should remember from this day forward are 'CAN-SPAM,'" said AOL Executive Vice President and General Counsel Randall Boe.

[2004-03-05] SEM Growing Faster Than Projected
Safa Rashtchy was a speaker during the "Swimming with the Sharks: What You'll Get From VCs and Investment Bankers" session at this week's Search Engine Strategies conference.

[2004-03-04] The Paid Inclusion Crisis
The debate over whether paid inclusion programs will reduce search result quality is spreading like a wildfire but the search engine getting the blunt of its burden is Yahoo.

[2004-03-04] Don't Underestimate Search Advertising
During this week's Search Engine Strategies conference it was stated that search engine marketers currently make up 22% of the people buying online advertisements, often bidding on thousands of search terms with million dollar budgets.

[2004-03-02] You Can't Manage It If You Don't Measure It!
Ask ten small business marketers the cost effectiveness of the various sales lead generation methods that they use and half will put on a guilty look and confess that they haven't taken the time to gather the information necessary to figure it out.

[2004-03-02] Turning Future Prospects into Customers
I recently had a conversation with the marketing communications manager of a prospective client about following up future prospects effectively. By the end of the conversation it had struck me how little emphasis most small and medium sized businesses place in this area. While most do a good job following up hot leads, relatively few have the systems and procedures in place to insure that future prospects receive the ongoing attention necessary to turn them into customers.

[2004-03-01] The Biggest Marketing Problem
Can you guess what it is? - It's not having too much competition. - It's not about money (or the lack thereof). - And it's not about finding more clients.

[2004-03-01] Why B2B Marketing Should be Subtle
Subtle adj. Showing or making, or capable of showing or making, fine distinctions of meaning.

[2004-03-01] Do You Really Need a Brochure?
The phone rings. Good news... it's a potential client. You say, "Thanks for calling, I'll send you our brochure."

[2004-03-01] How to Save Thousands on Your Marketing
Marketing can be expensive. It doesn't have to be, but sometimes you will spend more than you should. Usually you'll realise this after you've done it. But here are two tips that can save you thousands of dollars.

[2004-03-01] How to Spend Your Marketing Money
When it comes to spending money - particularly for marketing - many businesses are not sure what to do. In some situations there is a history of implementing certain marketing activities for specific reasons, in other cases a fresh start must be taken. At all times there is a need to make sure your marketing budget is being planned correctly and spent wisely.

[2004-03-01] Is Your Marketing Kitchen Really Cookin'?
In discussions with clients and business associates, and during my work as a tutor with university students, I am often surprised at the lack of understanding of how ubiquitous the marketing function is within an organisation.

[2004-03-01] Using the Media to Your Advantage! That's what often happens when people think of using media for advertising or other promotional purposes. It's the focus on 'action' that often means the results are somewhat less than expected. A bit of planning can greatly improve your chances of success.

[2004-03-01] Smarter Marketing in a Slow Economy
More often than not, when times get tough marketing gets the bullet. In some cases where there has been an incorrect allocation of resources within a company this may be justified. But in most cases it is a mistake. Sometimes a very costly one!

[2004-03-01] Business Eye for the Marketing Guy
How the Fab Five have changed marketing...


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