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[2004-02-29] Google Changes the Affiliate Industry
"Google AdSense has changed the affiliate industry."

[2004-02-28] AdWords: A Commercial Haiku
If you're looking for an AdWords supporter, look no further than Ted "Tedster" Ulle, a site administrator for the popular online forum WebmasterWorld.

[2004-02-27] Paid Inclusion Tips and Tricks
One important aspect of paid inclusion is determining whether or not your site makes a good candidate.

[2004-02-26] The Fight Over Tight Affiliate Control
Yesterday's Performance-Based Marketing session at the DMA/AIM conference struck quite a passionate debate regarding how much control companies should have over branding and affiliates.

[2004-02-26] On-Line Marketing and the Tradeshow
All right, you've gotten the reservation to attend the trade show, you have the personnel trained who will be working the booth, you have your give-a-way program in place, you have ordered and packed your trinkets and toys, now we need to gear up to follow-up. The web might be the ticket to maximize post-meeting communication and sales.

[2004-02-26] WebmasterWorld PubConference Live Report
Webmasterworld's Publishers Conference VI has begun and WebProNews is reporting live from the scene in Orlando, Florida.

[2004-02-25] DMA Sends Spam Warning
"The government will regulate what the industry does not," warned DMA CEO and President H. Robert Wientzen at today's DMA Conference in New York.

[2004-02-25] Building a Brand Online
Customers don't necessarily recognize the differences between channels, noted Travelocity CEO and President Michelle Peluso.

[2004-02-25] CNET Stays One Step Ahead
CNET Networks, a leading global media company, added sparks to the DMA/AIM conference earlier today.

[2004-02-25] Marketing is Just a Game
CNET's gaming industry portal GameSpot covers over 7,500 products and has over one million users per day.

[2004-02-25] Advertising is Changing
CNET CEO and Chairman Shelby Bonnie believes advertising is fundamentally changing and the mindset of what marketing is needs to change along with it.

[2004-02-24] Live on the Scene at DMA
This is a time of enormous change in American advertising, says David Verklin, Chief Executive Officer, Carat North America.

[2004-02-24] Online Branding Really Works
When you buy an online advertisement, you're paying for online branding, not just clicks.

[2004-02-24] Proctor & Gamble Teaming up with eBay?
There are whispers that Proctor & Gamble will be teaming up with online auction giant eBay in the near future.

[2004-02-20] Event Turns Spotlight on Blogging, RSS
This week's DEMO 2004 conference, the world's launchpad for emerging technology, shined a spotlight on RSS and Blogging products.

[2004-02-20] Yahoo! Search: You’re Gonna Pay
Yahoo! has officially - and finally - broken free from its Google chains and launched its own algorithmic search technology.

[2004-02-18] How to Use PR in a Marketing-for-Leads Program
The public relations (PR) discipline covers a vast array of activities-everything from ribbon-cutting ceremonies to crisis communication. Some of these activities are geared to creating qualified sales leads, and those can play an important role in your marketing-for-leads program.

[2004-02-12] Are Marketers Chasing Rainbows?
In a recent article, Andrew Ehrenberg writes that "many goals in marketing are unrealistic" and "doomed to failure from the start." His comments appeared in a piece titled "Marketing: Are You Really a Realist?" in Strategy+Business, the newsletter from Booz Allen Hamilton, the global management and technology firm.

[2004-02-12] Take a Stand for Your Brand
Every successful brand has managed to communicate its company's core beliefs and attitudes-what the company stands for-to its target customers.

[2004-02-06] Developing Your Cyber-Marketing Plan
Before You Begin: Determine what marketing information prospects need Brainstorm all information you have available for your customers/clients. Consider the value a customer may find in the information you plan to provide and determine the information's worthiness. Not all information is really worthy of passing on to the customer/client. The "rule of thumb" here is to provide the top three to five most important pieces of information. Providing more than that would either overwhelm the customer or drive the customer away.

[2004-02-03] SEM - Research Measures Success
Search engine marketing success comes from good research. By applying research to understand your competition and target audience, your optimization efforts will succeed. Remember when homework from school often required some research on your part to complete? It is much the same scenario for search engine marketing: you need to apply yourself by researching in order to understand your competition and target audience. Your visitors need to relate to you and understand your message and what you want them to do.

[2004-02-03] How to Write With Sizzle When There’s No Sausage
Anyone who has worked in sales knows that features are what something is, whereas benefits are what it does for you. And that's easy to incorporate when you're writing about your product or service.

[2004-02-02] What Are Your Biases and Heuristics?
Most of us live in a world of full inboxes, shifting deadlines and a confusing array of acronyms and buzzwords. We often need heuristics (a mental shortcut or rule of thumb) and biases as a way of navigating the swirling sea of information, decisions and choices while quickly sorting the "chaff from the wheat" in our daily lives.


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