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[2004-01-22] The Ultimate Web Traffic Dashboard
The most frequently asked question I get from clients is, "What should we measure on our Web site?"

[2004-01-21] Sending Out a Survey to Customers Can Double Sales
We all are well aware of a simple fact in marketing - Acquiring new customers is 10 times more difficult and expensive than retaining existing ones. This is one of the fundamental driving forces behind the wide-spread adoption and interest in CRM and related customer retention strategies.

[2004-01-20] Evaluating Your Marketing Capabilities
Here is a scenario I have witnessed time and time again while working with growing software companies. Once the product is half-baked, the company's founders and top executives start drumming up business. Whether successful or not, at some point they bring in the "Professional VP Sales" - either to bring in the sales they could not close or to take sales to the next level and build a sales organization. Sooner or later, the VP Sales comes to the conclusion the sales people need more leads.

[2004-01-12] 20 Ways to Grow Your Subscriber List
1. Make it easy for readers to subscribe by putting your subscriber form on your Web site's home page. (In other words, don't bury it.)

[2004-01-05] Mind The Gap : Bringing You, Your Prospects and Your CFO Closer
As a marketer, don't you love it when someone in finance or operations (or even a neighbor) asks, "What is it you do again?"


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