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[2003-10-21] Marketing With RSS Feeds
Lets face it as much as we all rely on email communications it is not really a reliable technology.

[2003-10-21] All About RSS: Can It Save eMail Marketing?
RSS is yet another channel you can use to distribute your content to your target audiences. Its foremost advantages over e-mail are that it is 100% opt-in, doesn't carry the risk of spam accusations and actually gets the message delivered to the people that "subscribe" to it.

[2003-10-21] Advertising Is Dead; Long Live PR
Although I still believe there is a place for advertising as a brand-maintenance or brand-affirmation tool, I am convinced that to build a brand today you need PR.

[2003-10-14] Opening Gambits For Direct Mailings
Think of getting people to respond to direct mail as a chess match. If you don't apply the opening gambit on time or in the right way, the match is lost. The opening gambit in mail is, of course, getting readers inside the envelope - and doing it in a way that enhances the probability of response.

[2003-10-01] What is Not Measured is Not Managed: Tracking the Success of your Brand Investment
Many companies acknowledge the importance of brands as assets that hold leverageable value and can build and sustain competitive advantage. But in the current challenging economic environment, investments require careful consideration - and measurable proof of return. If brands are to be considered assets, they should be held to the same standards of performance and measurements as other assets, such as real estate or financial investments.


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