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[2003-09-25] Accountability: The Key to Respect, Raises, More Staff and Bigger Budgets
First the bad news As businesses "down size," "right size, " merge or are acquired, jobs are lost. So, if you're worried about your future, you're not alone. With today's business climate the way it is, I know many marketing and communications professionals who have had severe budget cuts, run understaffed departments, or fear being let go during the next wave of cutbacks.

[2003-09-19] Tapping into Brand Touchpoints
Branding has grown into far more than a marketing buzzword, as an increasing number of organizations recognize and value their brands as strategic assets that are built through deeds, not merely words or images.

[2003-09-18] Marketing and Sales Alignment: How Siebel Does It
Siebel Systems is best known for its commanding share of the CRM market. Recently, the company has opened up to showcase how it uses its own marketing software to support some of the best practices in marketing and demand generation. You need not worry; this is not a Siebel commercial. As you will quickly realize, this is mostly about organization, process, and measurement. Here are some of the highlights, based on Andrew Clarke's presentation at the Marketing Roundtable and a similar presentation given at a Siebel webinar.

[2003-09-17] How to Effectively Conduct an Online Survey
So you've decided to conduct an online survey. There are a few questions in your mind that you would like answered, and you are on the lookout for a fast and inexpensive way to find out more about your customers, clients and so on.

[2003-09-11] How Should You Test Your Marketing Strategy?
In many business settings, strategy is a word that has cachet. It seems to have a little less today, with the word execution gaining quickly, but it still carries some weight.

[2003-09-10] Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts
Adam Hodge, responsible for National Marketing and Communications at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, had a fundamental response to my religious diatribe last month, titled Let There Be Light.

[2003-09-10] Let There Be Light
In the beginning, the IT department created the Web server and the server log. And darkness was upon the face of the marketing department. And the spirit of the home page moved upon the face of the marketing department, and the marketing department said, "Let there be reports." And the marketing department saw the reports. And it was good.

[2003-09-03] A Simple Formula for Success
Leaders in the business world need public relations big time, and they show it every day. How? By staying in touch with their most important external audiences and by carefully monitoring their perceptions about the company, audience member feelings about hot topics at issue, and the behaviors that inevitably follow.

[2003-09-02] Measuring Data: Whadda Ya Got?
Paco Underhill's Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping (Touchstone Books, 2000) illuminated the mysterious behavior of shoppers wandering around in retail stores. The realization comes to marketers in a flash that the behavior of a website visitor is immeasurably more measurable. It's obvious. It's intuitive. It's exciting.

[2003-09-02] Doubt PR's Clout? Don't!
Done right, it helps modify the behaviors of your most important target audiences, and that can spell S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L. I don't believe that's an overstatement because a customer who thinks badly of you and your business will not soon be darkening your threshold.

[2003-09-02] Online Advertising Isn't Working: Here's A New Model That Will
Sure online ads are getting bigger, louder, faster-moving and more intrusive. But the vast majority are not getting BETTER. And that, folks, is why advertising isn't working online.


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