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[2003-07-25] What is MLM ?
Multilevel Marketing is one of the fastest growing yet most misunderstood methods of moving products in use today. It has been termed by many as the Wave-of-the Eighties.

[2003-07-25] 5 Points for Marketing Success
What do you want your marketing to do for you? Different people will give different answers to this question ranging from more exposure to better customer traffic, but the core answer to everyone's response will be more sales and profits a.k.a. MONEY. So marketing can make you more money...that should be making you ask youself the question: What can you do for marketing?

[2003-07-25] How do I get started with my marketing?
Does marketing your business seem overwhelming? Have you wondered how you were ever going to fit marketing into your weekly workload?

There is absolutely no doubt. Network marketing is now attracting a new type of person. The wave of new style network marketing is having an unprecedented appeal to professional business people.

[2003-07-24] Are YOU getting your Money's Worth When Buying Traffic? . . . The beginner's guide to tracking click-throughs and ROI from pay- per-click engines. Part 2
Let us look at these two options. Assigning a query string value to your link. This method can work in pay-per-click engines, but when working with other engines and links, it can become cumbersome and not always work.

[2003-07-24] RE-INVENT YOURSELF!
SAY IT WITH ME " No more complaining about what I cant do and focus on what I can.."

[2003-07-23] Industry Pro Interview: Expanding Your Market Reach For More Sales
Have you ever wondered how to get out of a "sales slump"? I think all of us have! One of the most common things we, as small business owners, allow ourselves to suffer through is "narrow mindedness". We have thoughts about what our product/service is, what it does and who it serves.

[2003-07-23] How To Make Your Web Site Profitable! Six ways you can turn visitors into buyers!
I do a lot of surfing. I don't do a lot of bookmarking. For a site to earn a position on my favorites list, it has to meet a few of my "must have" requirements.

[2003-07-23] Is Your Web Site Sticky? Eight ways to make your site a traffic magnet!
Have you seen those gooey, slimy, wet looking blobs that you can throw against a pane of glass - or a computer screen - and it sticks? A friend of mine stopped by recently with one of these silly little toys.

[2003-07-23] 5 Tips for Joining Affiliate Programs
Let me get straight to the point! There is a jungle of affiliate programmes on the net. Some are good, but very many are mediocre. If you don't know what to look for when choosing who to go into partnership with, there's a good chance that you will invest time and money on mediocre programmes which will never yield any worthwhile income.

[2003-07-23] Profitable Target Marketing: 6 Lessons from Major League Baseaball
Does your business struggle with profitable online marketing? If so, you are not alone. Attracting the right customers to a site and keeping them coming back - while also turning a profit - can be a challenge. Consequently, I'm always on the lookout for ways to demonstrate profitable online strategies.

[2003-07-23] Get Business Now: Play by the Marketing Rules
Marketing a business is like any game. If you know the rules you are much more likely to win. All to often small businesses spend their limited time and money on advertising, networking, making calls, mailings, meeting with prospects, yet only achieve middling results. The problem isn't that they don't know their business or provide high quality products and services, its that they don't know the rules of the marketing game.

[2003-07-15] The Chief Marketing Scarecrow
When I was a little boy, my great-grandfather had a scarecrow in his garden. I often wondered if the scarecrow ever really fooled anyone or anything that came near it. According to my great-grandfather, it worked on those creatures that were easily scared, fooled or didn't know better. Today, I have come to think of certain executive marketing officers in this manner: If they put up a strong front, no one will question what they are doing or why they are doing it.

[2003-07-09] Google Adwords Moan
Google Adwords is obviously going through growing pains. This has been a hot topic in the forums. A person calling himself "Citypublife" wrote:


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