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[2003-03-31] Google Enters 'Pay Per Click' Arena!
Google, which is used more than 150 million times per day to conduct searches has announced its entrance into the pay per click arena with the recent introduction of its new "Ad Words Select" program. The old "Ad Words" Program was based on paying per impressions of your ad, not clicks, thus the addition of the word "select."

[2003-03-27] Building A Solid Subscriber List - A Fundamental of Web Marketing
It's a fact of sales life. When people trust you, they buy from you. The imperative question has always been "How do I get people to trust me online"? Building a subscriber list can be a relatively inexpensive form of marketing that has a three-fold pay-off... building trust, gaining permission to send marketing messages, and increasing sales.

[2003-03-24] Marketing by the Numbers
"Conviction is the luxury of those sitting on the sidelines." This is what John Nash's imaginary boss said in the movie "A Beautiful Mind." For those of us who choose to play rather than watch, Measurement is the compass that guides us through our mistakes. What is your most important marketing tool? I would argue that your spreadsheet application should be high at the top of the list. In this day and age, running your marketing department without constant attention to the numbers is simply irresponsible.

[2003-03-24] AOL Revamps Broadband Strategy
AOL 8.0 Plus could help AOL achieve par with MSN 8. While Microsoft mulls its broadband strategy for MSN, America Online launched its first volley in the space on Monday.

[2003-03-21] Cisco Acquisition Not Expected to Change Linksys Marketing
Cisco yesterday announced an agreement to acquire Linksys, the leading provider of home networking products. But, company officials suggest, there's not likely to be any great change in Linksys' successful marketing and branding strategy. According to the agreement, Cisco will issue approximately $500 million in stock to acquire Linksys.

[2003-03-21] BTB Marketers Are Told to Smarten Up
Nancy Harhut didn't mince words as she began her session yesterday at the Direct Marketing to Business conference here. "We have a problem today, and that problem is this: There's a lot of really bad direct marketing creative out there," said Harhut, senior vice president and creative director at Mullen, Wenham, MA.

[2003-03-21] LookSmart Enhances Listings
LookSmart, a business that harnesses the power of search to generate cost-effective sales leads, announced yesterday a series of enhancements for its Small Business Listings service. The new features, which include upgraded tracking, expanded reporting, more flexible listing management and reduced fees, will make it easier for small business customers to manage and optimize their paid search listing campaigns on the LookSmart Network.

[2003-03-21] Top Traditional Advertisers Account for 30% of Online Ads
The top 100 traditional advertisers as of January had increased their share of the online ad market to more than 30 percent, up from 15 percent two years ago, according to a report released yesterday by Internet audience measurement company Nielsen//NetRatings.

[2003-03-21] Top Advertisers Using Online More
Top traditional advertisers have begun to finally make online advertising a noticeable part of the media mix, according to new research by Nielsen//NetRatings. Looking at ad impressions for 2002, the researcher found that the top 100 traditional advertisers' share was 30 percent.

[2003-03-20] E-Mail Newsletter Marketing Essentials
If Gutenberg were alive today he would be in publishing heaven! Forget the printing press, the web has fast-forwarded self-publishing in ways that are evolving so rapidly it's becoming difficult to integrate technology and process to leverage the opportunities. Any company, regardless of their size and marketing resources should be publishing an opt-in e-mail newsletter - it's a very low cost way to build community with customers, keep suppliers/partners/other informed and generate new business.

[2003-03-17] 5 Secrets To Saving Your Marketing Dollars
Secret #1 Cut Out The Excess Does size really count? Not in this case! Smaller can actually be more effective in the long run.

[2003-03-14] Internet Marketing - Doing It Like The Big Guys Do It
When I brainstorm with clients on how to improve their on-line businesses, one of the things I always ask myself is what are my struggling clients doing differently than the big on-line successes? That generally holds the key to them improving their businesses. Today I thought I would share with you some insights into what the "Big Guys" do that the struggling internet marketers usually don't. Some of these things may seem obvious. However, many people observe the obvious, realize what they need to do, and then do nothing. Those who succeed act upon their observations.

[2003-03-13] Internet Marketing: Do the Math, You May be Surprised!
There are several types of media to consider when mapping out an Internet marketing campaign. Some of the more popular candidates include pay-per-click (PPC) listings, PPC banners, banners based upon impressions, e-mail, search engine positioning, and link exchanges. Choosing between the different alternatives can be a daunting task. Regardless of which media you are considering, it pays to sit down with a calculator and do the math - and you may be surprised!

[2003-03-12] Generating Publicity For Your Business: Knowing Your "Media Market" Is Critical
When starting a successful business venture or launching a new product, most entrepreneurs or business owners conduct some type of marketing research to determine the extent of their prospective customer base. And when getting the word out to that customer base, many entrepreneurs may turn to the media to help generate a buzz for them. However, as detailed as their marketing research might have been, very few business owners are as meticulous at determining their proper "media market" - that is, all those media outlets whose editorial profiles are a match to a product/business profile and would be appropriate for generating media exposure and publicity.

[2003-03-06] Marketing to Seniors on the Net - The Biggest Surprise of My Life!
I've been active in Internet marketing since 1996, including working with several businesses that acquire customers solely over the Web. Not long ago, while assisting a client who markets specifically to seniors, I had the biggest surprise of my life!

[2003-03-03] How to Write E-Mail Sales Messages That Get Results
Free. . . Sale. . . New . . . Hot. . . Act now! These words announce yet another e-mail sales message. We're inundated with e-mail pitches and wary of anything that sounds too good to be true. So, how do you write your e-mail sales messages so customers will open, and most importantly, act on them?


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