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[2002-12-23] 7 Sins of Media Releases
"You need serious liposuction!" I told a participant in a recent teleseminar. No, I wasn't referring to her size -- but rather, the length of her media release which tipped the scales at 3 bloated pages. It's natural to "sin" when it comes to writing media releases, since we are full of enthusiasm for our books and products. But as someone who receives over two hundred media releases a week, here is a brief checklist of what to do before you send out your releases.

[2002-12-20] How to Create Your Website Marketing Plan
Creating a web site without developing a web site marketing plan is the same as planning for failure. A web site marketing plan is essential not only just to survive but to continue to thrive and expand your business. You should spend 80% of your time marketing your web site. It's the life blood of your online business. When to create your web site marketing plan. Most of us probably create a web site first before we plan to market it. However just like a business plan, you should prepare your marketing strategy ahead of time.

[2002-12-19] Increase Your Bottom Line Through Referrals
There's a therapist in my hometown who bills 55 hours a week and has a waiting list of several months of clients trying to get in to see him. He owns a business card. That's the extent of his marketing. He doesn't even have a sign on his door. He couldn't really market, he doesn't have the time. He's in his office 10 hours a day making money hand over fist.

[2002-12-12] An Overlooked Advertising Opportunity For Web Publishers
When you have an online business you need to utilize every possible avenue of advertising and promotion. As I sign up for more ezines and discussion groups, I am finding numerous publishers are overlooking a very effective and fr~e advertising opportunity. After I sign up for an ezine or email discussion group, I await the welcome letter for guidelines and to learn a bit more about the ezine/website/webmaster. Too often all I get in the welcome letter is the standard default letter. No personal welcome, no introductions, no links to check out and no email.

[2002-12-12] Smashing the Myth of the Press Release
A musician spends years honing his craft. He writes world-class songs and performs them in a manner that moves his listeners to tears. He records a demo tape and sends it to record labels. He gets a contract and becomes rich, famous and adored. The lesson: demo tapes are the secret of becoming a famous musician.

[2002-12-12] Repetition: the Secret to Visibility and Attention!
Have you ever felt disappointment and dismay when trying a new marketing approach because it didn't generate the response you expected? If so, you are certainly not alone. Perhaps in our impatience and high hopes we've forgotten the old saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again? In fact repetition is one of the primary ingredients for realizing your goals.

[2002-12-11] 7 Online Marketing Tips I Wish I Had Known 6 Months Ago
1. The importance of a schedule and staying focused. Keeping on task: Schedule promotions Plan and make a task schedule for project ideas. Schedule purchases -- (don't buy on impulse, the offer will still be there in a day or so!) Schedule time -- (remember to schedule time for family members as well :o) Schedule breaks from the computer -- (not just physical breaks, take your mind off your business and have some fun - you'll be more fresh and productive when you go back to work!)

[2002-12-10] Simple Daily Marketing Plan
Are you looking for some simple ways to market your eBook, eZine or Website? Sometimes we are so focused on searching the Internet for the latest marketing schemes that we omit those simple ones that are in our face. Here's a list of common ones you can incorporate into your daily marketing plan.

[2002-12-10] Mining eMail Gold
The October 2002 Consumer Email Study by DoubleClick revealed some customer preferences that can help you improve your opt-in email marketing results. First, getting your prospect/customer to open the email can be no small task. No matter what you say in your email, if they never open it, it's a lost cause.

[2002-12-10] Share Marketing Costs, Boost Profits
The challenges of the small business owner are well documented. They must battle for market share against larger competitors, run all aspects of their business, and even pay higher rates for advertising and other marketing related expenses. Small businesses generally do not qualify for volume discounts when it comes to buying advertising space or marketing materials, and thus they end up paying higher rates for the same ad space or marketing materials purchased by their corporate counterparts.

[2002-12-02] Advertising with a Real Life Story
What is a real life story? It is just what it says, a story about the real life of an interesting person. Why can't you be that real life interesting person in your advertising? When you read advertising online, much of it is the same old hype that every other online ad uses. But a real life story set your ad apart from the rest? YES! To be effective, you must create an effective story. Your story is what will keep people reading. And then when you weave your product into the story, it makes a much more compelling ad copy.

[2002-12-02] Article Marketing: An Exclusive Interview With Michael Southon
Are you searching for a free dynamic traffic and sales building technique? Well, the crucially important benefits of writing articles make it a strategy that's difficult to top. And when you think of writing articles, it's likely the name, Michael Southon, pops into mind. Michael is simply one of the web's most published and successful article writers. He's been reprinted literally tens of thousands of times and his articles can be found on over a staggering 8000 web sites.


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