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[2002-10-31] That's Cold
If you hate cold-calling, you are not alone. In my dealings with other business owners in general, I have yet to find anyone who likes doing it. What is "cold-calling"? That's when you call someone who fits your market profile in order to introduce your products and services; someone who has never heard of you and who has not previously expressed any interest. It is sometimes called (I hate to use the term) "telemarketing", but that word has some pretty bad connotations thanks to unscrupulous business practices of some companies in that business. Personally, I think that it's much different when you call on your own behalf than when you hire a company to do it for you.

[2002-10-31] Define Yourself to Find Market Share
Sometimes, finding the right product or service to make your own is to find someone else's version of the same product or service and discovering ways to deliver it in a different way. Someone once told me that I could not make it in a business because there were already people in that particular business! The thought struck me as stupid. That is why we have other restaurants right. It was not enough to put a McDonalds in town, we also had to build a Burger King, Wendy's, Carl's Junior, Braums, Sonic and several more all of the local variety. All of them offer us hamburgers, so why do we need more than one of them?

[2002-10-30] Are You Marketing A Product That's Unrealistic For You?
Fact: There are far more people wishing to make substantial incomes from home over the Internet than there are actually doing it. That's an obvious statement to be sure, but why is that true? One factor often overlooked in my opinion is that many people make poor selections when choosing what they should sell. People, more often than not, decide what business to enter based on emotion, excitement, or other's success. Rarely, do people take the time to critically analyze what they will be getting into and whether or not it will be suitable for them.

[2002-10-28] Email Marketing is Alive and Well
Email marketing is alive and well! If done correctly it will build your business faster than any other marketing method! Email marketing is the number one way to promote your business online. If you want to succeed with your online business, email marketing is a MUST. Marketing itself is a never ending task. As long as your in business, you will have to actively market your product or service. There are advantages to marketing through email:

[2002-10-24] In Bed With the Enemy: How to Successfully Partner With Your Competition
Strategic alliances are today commonplace among large corporations. The advantages allow these companies to successfully compete in the global marketplace. Powerful synergies are the outcropping of these alliances. Smaller companies can derive the same advantages through alliance relationships. In this article, I will focus on what I call Synergistic Partnering Alliances where competitors can realize great value by building relationships of integrity with one another.

[2002-10-17] 7 Key Email Marketing Tactics
Email is often described as the most effective marketing vehicle on the Internet today. Compared to banner advertising or other methods, targeted email marketing can deliver far better results at a much lower cost. It's also a very easy way to lose money!

[2002-10-16] What can Britney Spears Teach Us About Web Marketing?
Regardless of what you think of Britney Spears' singing skills, the pop princess can offer some guidance on how to market a business through a strong web presence and proven web marketing strategies. Let's break down the web marketing practices on to find out if Britney knows as much about web marketing as she does about navel rings.

[2002-10-08] Rocketing Your eBay Profits
You Will Make $1000 a Month in 3 Months if:

[2002-10-07] Build Your Marketing Muscle
During a saxophone lesson the other day I realized how much regular practice can help a part time internet marketer. My teacher taught me a long time ago to just play for 15 minutes a day to progress. I was shocked when I first started doing it, but it works. And it works fast.

[2002-10-04] Easy Advertising For The Thriftwise Marketer
In today's world of marketing, you could easily spend thousands of dollars a month and still not get the results you want. However, by putting minimal money into some aspects of marketing, you could get more sales than you think.

[2002-10-04] Lifting the Lid on LookSmart
LookSmart is a global leader in Internet search and categorisation, operating a database of three million URLs organised into 300,000 categories. Its influence is far reaching, yet a succession of recent changes to its paid inclusion program has left the directory misunderstood and widely criticised. In order to understand these changes, LookSmart's future direction and the impact of these changes to website marketing, we must first understand a bit about the structure of LookSmart itself, and it's relationships with a string of strategic partners. LookSmart was the first major player to introduce paid inclusion, and as a result developed an early skew towards the corporate sector of the web. Measures were taken during 2001 to counteract this through the integration of Zeal's community based website directory , which doubled the number of non-commercial sites within the LookSmart database overnight - and continues to feed non-commercial content into the directory. This gave website marketers the opportunity to submit content to LookSmart for free. Becoming a Zealot involves a few online tests, but means that you can edit your own non-commercial listings that will be distributed throughout the LookSmart Network.

[2002-10-03] The Fastest Opt-In List Growing Secret
Are you running ads and marketing with tag lines that send people to your website? Then you're missing the point of internet marketing and losing out on your best money making opportunity. First a little history. The guys who started internet marketing were all either successful direct marketers or people who learned from successful direct marketers. Direct marketing is marketing through the mail, catalogs, infomercials, etc. Ask any direct marketer or any internet marketer who has gotten REAL results what the most important part of marketing is. They will ALL tell you it's the list, the list, the list. In internet marketing this means YOUR opt-in e-mail list for your ezine or newsletter.


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