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[2002-06-25] Getting the Most from
Allan Gardyne says, "I recommending paying the minimum account fee as an experiment and buying as many search phrases as you can possibly come up with to increase your chances of being seen. That's a very cheap way of finding out what works." Allan and Nathan Power run a website called that offers excellent information about the different pay-per-click engines. The minimum order is $25. This means that you must deposit at least $25 in order to bid on a keyword. The initial $25 is non-refundable, but any amount over that is refundable. You can purchase as many keywords as you choose, but you can only link to one page per search term. Your keywords must be relevant to your site, and your title and description must also relate to the search term. Adult website owners must purchase keywords that are clearly adult-related. So, an adult site couldn't purchase keywords such as "girl," "doll," "couple," etc. Sites that depict acts of violence or illegal activities won't be accepted into Overture. Orders are normally processed and implemented within 3 to 5 days. This lead time is needed in order for the editors to check the relevancy of your search terms. Did you know that you can bid on a directory term? You simply submit your bid in the same manner as you would any search term.


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