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[2001-06-21] Killer Secrets of Effective Advertising through Ezines
Everyone knows there's a world of information and services on the Internet. So what does that mean for your business? Are consumers who are looking for a particular product/service that you offer able to find your business? The answer might be a big "NO" for you. Just like us, you may have placed an advertisement in newspapers and magazines and the results were not as good as expected. Once we placed an advertisement in a magazine that claims to have over 1.5 million subscribers nationwide. We spent nearly a thousand dollars for the ad and only got a few responses. What went wrong? The answer is very simple! Our ad was buried among over two dozen other advertisements and was not targeted to the right audience. Now we are getting smarter, after having tried Ezine advertisements that have produced excellent results.

[2001-06-12] Selling From the Inside Out
If you are pushing for sales, it's time to change your strategy. The fact is that with the advent of the Internet the psychology of the sales process has changed drastically. While once, it was push, push, push, to coax the customer to make a buy, it is now passť to use this antiquated approach. Not only that your likely to win enemies and influence irritation.


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