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[2001-03-21] In What Ezines Should I Advertise?
I am asked quite frequently, "what ezines should I advertise in? I'm far from an expert, but here are some tips that may give you some guidance in choosing which ezines you may want to place your ads. First of all, place your ad in ezines that are related to your product, service or biz opp. If you are selling fishing lures, you probably wouldn't do too well in a food magazine. You may get some responses or even an order, but if you want your money's worth, don't waste your time or money.

[2001-03-20] The Joy of Targeting Teenagers
Teenagers are the generation that marketing execs would and do spend millions a year to try to understand. Every product directed towards the teen crowd goes through hundreds of changes and focus groups to determine whether or not that particular ad will work. This generation has so many variations to it that to say that you are going to target "all teens" is virtually impossible. We must focus on a common factor that most teens share and can be drawn upon to create attachment to our product.


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