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5 Reasons Businesses Need Data Visualization in 2017

The challenge for businesses is how to interpret and break down big data in a manner that is easily understandable not just from top to bottom of the organization, but also for their clients as well. This is where data visualization comes in.

The internet—or at least Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon—hold about 1,200 petabytes, or about 1.2 million terabytes, of data. There is no way human beings can process this amount of information without breaking them up into cute visual presentations that will explain the small and big picture.

There are actually data visualization software apps available on the market today that automatically interpret, find patterns, cross-match results, and provide context. This gives businesses a macro and micro view of the situation so they can make changes accordingly.

Below are some of the benefits of employing data visualization for your organization:

1. Optimizes Performance

People process information more quickly through visual presentation. All of your sales, performance benchmarks, and analytics can be arranged in interactive maps, which can easily be interpreted even by your customers.

This is certainly better than giving your rank and file a thick book with a ton of numbers in Word or Excel format. These software applications have the capability to pinpoint weaknesses in the workflow that may affect day-to-day operations. Client demographic and marketing statistics are laid out in easy-to-understand graph, chart, cartogram, geospatial, or histogram format. Using these visuals, you can easily determine dips and highs in your performance over the past weeks, months, or even years.

2. More Comprehensive Report

Since the dawn of time, civilization has processed its environment through the senses, particularly the eyes. Presenting relevant company data through data visualization will give everybody a more comprehensive picture of the company's present situation against its goals. It also prevents redundant tasks, as personnel can immediately see if a specific task has already been accomplished or not.

Some companies even allow those in the frontlines to make changes in the data based on the information they cull from the field. This includes updating old data, correcting erroneous stat, and others.

3. You Can Optimize the Potential of Visual Learners

The University of Alabama in Birmingham says more than six out of 10 people in the U.S. are considered visual learners. It has been proven in studies that people have different learning styles. Some people learn better while listening, others perform better through reading, while a majority prefer to see data in the form of visuals. With over half of the population being visual learners, the only way to optimize their capabilities is through data visualization.

4. Communicates Core Message Better

Among the videos that went viral in 2016 were commercial ads from Nike, Samsung, and Shell. This underscores the importance of visuals for companies to drive home a point. The use of data visualization will only see more positive changes in the years to come. Blue chip corporations already have their entire IT department devoted to making use of the technological advancements to promote the brand through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat.

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