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Bad Ads Are A Very Real Threat To Consumers & The Web
[2012-06-27] It's no secret that most consumers aren't exactly fond of online ads, especially pop-up ones. While there are some very "bad ads" that could result in serious damage to consumers, a lot of online advertisements are perfectly safe and actually have a lot of benefits. In fact, online advertising is the Internet's #1 source of revenue.

Social Media Is Changing The Way Companies Communicate
[2009-03-31] Are companies engaging in social media? Are they monitoring their brand? What's a social media press release? These were a few of the topics covered in Marketingsherpa's recent "Engaging Bloggers, Journalists and Customers" webinar featuring Todd Defren from SHIFT Communications and Marketingsherpa's Sergio Balegno discussing new ways journalists are using social media.

Newsletters For Serious Business Marketing Growth
[2009-03-17] Okay, I know we're pretty much all about up to our eyeballs in email these days. Even with really good filters set up I still get an easy 100 a day that make into my main Inbox (Ack!).

Connecting Internet Marketing Theory with Marketing Application
[2009-03-09] I marvel at the great bridges that I have been on in my life like the George Washington that connects NJ and NY, the Verrazano Narrows that connects Staten Island, NY and Brooklyn, NY and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Recognizing The Value Of Thought Leadership For Marketing
[2009-02-24] As marketers look for ways to optimize lead generation, they are recognizing the value of using educational content and thought leadership to help attract more customers.

Advertising Is Four Times More Effective On The iPhone
[2009-02-10] ReadWriteWeb reports that market research agency GfK released a report today that found iPhone users are more likely to recall and respond to ads than other mobile phone users. Surprising? Not really, but the report did find some very interesting statistics regarding mobile users.

Use Internet Marketing To Make A Difference
[2009-01-27] I don't usually try to break news here but I got one today: The economy is not in good shape. What you've heard that already? You say I should shelve my aspirations to be a story breaking newshound?

Internet Marketing Keywords Have Double Meanings
[2009-01-13] Words that sound good are often used in marketing by those in dire need of credibility, or those promoting a warped view of reality needed to justify their own business models. Many catch words and phrases obtain an Orwellian opposite meaning, due to such usage. Some examples?

Looking Back At 2008's Top Search Marketing Tips
[2008-12-29] Wow! 2008 is almost over and what a years it been. What better way to end such an important year in search marketing, than by having a quick look back at our top stories and tips for 2008 - as voted by you, the ineedhits' community.

Display Ads Build Brand Awareness
[2008-12-16] Whenever I'm asked "what type of click-thru-rate do ads on Marketing Pilgrim receive?" my reply often suggests that the inquirer take a look at Google AdWords, if they're only interested in CTRs. Why? Because, I know that display ads are the perfect platform for increasing brand awareness and trust, but are pretty lousy when it comes to CTR. (Yes, there are some exceptions to this rule)

Marketers Can no Longer Focus on a Niche Skill Set
[2008-12-09] It's time to break out the Patchouli and embrace flower power, because the future of internet marketing is with hippies! Think I am crazy? Here's a bit of back story to explain:

Differences in PR and Marketing
[2008-12-02] Vocus, the company that owns PRWeb sponsored a study by the Society for New Communications Research. They talked to over 420 marketing and PR professionals about the different ways they view press releases.

PubCon: Issues With In-House Search Marketers
[2008-11-14] The last session of day 3 was about In-house SEO, PPC and campaigns. It covered all the issues experienced by in-house search marketers, which are similar to issues faced by SEO agencies, while performing SEO and PPC campaigns.

Why Do Business To Business Marketers Resist Getting Social?
[2008-11-11] Here are several excerpts from an informative article by Lauren McKay, Editorial Assistant with CRM magazine, B2B Marketers Still Hesitant to Get Social:

Establishing Priority for Search Marketing
[2008-10-28] Whether you are an in-house search marketing strategist at a large organization or you're an agency who has a search marketing champion, there is a common barrier that you will consistently come across: Establishing priority for search marketing in conjunction with getting buy-in from required stake holders. Below I have outlined 5 ways you can push search marketing strategies along more effectively within big corporations.

What Tactics Are Internet Marketers Emphasizing
[2008-10-13] Let's face it, we're experiencing more than "interesting" economic times, especially those with a marketing responsibility in-house and at agencies.

Finding the Right Search Marketing Provider
[2008-09-30] Search marketing is a mystery to many. Part voodoo, part black magic and chock full of snake oil salesmen. It's the marketing world's version of a black hole.

Three Tips for Traditional Marketers
[2008-09-15] I met many traditional marketers who are curious about web analytics; but, many of them find it very hard to get started. Here are three easy-to-follow tips to get started in web analytics.

PPC Affiliate Marketing Faces Of Success
[2008-09-02] In the past year, I've had the opportunity to talk to 3 top PPC (pay-per-click) affiliate marketers. More than that, I've had the opportunity to gain insight into how they operate their businesses as well as set up and fine tune their PPC campaigns.

Storyteller Marketing: How Storytelling Matches Up With the Business of Marketing
[2008-08-19] Every brand has a story and every story has a purpose. But what does your story say about you? The Storyteller Marketing session was fantastic. It's a different way at looking at marking.

How Well Do You Know Your Best Customers?
[2008-08-05] As a marketer, how much do you really know about your best customers? How much more should you know in order to retain them and find more like them?

Internet Marketing Has Too Much Internet
[2008-07-22] Today I am going to drive for a few hours to install a new computer for my in-laws. We ordered it delivered to our house. My wife installed all the software and moved all the files.

Online Marketing Summit's Regional Tour Preview
[2008-07-08] With the Online Marketing Summit's regional tour on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to give everyone a taste of the kind of material that is presented at OMS.

The Debate Between In-House and Outsourced Search Marketing
[2008-06-24] Dave Pasternack of MediaPost's SearchInsider column wrote today about the debate between in-house and outsourced search marketing campaigns. He correctly termed this debate as ridiculous. but I don't think it was for the right reason.

Improving Your Web Marketing Results
[2008-06-09] Over the course of a day we tend to run into situations where some basic and occasionally not so basic tips and tricks need to be applied to a website. Here are three that come to mind at the moment and might just help you improve your web marketing results.


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